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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Medical Benefits of Sahajayoga.

People who everyday practice sahajayoga know the medical benefits offered by Sahajayoga. But many are unaware of it, and hence this information for them. It is a proven system, tried, studied, and witnessed and experienced. The person may have any ailment, physical , mental or psyco-somatic as now a days fashion to call it by medical fraternity.

Mataji Nirmaladevi offers you the technique whereby you get accustomed to your own divine power, the godly established system in your human body to cure any kind of disease automatically. Kindly learn the sahajayoga free and get freed from any fear,phobia, problems, worries, . Just get enlighened and live the meaningful, peaceful life.

following are some of the medical benefits.

The New Frontiers of Medical Science
The past century has seen tremendous progress in medical science. The causes and cures of many diseases have been discovered and utilized for the benefit of the mankind. Cures for polio, leprosy, TB and many types of early stage cancers have been found and the terror of death they used to evoke earlier is now eradicated. But it seems that as medical science progressed, so did the diseases.
Shri Mataji:
Social Benefits
Health Benefits
Agricultural Benefits
Medical Benefits
Stress Management
New and previously uncommon ailments have now replaced the earlier killers. Common diseases of the present era like Essential Hypertension (High blood pressure), Diabetes, Asthma, etc have displayed a resilience to cure and are proving very difficult to be eradicated. What medical science has offered are temporary measures to ease out the pain and advise on eating low calorie food, leading a stress-free life…even worship, as they have discovered that such positive changes in lifestyle have had beneficial effect on the person. What they have failed to address is why these changes work and how can these changes be made a part of person's daily life? Why does faith heal?
Is there some way where it can be discovered how these positive changes create beneficial effect and the source of all such changes found out? Medical researchers have been traditionally used to the Cartesian view of the human body as a machine. They have now found themselves facing a totally unchartered territory as they discover that the origin of modern diseases lies not only in the organ where the disease inflicts itself, but also in the psychological, biological & social environment phenomenon of man. The triad of mind – matter – spirit has emerged as the ultimate cause and everlasting solution of the medical sufferings of humans. New studies are focused on their interplay to discover a sustainable cure for our modern diseases and they have discovered that a balanced mind-matter-spirit triad leads to a more healthy body and brain.
Healing effects of Sahaja Yoga
The effects of yoga (originating from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj' and meaning to yoke or to unite as one or to join) on healing human body have been extensively discussed. But the medical profession has always associated it with alternative medicine, and has thus not paid enough attention to the significant benefits it has bestowed to its believers.
Yoga in real sense means union of the primordial energy (called Kundalini by ancient sages, and situated in the triangular bone called sacrum, at the base of spine) with the All Pervading Cosmic Energy. Yoga has been traditionally practiced for thousands of years in India and the east but its procedures were believed to be very difficult.
Sahaja Yoga, discovered by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, has shown that it is very easy to practice Yoga and achieve all the benefits associated with it, without any discomfort. Various researches have been done on its medical benefits, especially by the Department of Physiology, Lady Hardinge Medical College and associated hospitals, New Delhi. They have consistently shown the beneficial effects of Sahaja Yoga on the general health of individuals, various lifestyle related diseases, many psychosomatic diseases and even some forms of cancer.
Essential Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) – Relax & Enjoy: Much attention has been devoted to this disease, most prevalent in urban establishments. It is a silent killer as no symptoms occur in the early stages of this disease. The progressive increase in the incidence of hypertension in urban areas has been related to the increasingly difficult environment being faced by the individuals. Multiple activities now clamor for attention & energy of the individual, leading to a deteriorating lifestyle. These conditions of psychological stress accumulate over a period of time, causing high blood pressure. In the research done at Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi, it was found that, antihypertensive drugs, when coupled with Sahaja yoga, considerably increased their efficiency. Once the blood pressure was brought to normal, it was kept within control by practicing only Sahaja yoga. Sahaja yoga practice modulates the activities of the autonomic nervous system, and also decreases the activities of the sympathetic nervous system that is especially active during psychological stress conditions. Thus it achieves a deep feeling of relaxation, both mental & physical, causing beneficial effects on hypertensive individuals. Moreover, if Sahaja Yoga is made a part of everyday life, by people who are prone to develop hypertension, it could also prevent the onset of the disease as well.
Bronchial Asthma – Breathe Free: Asthma, once a relatively uncommon disease, is now spreading fast with rising pollution levels and increasing levels of mental strain. As the sufferers have painfully experienced, emotional stress has an escalating effect on the severity of asthma. Regular practice of Sahaja yoga meditation has the effect of reducing emotional strain and eventually completely evaporating it. The person experiences a feeling of security and thereby the anxiety factor is negated. Sahaja yoga effects on the autonomic nervous system aid the individual to actually avoid the asthmatic attack. Thus Sahaja yoga meditation has highly beneficial effects for asthmatic sufferers – whether done in conjunction with drugs or practiced as a complete remedy.
For One & for All Besides the above common diseases, Sahaja Yoga has been very successfully employed for considerable improvements in curing many types of cancers, heart disease, epilepsy & psychosomatic diseases. Many personal experiences of its practitioners have shown that Sahaja yoga meditation leads to a highly positive mental and physical state. It has also been associated with many so-called ‘miraculous' cures, but the only miracle has been the activation of the Kundalini energy – the divine mother, in the individual and his/her complete faith in it & Sahaja Yoga. It is ultimately the work of the Kundalini energy that nourishes and heals the energy centers in the body and awakens the super-consciousness of the individual. The positive psychological platform that is sustained with Sahaja Yoga practice leads to strengthening of moral values, which is also useful in combating AIDS. The unique gift of Sahaja yoga by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi to the whole mankind can be felt and actualized on the nervous system. Its healing effects transcend race, religion, class, age or any such barriers. It does not charge for healing because in Shri Mataji's words, no individual can be charged for what he/she already possesses. It is for us all to realize our self and awaken the potent source of healing power through which we can heal ourselves and even help others.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Practice sahajayoga in real terms

Our Holy Mother Mataji Nirmaladevi has time and again told us as to how we should we behave, act,relate, react and so many things in much simple terms. Still sometimes we find that many sahajayogis find difficulty to follow the principles in practice. It is great need that we sahajayogis to pay attention to Mataji, always thinks of her and her teaching while doing any act, then the result will be quite different.

I came across an interesting reading of one of the messages of Mataji Nirmaladevi, which is reproduced below for the benefit of all.

Today I must say something important for you all! Many times I told you to penetrate the essence of every thing. I would tell you different stories, teach you how to move in the right direction. I have done all that could be done, for your ascent! You were given all the instruments to be used for recognizing that direction. One of them is your attention. It is so important today! Illusions and temptations have always been chasing your attention. Many of you have learnt not to waste it on outward things. Many of you have managed it. But what’s happened!? Your attention is in Sahaja Yoga, no doubt, but strange as it may seem it’s lost! It’s soiled.

You waste your attention on your own dirt. Quarrels and squabbles are becoming norm. Having cleaned up the exterior courtyard you have entered inside the house – there is a mess in there, and you don’t have enough powers to clean up your own house. Whereas, you had to do it the other way round and clean up inside yourself first, create peace within yourself first, be filled with the feeling of brotherhood, and then help each other. No doubt many, many have become good children of the Mother. Many of you are patient and in peace, but it’s broken now. Why? What’s happened? The answer is simple – not everyone has become matured, not everyone has been learning My Lessons, imbibing My Knowledge. The years have passed, and what can I see now?! Squabbles, running for power and desires upon desires. You are still asking for something, whereas you must give. I am the Mother; I’ll fulfill your wishes, but you often ask for what you shouldn’t ask. You don’t have to squander your gifts. Crucial Desires are also already trifles; understand that! I tell you candidly, that everything has changed. Your Mother is the same, but She is already different. Look at Me, look attentively! But instead you are asking Me to come to this place, to come to that place. Is it so difficult to understand, that it’s already not necessary?!

I am in your hearts, I am within you! Look inside yourself, hear, penetrate, jump into the Sahasrara and meet Me there! I am telling you about real things, stop guessing about things. Everything is very simple. The Mother has never let your down, never! Yes, I could make you feel confused, but that was for your sake. I can often hear your thanks for the lessons of illusion. You have become so strong. world through that! You can only help your Mother through that!

The Mother never asks you to sacrifice yourself, but the readiness has to arise inside yourself. You must consist of that readiness. I only ask you not to waste your attention, not to lose it. If your attention only touches Me from time to time, you’ll never become a firm structure, see! You won’t be ready. It’s so simple to understand, as simple as that.

While talking about a book you have read, you don’t talk about the quality of the paper; you talk about the essence of what you’ve read. When you are doing a work in My Name, you have to be My Essence. You are spreading the Divine Essence! If it is absent, and you are playing the hypocrite, be extremely careful! The Name of your Mother is too Great, its every letter is great, every interval between the letters is too Great! You must understand this. I hope you understand it! Don’t be a mediator between Me and people, don’t take it upon yourself! It will ruin you, it can’t be forgiven. You’ve got many examples of that, how quickly you forget everything.

Earth is filling with love, heaven is filling with love. Only love will remain in the world, only love has the right to be here! So, who are you? What are you carrying? Look at yourself one more time, look attentively and confess to yourself. Don’t worry about Me, don’t worry. Your Mother is strong. I can feel everyone now, each of you – what your attention is touching Me with, what you are bringing Me! I repeat I can feel everyone who is turning his attention to Me! You’ve got a big responsibility at the moment. This responsibility is that you are responsible for your Mother’s life. Can you see it, can you understand it?! For your Mother’s life! I have thrown Myself upon your mercy, I have allowed you to guard Me and accompany Me. This test is surpassingly serious! You have to know that My hopes haven’t run out, and I am sure of you and I am very proud of some of you. I enjoy your beauty and nobleness! Some of you have become beautiful diamonds, beautiful ones indeed. It’s so pleasant to look at you! But you are few, very few.
Nothing is done without the Will of God Almighty!
Be Blessed!