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Monday, May 20, 2019

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks


Posted: 20 May 2019 05:58 AM PDT

A talk on identity given by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, in Sydney on the 22 February 1995.


“Actually there's such a big desire to have an identity, but the identity lies within yourself, not outside. For example, we can find clubs of any kind, cults of any kind. They wear funny dresses just to show that they have a special personality. The other day in Chicago it was very cold and I found a gentleman who came as one leader of one of the cults, was chanting, chanting, chanting like mad. I asked him, "Why are you wearing this dhoti in this cold? It is so very cold you are shivering." He said that. "My guru has told me that I should wear a dhoti so I'll get my Self-realization." I said, "Really?" I said, "Eighty percent people in India wear dhotis or they must be already there. You may not get any room there." Then second thing he told me – he had shaven his head and was having a, some pigtail behind – and he says that, I told him, "Why did you do this?" Quite a young man. He said, "My guru has told me that I have to shave my head and I have to have all these things. That's how I'll get my nirvana." I said, "Really? So Kabira, a great poet, has written that by shaving if you can go to heaven what about the lamb which is shaved twice a year? That will be there earlier."

So like this, you see, all kinds of stupid things have been told and people have been following it. I don't know in the West specially, people are very vulnerable. I don't know why. Not in India, you see. It's difficult. The people are solidly grounded, I think, in their tradition. For example now, if they say skirt which is six inches is in fashion, everybody will start wearing six inches skirts. All the long skirts will vanish from the market and what you find, all of them wearing six inches skirts. But in India they brought some mini sari. They said, "Get lost. We don't want all this nonsense here. It's too much for us we are not…" So like this, you see, we take to these entrepreneurs and things. It's sometimes so absurd I don't know how people accept all this nonsense. But I feel that once they develop their own being and understand how great they are, then they will have a proper divine discretion to do things which are very constructive. Normally we take to destructive things but with this discretion we do constructive things, not for ourselves only but for the benevolence of our family, for the benevolence of our city and for the benevolence of the whole world.

This is a special time, as I told you, very important when you should not miss it out. So in our awareness we have a new dimension which I call as collective consciousness, where you can feel others and you can feel yourself. You don't have to judge a person by his dress, by his gait, by his talk but his divine vibrations. You will know that what sort of chakras he has, what sort of centers he has, and thus once you know what's wrong with him you can – after certain development in you – you can cure yourself and can cure him.

So the second thing apart from the thoughtless awareness is that you become doubtlessly aware, doubtless. There's no doubt. Once you have learnt it, once you are an expert, you have no doubts about it. You understand what you are, what you are capable of and what you can achieve. There are no doubts left. So the second stage – some people get both the stages together – I have seen there have been so many seekers that they just get to doubtless awareness. But doesn't matter. It takes time for some people. Some people may not get realisation if they are, I would say, not well or maybe something, they have been to some wrong people. Also, maybe that they are doubting something, doubting themselves. So the first and foremost understanding should be that you are all capable of achieving this. You shouldn't doubt yourself. You must really respect yourself because you are a human being at the epitome of evolution. You are the highest. We have nothing to learn from birds or from dogs but we have to know that we can ourselves become so sensitive that we'll understand nature, we'll understand animals, everything we start understanding.

The sign of a Sahaja Yogi, that he is absolutely honest, he is very kind, tender and compassionate. This is the minimum of minimum a Sahaja Yogi has to be. Of course, because a door is open sometimes some mad people also walk in, can't help it, but most of the people who are taking to Sahaja Yoga – I was amazed – are so much changed. They have dropped all their bad habits. I never tell that. Supposing I say, "Don't do this," half of the people will walk off. Just I say, "Get the light of the Spirit within yourself." Then you will become your own master. Then you will become your own guide and you understand what is right for you, what is good for you and what is to be done. There is no rule or regulation like "don't" in Sahaja Yoga. But automatically you all accept it and do it together collectively also.

It is very remarkable that it has worked so well also in Australia. Australia is a special country. I call it a country of innocence. Uluru that you have is a symbol of that. Gradually in Sahaja Yoga you will learn about your country and you will respect it. As you learn about yourself you will also learn about this great country of Australia. I respect it very much and every year I try to come here. Many countries I can't go every year but Australia I always try to come here every year. I hope you all will get your Self-Realisation tonight. Now, only request is that it will take hardly ten, fifteen minutes, but if you want to go you can go now and don't disturb people when they are about to get their Self-Realisation. I will be thankful for that. Thank you very much.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Becoming the Joy

Posted: 13 May 2019 05:56 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following talk from a public program in Christchurch, New Zealand by the founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:


“I bow to all the seekers of truth.

At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change it, we cannot transform it and we cannot know the absolute truth at this human awareness. So we have to become something subtler. As Christ has said you are to be born again. Doesn't mean we can brand ourselves as born again but is a happening of becoming something else than what you are. And that something else is the Spirit. So whatever we are going to tell you today about this mechanism within you and the way you reveal the truth, you should not accept it with blind faith but as scientists keep your mind open. Take it as a hypothesis. If you think it is all right when you have experimented with it and you have experimented, and whatever I say comes true, then as honest people you have to accept it, because this is for your benevolence, for the benevolence of your country, and the whole universe at large.

It is to be understood that we are created as human beings from amoeba to this stage; it's not the ultimate. If it was there would have been all these problems not created by us. Start from ecology, to political, to economic, to all these problems; are the creation of human beings. So we have missed some point somewhere: that's what we have to find out, what is that we have to be.

If you look at the development of the civilization, of this modern civilization, you can easily find out that we have really outgrown ourselves without any sense of proportion and limitation. As a result even in science we have discovered horrible things like atom bomb, hydrogen bomb; all these horrible things which are just destructive. So somehow or other, whatever we try, whatever is the mental projection of human beings it boomerangs back. Whatever we go up to a point, comes back to you and is destructive. So what is the reason why we cannot reach that point where we are at the best and then stop there? This cannot be worked out because at a human level we always go to extremes. To understand yourself first of all you have to become the Spirit. We do not understand ourselves. We think we know ourselves; this is not true. Because we are made up of these seven centers which are subtle within you, and unless and until you know about these centers you cannot know yourself and you cannot know others as well.

Now then many people who are fed-up and are seekers. I mean this is a special category of people as William Blake has said that, there will be men of God who will become godly, and make others also godly. These are the seekers. Seekers which are trying to find out why, when we have done everything that is prescribed, we have acted according to what is written down, still why is it we haven't got the satisfaction and the joy of life, which has been promised? There is nothing wrong with Bible; there is nothing wrong with Koran; nothing wrong with all these great books, no doubt. But why it is not going into our heart? It's all mental….. You get lost in the net of words. But there is no experience of it, and that's why whatever we may follow. We like to follow. Everything that is given to us: all right, follow this, follow that, follow that, follow that, and then what? Anybody who follows any religion, any religion whatsoever which are absolutely all right, can commit any mistake, so they don't follow actually. That shows that it has not gone inside them. It's not ingrained; it's not innate with their being. So what is the reason why we cannot have it?

Those who were saints in any country; take it Lao Tse, you can take from Socrates onward this side Mohammed Sahib, Nanak Sahib; all of these people. You'll be amazed to find that all these people behaved in such a manner that we cannot find faults with them. I mean if you want to find, you may with your ignorance. But the kind of life they led; how is it that they were like that? What was so great? It was the divinity which expressed. While we all have this divinity within ourselves, we have all these powers within ourselves, only thing, we have to use those powers, we have to manifest them and for that manifestation it is important that we have to become Self-realized in the sense that you have to get your second birth.

In Sanskrit language for a realized soul they use a word called vijaha, means twice born. And also for a bird, they call it the word vijaha meaning twice born; first is the egg and then it becomes a bird. So our freedom is also limited. We do not have full freedom because we lack in our confidence in our wisdom, because the wisdom has also not manifested and has not shown us how it asserts in the right way, so most of the time we are living in the relative world, not in the absolute world. What one has to understand that there is something missing and that missing point we have to find out.

Now let's see what is the truth? The truth is, the first and foremost truth is, that there is an all-pervading power of God's Love, which is called as Brahmachaitanya in Sanskrit, Ruh in Koran and in every, every scripture it is described. Now this all-pervading power resides, which does all the living work. We see beautiful flowers all over; I saw the beautiful trees you have in the Botanical Garden, you have such nice things there, we never even think how this miracle has taken place; how this Mother Earth has done this job. How she got this power to sprout a seed? We just accept it. We don't think it's a miracle, we just accept it and without thinking about it, it becomes just a part and parcel of our life. Look at your eyes. Your eyes are also absolutely a miracle; they are such a camera. Look at your brain; it's such a computer, but we just accept it, accept our human life also just as if it's nothing great. Even the miracle to become from amoeba to human beings by any law of chance you would not have become a human being. But we just accept it and we don't want to think that there could be any power that could have achieved it. This is what one has to little bit project, and see for yourself that there must some power and if I say there is a power you have to feel it; we have to know it.

The second truth is that you are not this body, you are not this mind, you are not these conditionings, ego, and your emotions, no, you are the pure Spirit. This is the fact. That is the divinity within you. Unless and until you become that, no use reading books; by reading books you become fundamentalist. Absolutely fundamentalism has the basis in the books, because the book said so; so I say so. Everybody tries to read the books and just want to use it as a norm for oneself; is not true. Whatever is written in the book, whatever you have read in the book has not gone inside your heart and so there is a problem that today we are having the first problem not so much of political because thanks to Gorbachev who is another realized soul, that one problem is over; the second problem is of fundamentalism…..

And that is what one has to understand, that the religion is within us. It is like a valency. As carbon has four valencies, we have ten valencies, which are, we know as the Ten Commandments. Unless and until they are awakened within us, unless and until we become innately enlightened by them, we cannot, cannot behave in the manner that the scriptures wanted us to behave, but not only that but this. Religion that is within us when it is enlightened, you become absolutely aware of what the mistake people have been committing, what the mistake you have been committing, and that this God's love how it works. Also you become a witness; witness of the whole play. When the Kundalini goes through this centre of Agnya, you just become a witness. You start seeing the whole thing as a drama.

If you are standing in the water and there are waves in the sea, they come up and go and you are frightened of getting drowned, but supposing you are in a boat then you enjoy the waves and supposing you know how to swim you can jump back and get so many people on the boat. This is what happens to you that when you get your realization you reach a state of Self-awareness meaning not selfishness but the awareness of these centers, awareness of your Self, and awareness of others also. You can feel the centers of others on your fingertips, so you become collectively conscious. Then who is the other? You can feel anyone on your centers so easily…..

The third thing that happens to you is very interesting that you, you become the joy. You become the source of joy. Joy is not happiness and unhappiness but joy is an absolute thing and you jump into the ocean of joy. And when you jump into the ocean of joy you just start enjoying everything and the state that you achieve is first is thoughtless awareness. You are aware but without any thoughts. The thoughts will not bombard you. If you want to think you can think but if you don't want to think you can stop it. So the thoughtless awareness comes to you as a blessing first and then the second awareness is called as the doubtless awareness. This is all described in the Hatha Yoga that you get into Nirvichara Samadhi and then Nirvikalpa Samadhi.”

Talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, in Christchurch, New Zealand, 26 February 1992

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Monday, May 6, 2019

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Why are you here?

Posted: 06 May 2019 05:53 AM PDT

“Yesterday, I met a lady, and she told me that she was seeking God. I said, “What do you think of God, what are you seeking?” When we say we are seeking, do we know what are we supposed to seek, and do we understand how we are going to feel our seeking complete, that we have reached the destination? As last time, I told you that seeking has to be genuine, from a genuine heart, and that you cannot purchase, or you cannot put in effort about it. But today I would like to tell you what are we seeking.

Let us see how the seeking comes within us, from where? As shown here, there is a center called as Nabhi chakra, which is here in the center (can you show, any one of you), Nabhi chakra, which is placed in our spinal chord, and manifests the solar plexus which is placed mid-way under your navel. This is the center that creates the seeking within us. Seeking is only possible when something is living. For example, what is the seeking of this chair? It cannot think, it cannot move, you can put it here or you can put it on the street. You can smash it and throw it away, again use that wood for some other purpose or make a stool out of it. It has no seeking of any kind. Only when a thing becomes a living being like a amoeba you can take a uni-cellular egg. It starts manifesting seeking because it is supposed to seek. Not the dead. So those who say we are not seeking are as good as dead. Those who say we are seeking are living and also kicking.

The little bit if you understand that a desire is created within a little animal, called as amoeba, by giving him hunger. Just think of it. It has no brain. It has a just a small nucleus but it can feel it is hungry. It has to eat something to grow. It also knows it has to reproduce and then it starts seeking. It also knows how to take the food in, but it does not know how it digests. That part is not his job. Even for us just the same. So the seeking starts in a little amoeba and the whole evolution is based on that seeking, gradually improving and improving the ways and means of seeking, while the desire is that of food only, alone. There is also another desire or, you can say, an emotion, in the smallest of amoeba is a sense of preservation. It knows the dangers that can finish his existence. When this little amoeba becomes a human being, in thousands and thousands of years, then the seeking is changed. In the beginning it starts, of course the food seeking is still there, that’s the basis, you must have food to begin with. Of course the methods are improved, changed, evolved for the seeking of food, but there is also a great understanding of how to preserve yourself and your clan. The clubbing starts from a very early age, even ants understand that. So they understand that we all have to club together, unite together, integrate together, if we have to protect ourselves. And this seeking of wholesomeness also develops gradually in the human beings and the expressions of that is, you can see, all our efforts to preserve ourselves and to be clubbed together. These efforts are expressed in our political and in our economic enterprises.

Now in the human being a new seeking starts: is to have power over others. Animals do not seek power, they have. For example a tiger is much more powerful than, say, a poor rabbit. He is born like that. And a rabbit does not want to become a tiger. He does not try like every Dick, Tom and Harry would like to become a prime minister. But a rabbit would not try to be a tiger, he understands “I am a rabbit and I must develop my means of defenses and my means of offenses by which I exist.” In the same way the tiger acts, he is aware of his powers and also he is aware of his limitations. And some of the animals also have a power of leadership in them. They become leaders. You must have seen some birds that they have a leader, one leader going and wherever that leader changes the direction, all of them change as if they are like the tail of that leader. In the same way, the same way that goes that bird goes, the leader goes all of them follow.

So this also is expressed in human being in a very big way that there are some born leaders who lead a group of people to some destination in which they fulfill the seeking of that group. Now the seeking of the groups could be money, mostly it is. Now money animals don’t understand, this is the creation of human beings only. So for them money becomes very important because it is their own creation. We had barter systems, but then we thought it is better to have some sort of a medium which will convert one good into another, so we start the money. So the focus of man’s attention from food goes to power and from power to money. Sometimes if somebody has lots of money, then he wants to have power. It’s but natural. There is nothing wrong in it, as such. Fundamentally, it is a thing which is natural for human beings to run after money and then run after power or vice versa.

But beyond that starts another seeking, is the seeking of knowing why are we here? What are we doing here? What is the purpose of our life? Why God has created us? To what purpose, to what end or it is just a joke going around? Are we just foolishly being born, getting married, having children and dying like amoeba? Or have we any other purpose? Many human beings do not go beyond money or health, they want good health. I mean animals don’t take any exercises as far as I know. But human beings can go to any extent to preserve their health, but for what? I mean, you may be a wrestler, for what? Just to fight each other? You might be the healthiest person living on this earth, but for what? You are just a waste. What is your use? You may be the wealthiest man going in the best cars and the whatever you may call it, all the so-called luxuries of life and material well-being, but for what? When such a question comes into our mind the new kind of seeking starts, which asks the question, why are you here? Are you here just to run in this rat race morning till evening, earning money and earning power and doing all useless activities, pleasing others to show off your money or to extract some money from others? Is that the aim of your life?”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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What is the purpose of our life?

Posted: 06 May 2019 05:53 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga talk in which Shri Mataji talks about seeking and the purpose of our lives. This talk took place on the 21st November 1979 in Caxton Hall, London (from Seeking in the West).

“Now what is the Self we are talking about? What is Self-realization? As I said, you can take it as a theory for you. You can accept it as a theory for the time being. But then if it is a hypothesis, it has to be proved. Give yourself a chance. Do not jump into conclusions suddenly. Pay some attention to yourself. You have been running a rat-race. Stop it for a while. This is for you, only for you people. I don’t need it; you have to get it. It’s a gift. But that should not make your ego just stand up like that. After all, a mother can give you a gift, isn’t it? What is there to be so angry about it?

Now, the thing that we are talking about is the Self within us, in our heart. He resides within us. We should say "it" resides, it's better, because it does not have any bias, it is detached. It is the reflection of God Almighty which is called as the light, the light that enlightens, that light that flickers within us. That is the Self. That is the Spirit. That’s not spirit the way people understand the spiritualist. This is your own expression of the reflection of God within you. God is reflecting in your heart, of which you are aware, but you cannot see through it. You need to follow my point, this one. There is light. Light enlightens, there is the flame, the light, and this light enlightens everything. There are three things. The one that is to be enlightened has to know the One that enlightens it. You’ve got your life, you are leading a human life, you are a human being. God has made you a human being. Or evolution has made you a human being. If you feel challenged even if I take the name of God, all right, let us keep it that you are a human being because of evolution, all right.

Now this human being has to know that One, the One who has brought forth this evolution. Do we know how we have become human beings? Do we know why we have become human beings? Is there is any purpose to our life? Or we are just born here to enjoy life and die, or cry and weep and die? There is something to be known, but we have not known it. So all these three things are in one personality, that is, the Self.

Now, these personalities are expressed within us in three ways. First is our attention. Through our evolution we have developed a personality by which we have a human attention. Attention is spread out like that. But directed attention is called as laksha in Sanskrit language. So we have two types of attention. One is the attention as it is, and once you put your attention to something, that is another attention, we can say, or the directed attention. This attention we have developed through our evolution; is within us, but is not yet, though directed towards Self, has not reached that.

So this Self, this Spirit, this Atma has got to enlighten that attention that is ours, because our attention is not enlightened. We have no discrimination. We are so confused. We don’t know which to believe, which not to believe. We don’t know why … is correct, or … is correct. We are so confused. Our attention is confused. Why? Because we haven’t found out the Absolute. Why? Because in the darkness we are seeing our things. If our attention is enlightened, then we can see everything clearly, but is only possible if you touch that Spirit within you, that light within you. So you are attention, you are Chit, but unenlightened one. So human attention has reached a certain stage of development, but is not yet enlightened. I say so; you believe it or not, but it has to be enlightened. I say so, and it has to be done, which you also ask for.

So the Spirit can be only known through the enlightened attention which you have, and it can be only enlightened by the light. This is the problem. Once you understand that there is a flicker within us which we cannot reach, there is Somebody who knows about us everything, Kshetragna, knows about the field, what we do. But we cannot attain that. Though we are aware of it, His being there, there is some sort of a curtain in between. What is that curtain? – is of ignorance. This ignorance also can go, only if there is light: again the same problem. There is a curtain of ignorance, and we cannot see that light which has to enlighten, because the curtains are drawn. We are in complete ignorance. So the ignorance has to go, by discovering the truth about it.
So we come to the second point, that is the truth. Now, what is the truth, people will ask, what is the truth? Without the light, how can we explain? Supposing you find a rope lying on the road or somewhere, and you’re frightened. How are you to be convinced that it is not a snake but it’s just a rope lying, unless and until you put some light on that, and show for definite that this is just a rope and a myth? So your attention has to be enlightened, first thing, and to get rid of your ignorance you have to find out the truth. And then you know that the Self, the Spirit emits joy, joy which is beyond the duality of sorrow and happiness. You have to go beyond that, beyond the duality, to be that. That’s your destination.

So how to reach to that, is the problem. There is a way inside us, already created within us. The One who has created you, the One who has made you a human being, is going to arrange for you the same thing within you. Every seed has got a primule, a germinating power within it, and it grows spontaneously by itself, and it can create a tree. Then, is it not possible that God Himself has to worry about His own creation, which has flowered into human beings, that He should Himself do something about it? It’s absolutely rational.

How much truth have you found out so far? Whatever is subjective in you, is the truth. The rest is only your endeavour, on your effort. Say, for example, if you know this is hot or cold, of course that is truth, that is subjective. If you can feel the numbness, yes, that is subjective. If you feel pins and needles, that is subjective. All the rest of it, whatever you do, is your effort, is to read something or to write something, or to inform something. God knows how much part of it is the truth and how much is not.

So the idea of truth itself is so confused, because the means of knowing the truth is so limited within our… You have to become with your Self as absolutely identified, then you can see through it what is the truth and what is not the truth. But so far, as a human being, what have we discovered so far? That there is a moon hanging in the air or in the atmosphere, and that you go and find the same sort of thing that is here. That’s not the truth, by any chance.

Who has made the moon and the earth? Who has made even us, this brain, which takes you to the moon? No questions have been answered by science so far. If you ask one simple question, why there is gravity in the Mother Earth? Why? One question, why? You ask the scientists, they cannot answer. It’s just whatever is there. You see this hall is made, all right. Then you have seen this is how it is made. Yes, it is before you. You see it. What is so special? What is to discover in it? How it is supported, why it is supported. But still why? Why is so much weight there supports so much of weight? Why? So, no questions can be answered.

Why are we human beings? Because the truth that we have found out is through our rationality, which is a limited thing, which can only tell you whatever is in the matter around us, or whatever you see in the human psyche that’s happening, which you can see clearly. But why it happens, nobody can say.

So with that, we should not develop an inferiority complex. No, that is the amount of achievement you have got now. You have to go further with it, that’s all. Not to feel inferior or in any way confused about it, or in any way guilty about anything, but just to be in the center to see that we have reached a certain point, and we have to go further, finished. This is what you are seeking today: your wholesomeness. You are seeking in that, because you are just moving alone, and you are not related to the moon. You do not know how you are related to England. You do not know how you are related to your own wife, or your children, everything. That evolution, the last bit of it where the instrument is completely created, and that evolution where you have to jump into that higher evolution, into that personality which can perceive, which can perceive, I said. Again I’m talking about actualization, which can perceive, can feel as a subjective experience, not as an objective experience, like for a poet, I would say, stand here and give you a big romantic scene out of this snow. And you may get into that imagination and enjoy it, but again you come down straight on the grass, on the ground. I am saying "the subjective experience," means that is to be built in your awareness. It's not just to be believed into or imagined into, but it has to be built in you, like a flower becoming a fruit. It is no imagination.

So then only you can get enlightened. Your attention will be enlightened. When the attention is enlightened within you, naturally you start seeing things from the real angle. The thing that looked like a snake to you becomes a rope. A person who looked like a bad person, starts looking something different, because you couldn’t see the person. The whole entire personality changes gradually, but this movement can be very slow in some people, absolute snail’s pace, and in some people it is very fast. It trips very fast, depending on what sort of loads you have on your head, on your attention. If your attention is too involved and too much into … and too much into all kinds of absurd things, you see, then it takes time. But if you’re like a child, it works very fast and the impact is very great. Then also not to feel bad about it, that if you do not get it very fast, it’s all right. I have patience, and you should have patience with yourself.

So this is the spiritual contract we have to have within ourselves, is that, that you have to have your experience because it is promised to you. You have to get it, and that you have to love yourself as I love you.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Seeking the Truth within

Posted: 06 May 2019 05:53 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following talk by the founder of Sahaja Yoga, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:


“I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to know what is the truth. There are so many seekers of truth in these modern times which has been predicted that there will be many people who will be seeking the truth now as ordinary householders. Their life will be completely transformed in these modern times. They call it in the Koran as Kiama. In the Bible it's called as the Last Judgment.

Every religion has talked about these modern times as something very fantastic that our lives will be transformed. So what is the truth we are seeking? We should know what is the truth we are seeking. Firstly, we are seeking peace within ourselves. Secondly, we are seeking something we do not know, and that something is the Spirit within ourselves. Many scriptures have described that you have to seek your Spirit and many are preaching about it. But it seems they are not very Spirit-oriented. They are more money-oriented or power-oriented, and that is why the whole attention of a seeker is diverted and deviated into something which is not really divine. So what we are seeking is the Spirit within us which is the source of absolute truth, absolute joy and absolute self-knowledge.

You have already heard about these different centers that are within us which are being built during our evolution as human beings. We have reached up to a point where still we have to have the last breakthrough in our awareness; otherwise, we cannot know the truth. At this human awareness it is impossible to know the absolute truth. If we had known the absolute truth there would have been no problem. Everybody would have seen the same thing. But there are so many ideologies. As you know, there are so many religions, so many types of preachings and also lots of false people. So, if you know the absolute truth then there cannot be another truth with it; it's singular. For example, I am sitting before you. You know I am sitting before you, all of you. There's no argument on that point…

We have to have now the last breakthrough of our evolution. Once it happens you will be amazed that we'll know the absolute truth. There cannot be any argument about it. And also these centers that you know here are a mystery to you, but you start feeling them on your fingertips. That is Self-knowledge. These centers are responsible for your physical, mental, emotional, also spiritual being within yourself. So all your personality, the totality of it, expressed through these centers. These are subtle centers within us, and these subtle centers are sometimes exhausted because of our extreme nature. So this power which we call as kundalini – kundala means coils, which is in three and a half coils within us in the sacrum bone. That means the Greeks knew that it was a sacred bone; they call it sacrum. This power is actually your individual mother and she knows everything about you. She knows about your past and she knows about your aspirations. It's like a tape recording, I should say, of ages within you in this coiled power. It is like a primule of a seed. When you put the seed in the Mother Earth then it sprouts by itself, spontaneously. That is what is Sahaja. Is all built in within you and you have every right to achieve this state of selfhood, which is in the fourth dimension of your awareness, which we in Sanskrit call as turiya, is the fourth dimension. All this is within you. All this power is within you. You are built in that way.

We have to understand that our Creator is the greatest organiser. See now, we have one channel here for people to come in. This is the channel which we have very nicely built up within ourselves, which in our evolutionary process has enlightened all these centers up to a point. Now this kundalini, this power, has to rise. I have read some books, some German books and things, where it describes that this kundalini awakening is extremely dangerous and it kills people, is fatal. Nothing of the kind. I have been doing this for the last twenty-five years. I never saw anybody getting sick even, but on the contrary, this awakening is so beneficial, so benevolent that when this power passes through all these six centers and pierces through this last center out of the fontanel bone area, which we can call the actualisation of baptism, actualisation, then all these centers get enlightened, enriched and this nourishment solves your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.

So the first truth about yourself is that, you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this intellect, this ego, these conditionings, but you are the pure Spirit. Now we see all these beautiful flowers around us and we take them for granted. It's a miracle that these different flowers have bloomed out of a seed in their own different identity. Who has done this work? Who changes the seasons? Or if you ask a doctor, "Who runs your heart?" He'll say, "It is autonomous nervous system." But who is this “auto?” These questions and many others cannot be answered. So there is an all-pervading power of divine love which is doing all these miraculous things.

Now you need not take for granted whatever I am telling you. We have had lots of problems with blind faith. But whatever I am saying, if it is proved, then as honest people you must accept. Not only accept but grow in your new awareness. Of course, you must understand you can't pay for it. How much did we pay to become human beings, and how much are we going to pay for becoming something higher? Once you realise that, that you can't pay for it, then you will drop out most of the false gurus and the false institutions who charge you for anything like that.

Now this happening is very simple, spontaneous, works out. As I said, it's like a primule of a seed, this kundalini. When you put the seed in the Mother Earth it sprouts by itself. In the same way, it works. You can't explain. Can you explain how a seed sprouts? In the same way your primule, which is this kundalini, uncoils itself and passes through these centers and gives you your Self-realization. In Sanskrit is called as atmashaksatkara. For you it is absolutely granted. You don't have to go to Himalayas. You don't have to stand on your heads. You don't have to starve yourself. Don't have to pay for it. It is all there which is your own power. Only when it happens you realise your identity, you realise how great you are, you realise how the Divine is within you and which is expressing itself.”

Talk on Sahaja Yoga by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sydney, Australia, 22 February 1995

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

The problem of ego

Posted: 29 Apr 2019 05:51 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following extract of a talk given by Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga, in London on the 22nd October 1979 on the problems of ego.


“Those who have come for the first time should sit in front, is better, you see I can look after you better. Alright? Just put your hands like this (palm upwards).

Today, I was thinking of telling you about the ego problem, because I think everybody feels that that’s the biggest problem they all have, and there’s a big ego trip one gets into, and they don’t know what to do with it. So first part I will tell you how the ego rises and what it does to us; the second how to understand it, how to tackle the position of ego and put it in it’s own aspect.

As you see in the map here, the yellow stuff that you see on top is the ego, the balloon that is yellow is the ego. You see down below it starts from the Swadisthana. This is the color of the bile within us, and this Swadisthana chakra which is, for our creativity, is directly connected to that ego there, and when it starts rotating… round the Void and going to the various parts of the Void… it collects all the problems of the Void. Void is that green circle within us where physically we have, in the Void, we have uterus, we have kidney, it’s a complete viscera. All the intestines, ascending, transverse, descending colon, liver, is the upper part of liver more, then also pancreas and the spleen. So all the problems of these organs are collected by this chakra, which moves, it comes out of the Nabhi chakra, and moves round and round and round, and collects all the problems. It nourishes, gives power, the vital power to these organs, and also it generates necessary power for our creative action. It also collects the fat cells of the Void, converts it into the proper cells for the brain for its use, for the grey matter.

All this work it has to do, one chakra. It manifests Aortic plexus outside. On the physical level, we call it as Aortic plexus, and it has got six sub-plexuses, which look after all these organs. This is meant for our action, when we go into action this chakra starts working. By the first power, which is on the left hand side, we desire. But by the second one, we go into action and it’s called as kriya shakti. Now when this action, starts within us, it produces the byproducts, or we can say, all the problems of these organs, which are to be deposited somewhere and they are all deposited in the brain as ego.

All the problems that we have out of these, this creativity and the action of all these organs are to be counterbalanced and as a counterbalance the ego develops. For example now I have to come and meet you all here, I had to get out of the house, I had to change, I had to drive, whatever it is, then I came, I had to put in effort. I had to plan out how I’m going to talk to you, that I don’t do normally, but I’m saying generally people do it. And I put in the effort to come in. Now how am I to justify this, all this effort? What is the satisfaction, that one gets, out of doing this effort, this kriya, this action? We go on doing some action and why should we do it? After all action means, any activity means, exertion, botheration, problems, so best is to sit at home and do nothing of the kind. But we do not do that, we take up challenges, we rush up to it. All this we do with our kriya shakti, with our right action. Because we do action we have to have a satisfaction about it. As a reaction to that, ego develops. If we do not have the ego, we would not do anything, is a fact. But ego is the one that rationalizes all our madness, the rat race we are running into. If we did not have the ego we would not go into this… nonsense. The more we try to rationalize our activities the more ego develops to satisfy “Alright very good, very good now you are a successful man, see? You’re a very successful man, you have got this, you have got that.”

Lots of misunderstandings creep in when we pamper our ego like this or, I should say, that when we are satisfied with our ego, that we really get lost. We get identified with our ego and not with our Selves. So if you do some work very well, supposing you have, say, made a beautiful poetry, or say not piece of poetry but say you have made a very good painting, then you would like people to appreciate. If they do not appreciate you, you think you have done nothing, though you have done a beautiful canvas. But still you will be so dissatisfied with yourself, unless and until people appreciate you. They must garland you, they must say “Oh, you are great, you are really unique, you are a genius.” You know many artist, who created great art, got trapped into this kind of a misidentification. When they created some great art, the art could not give them satisfaction, they had to go to ego, and Mr. Ego would not be satisfied unless and until everybody says “Yes yes you are very good you have done this, you are a genius you are this you are that.” That’s how the ego develops then, within us. But a situation can arise where, even when we have done nothing, we want to take the credit. Then we call such a person egoistical who says “I will do this, I have done this, I I I I,” then we call him an egoistical person, because he gives words to his ego that’s why we call him egoistical, but all of us have got this Mr. Ego there, sitting on our heads.

When it starts bloating, the more successful you are the worse it is. The more you indulge into planning and thinking, the worse it is. The balloon goes on you see, pumped, as if you are pumping a balloon you see. The more you pump the more it becomes and you can never realize that you are… not that Ego. Then you start feeling very nice about it, because everybody says "Oh, what a great man he is". The whole society develops on those lines.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

The eyes have to be pure

Posted: 22 Apr 2019 05:49 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga meditation talk in which Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi talks about the Agnya chakra and it’s relationship to the eyes.

“These eyes have to be very, very pure, very, very deep and very loving when you want to have your Agnya all right. Because you receive through you eyes. Say if you have closed your eyes you do not put your attention to anything because your eyes are closed. You are not adding more thoughts to yourself. But if your eyes are open you are adding much more thoughts because everywhere the eyes go the attention goes and you see things and create thoughts and put in them. So your attention which has to go to the Spirit, which has to go to God, which has to shine through the window of Divine. This beautiful thing is ruined by the way we use our eyes and we do not respect it. There’s nothing so pure and beautiful as the grass on the ground or the ground itself, which takes our feet, which supports us, which looks after us, enriches us. We should put our eyes on the Mother Earth instead of looking at every person.

But from Sahaja Yoga point of view now many of you know what happens to your eyes when you look at somebody. Maybe a entity might enter your eyes. And it is, you’ll be amazed that it is the play of the entity what we call this so-called flirting is. I’ve talked about it before also and people didn’t like it when I told them about it. But I have seen actual entities entering from eyes to eyes. I have seen very simple people who come down to such places, say in a party. In a party people are just exchanging entities from one eye to another. Once it goes to another person he puts his entity into another person. And that third goes into another person. All the time your attention is diverted. And you feel it is attracted towards something, you do not know why it is attracted. Now the certain symbols are also made like that. To add up to the problems, you see all the society is working at it. That you should appear in such a way that every man should look at you. Every woman should look at you. Why? What is the use? Supposing I look at you what do I get? What do I get by looking at a person? What is the advantage just looking at a person? We are wasting such a lot of energy for what?

In the same way if you are walking on the roads, we are seeing some beautiful things all right. If you have to buy something, all right go ahead, see those things, whatever you have to select is all right. But all the time just because your eyes are such, you are just doing it and you do not know the reason why you are doing like this, all the time why your eyes are wobbling. And that is a sure and certain sign for a person to become mad. Absolutely, that’s a sure and certain sign is, when a person is mad how do you make it out that a person is lunatic. If you see his eyes the iris in the eyes are all the time wobbling. They cannot keep it steady. Or they are sick they’re also, you can see, that these eyes are all the time wobbling. There is no steadiness. Not only this but you have seen those people who have come in the Sahaja Yoga when they close their eyes they find their eyes are flickering. Their eyelids are flickering. That means there is some sort of a disturbance in the Kundalini rising. Whole tension if you call it as hundred then at least eighty percent of it comes through our eyes. Then how important it is to protect our eyes from all kind of useless activities we are doing.

Christ – Christ’s life shows so many aspects of how to respect others. But one of them which has been very much misused throughout is that of the prostitute. He saved the prostitute, He saved her no doubt. But you spoil these prostitutes. A good woman you make her into prostitutes. You give her ideas by which she becomes a prostitute. A good housewife is turned into a prostitute by an egotistical man. Young small girls who are virgins are being destroyed by your dirty glances. Do you realize this? That you are doing just the opposite what Christ had done? And you say that He saved, Christ, so even if we are prostitutes He’ll save us. But why be prostitutes? This is such a stupid style of thinking. That we should become prostitutes so that Christ will save us.

One has to think about all these things in the proper light of Sahaja Yoga. Unless and until you are realized my talk is just useless for you. But once you are realized you will know that if you glance at someone you might suddenly get a headache at the back. You might feel a dart has gone into your head or something has happened. You might feel that you’re blinding with somebody’s face and you will get all kinds of experiences by which you will know how important are your eyes. All your nervousness and everything can be cured if you have pure eyes. But it is such a vicious circle that through your eyes you gather all the bad and is accumulated in the Agnya and you have to clear the Agnya to make the eyes clear. It’s a vicious circle. But it can start at a point as I said, we have to ask for forgiveness. Secondly we have to bring Christ in our Agnya Chakra. Thirdly we have to give up all drugs and all intoxicants and all smoking.

That happens automatically when you are a Sahaja Yogi, it will work out. But eyes express the whole of your being, your brain, your body, your limbs everything. And if your Agnya is all right then you eyes are perfectly all right. They emit nothing but love wherever they glance. Only with a glance of your eyes you can raise the Kundalini. Only with the glance of your eyes you can cure people. Only with your glance you can bring joy into the destroyed and the ruined people. So these eyes which you see are the windows of your being, of your heart. When the Spirit is expressed through your eyes, you must have noticed yourself, that when the kundalini rises then the eyes become dilated. And a realized soul has got black eyes because they have these eyes are dilated. At least when I see them they are all dilated black eyes. Apart from that a realized soul can be made out by his eyes which are sparkling. There’s a sparkle like diamonds. They sparkle all the time and you can make out from the eyes that this person is a realized soul. There’s a tremendous difference between a non-realized soul’s eyes and a realized soul’s eyes. So you can imagine how your Spirit sees through your eyes. But if the eyes are not pure it doesn’t stay there long. So if we have to understand Christ physically we have to respect our eyes. Mentally we have to give up all that is impure in our mind.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Remember Christ

Posted: 22 Apr 2019 05:49 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga meditation talk about the importance of Jesus Christ in relation to the Agnya chakra.


“Remember him morning, evening, every time. Remembering Christ brings down your ego very much. He did everything that was possible that you should not develop your ego. Everything that was possible. He was born as an ordinary carpenter’s son. Lived in the most ordinary conditions. Kept himself behind the whole scene. He could have been born as Roman Emperor. He could have been anybody there. But no, he was born himself. You know that he took his birth in a place where even ordinary people do not take their births. But, there also the light was there. Wherever he was born there was light and joy. And this is the thing we have to know, that we have lost the joy because we have forgotten God Almighty. When we forget Him, that He is love and He is joy, naturally joy is also forgotten. And then we see people are not at all happy. They have affluence, they have money, they have everything, but still they are not happy. All the time they are in such a mess that you don’t know how to talk to them. If you say this word they’ll be angry. If you say that word they’ll be angry. They are not at all normal human beings. They are sick people. Sick with their ego. It’s a very simple thing is to ask for forgiveness. How many times do we do that? Not even once a day, not even once a month, not even once a year. Even on a Christmas day if we could say, “Forgive us Oh Lord for whatever we have done so far.” It will work out. But that day we must champagne to forgive Him more. So we must have gossips and we must have all the arrogant things by the time it is the end of Christmas.

This ego, yellow side one, is the one that presses your superego too much. It does. It presses it so much sometimes that a person forgets that others are hurt by what they talk. On the contrary they devise methods how to say things which are cutting, which are hurting, which are painful to others. They say such things, I mean all the time if you see. A person say from a village if he comes and sees he’ll think, are they quarrelling, what are they doing? I mean the whole discussion, even in the parliament I was surprised the way they talked to each other, no bull will treat another bull that way, see. Even a dog normally does not bark at another dog. No animal in the world all the time is barking at its fellow man. No animal in the whole world I can tell you this much. Only the human beings if two people are there all the time they are going, ha ha ha ha all the time that way. How is it possible? His ego and her ego or maybe both his ego are dashing at each other. There is a kind of a funny type of feeling that oh I have mastered the thing, I have got the thing, I have got the point. I have proved the point. But in that I have lost everything that was so beautiful and so much joy giving within me. Actually a sensible person would recede from the place where two people are having an argument.

Argument is a sign of tomfoolery. I haven’t seen any argument coming to any end whatsoever. If it is then it is all right. But it never does come. Because, if say, you ask me questions I answer you, all right. If you do not like the answer give it up. But if you argue with me still and I argue with you where will you end? Argument is not going to lead you to any knowledge but a very terrible ego developing into you. The whole modern concept is ego oriented. All western countries are ego orientated. They want to develop your ego and pamper it. There are so many other ways by which they do. Why I’m talking more about it because we are all supposed to be western people and affluent people you see. Supposed to be very wise and leading or misleading, I don’t know, the developing countries. So we have to understand ourselves where are we as far as our understanding of things are concerned.

How ego is pampered within us is by a large-scale method. They work on your ego throughout to have all these so-called enterprises. For example to a woman they’ll say, “Oh you must have a waist like this and you must have a face like this and you must have…,” for a man, “You must this kind of a body. You should be Mr. Universe or you should be something,” so the man starts working on it immediately. You must, there so many people I have seen running on the roads in this cold, I don’t understand. Like mad you know and some of them are Member of Parliament. The whole night they keep awake and the whole day they are running about. I say what are you doing? What is the need to do this? To keep good health you must do it. To keep good health don’t work like mad, be a sensible and a wise person. Wisdom is to be sought to keep good health, to be all right and not this kind of mad ego orientated things. So then the one way is to excite your ego about your physique. Then there is ego about, you must have a big car. You see people try to show off their possessions. You have a big car, then they’re going about. I mean they really look to me like jokers, that’s all they are. I mean car I can understand is a convenience and a good quality car if somebody can afford it should have it because it is a headache to have a bad car. So it’s all right. But by having a car you become something great. You may not have food in the house but you must have a very good car to go about. And all these ideas come. Then they will advertise, you see, this will be a very good car for you. What is it for you? It is nothing but to pamper your ego. All these advertisements are nothing but by which your ego is pampered.

All these things they’re treated. Now in America if you go every handle has to be different. Everything has to be different. Why so much difference in everything? Why do you want to have everything so different? Is it some aesthetics, you think in that? It is none of the aesthetics but is just to pamper your ego. Even the so-called art connoisseurs are nothing but ego pamperers. Your stamp collections this, that, all this is nothing but ego pampering. And what a waste of time, you just think about it. This ego thing comes into us because we are first of all, as I said, that in the West the living was very difficult. They had to fight the nature. And when you have to fight the nature you have to develop your ego to fight it. Or actually when you are fighting the nature the ego develops within you. And then once that momentum has started in you it is very difficult to bring it down. It is such a terrible disease that people have taken it for granted that that’s a part of their lives. You are not your ego. You are not. When I say that you must surrender yourself to God they think Mother why should we surrender? Yourself means that ego with which you are identified. I don’t say that you surrender your wisdom. Or I can say surrender your ego to your wisdom. But it is so difficult to give it up because we have learned to live with it, identified with it. We just cannot think of life without our ego, we just cannot. And it has gone to such an extent that we don’t even realize how far we have gone in cruelty. Like, “I like this kind, I like that kind.” You go to somebody’s house and you say like this. Is indecent to talk like that. It is vulgar to express, “I like.” Who are you? Are you God? “I want this. I want that. I am very particular about this. I’m very…” – who are you? Just ask yourself a question, “Who am I? I’m the Spirit. I’m that eternal being. Have I become that?” On the contrary we are hurting everybody’s Spirit by our ego. Every moment when we talk to others we are hurting them.
Actually people have lost faith in God, because those who are in charge of God are so arrogant and so egoistical that it has become impossible for anybody to think of God, which is beyond your ego. You’ll be surprised, ego is absolutely superficial like a bubble. It is just like a balloon, which can burst just like that. And it should go. It should go so that you should rise. It should disappear so that your attention rises in your Spirit. And that you see the whole world as a part of that Spirit that you are.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Lord Jesus Christ and the Agnya chakra

Posted: 08 Apr 2019 05:42 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga meditation talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.  It took place on the 18th December 1978 in Caxton Hall, London.


“And it is the most important incarnation because he is the principle. He is the principle of creation. The Tattwa as they call it in Sanskrit language. He is the tattwa. Ganesha, who resides in the Mooladhara gradually evolves to be Christ at this stage. From that red chakra up to this chakra he became the Christ. He is the principle. Now what is the principle? Within us what is our principle? Is say the kundalini you can say? In this the electricity is the principle of this one is. In the same way the creation, the whole creation if you take it as such, it is the principle and the support of this creation. He represents the essence, the essence of creation. Like we can say we have a family, husband and wife and the child. Now the child is the essence of husband and wife. He is the essence of the family, of the house. The whole thing is sustained for him, is created for him. Till they did not have the child there was no meaning to that house, no meaning to their life. But when they had a child then they had a meaning.

In the same way Christ is the essence, is the tattwa itself. He’s the Omkara as they call it. He is the first sound, first sound that was created AUM when the Primordial Father and Primordial Mother separated, They created this sound. And he is that sound which is filled into All-Pervading Power and looks after and support, actually it is more the support because looking after is done by the father you can say or by the mother. But is the support of all the universe. And because he is just the essence, the essence never dies. Say my essence is my Spirit, it will never die. The body dies or the creation will die but the essence has to be there. If the essence is lost then nothing could be there that’s why he is the most important incarnation. Because he is the support.
Now this incarnation is placed in this Agnya chakra of ours. Here in the center where the optic nerve or optic thalamus cross each other like this. In the center is a very subtle point which moves both the sides like this and like that and it creates two sounds Ham Ksham, Ham Ksham, Ham Ksham. Ham is on the right hand side where you have seen the superego is there and Ksham is on the left hand side where the ego is. Now these two sounds create two kinds of vibrations. The Ham sound creates the vibrations, which make you think, “I am, I am. Ham, I am.” This comes from our existence power that we know we have to live in this world, we’re not going to die. Any human being who tries to kill himself is abnormal. Normally every human being, why every animal or any living thing tries to retain its life. That is through this power of Ham that I am. Now the superego on the left hand side and ego on the right hand side is Ksham.
But now I’ll tell you about the right hand side superego. In this superego when you are conditioned by so many things, then you are frightened and you are worried because these experiences make you that type of a person which has fear in the mind. And this fear is all settled in your superego. This starts from your amoeba stage you can say and is still today is being stored there. You are afraid of police, you are afraid of that, you are afraid of this. Some people are not afraid of these things but are afraid of something else. Because whatever have been your conditions, whatever have been your experiences are all put down here. Moreover when somebody reads the book of “Dracula” now he’s afraid of the word Dracula but the children who do not read they do not know what is a Dracula is. If you say Dracula has come they say all right lets have a look at him. But those children have read about Dracula, they are literally frightened and they say, “Oh God, Dracula is coming, something terrible is going to happen.” So you see whatever you have read, whatever you have gone through whatever experiences you have had all is in the superego. So this superego in that this center sends message, I am, you are, you are Ham, Ham don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, you are.
So the people who come to me, you have seen some people who come to me are victims of superego conditioning and these are the people, actually at this stage only you can really discriminate between the two types. One who are very aggressive, the other who are absolutely we should say subordinated, frightened. These people when they come to me I have seen, they go on crying and weeping, “Mother you know this has happened that has happened,” and I really get tired talking to them. And there are so many of this kind that really you have to pay attention to them as Sahaja Yogis because you’ll have to deal with them, how to manage them and how to work it out. Now at that time if a Sahaja Yogi says, now you go on saying Ham, Ham, Ham, Ham, a Sahaja Yogi if he says then the vibrations will drive out his fear. Even if you are under any fear and you are walking around and you feel that there’s frightened, you just say Ham, Ham, Ham. Now with this saying the vibrations will clear out this side very nicely. Apart from that, that is the way you can get help from the Divine by saying Ham. Now there are many things about Ham and Ksham but as the time is you know, so I do not want to go into great details about it. But I would say the mantra for the right hand side is Ham and for the left hand side is Ksham.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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