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Monday, July 1, 2019

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

You get your wholesomeness

Posted: 01 Jul 2019 06:40 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi which took place on the 24th July 1979 in Caxton Hall, London.


“I say in Sahaja Yoga you get your Self-realization. No money is to be given or taken. As a by-product, you get your health alright. Of course your material things also are alright. Many things improve as a blessing of Sahaja Yoga. But the real thing that happens to you is that you get Self-knowledge. You get Self-realization. That there is light enlightened within you, and you start seeing yourself, your centers and the centers of others because you also get contacted with the whole, you get your wholesomeness.

This is what Sahaja Yoga has to offer to you and if you want to have that, please have it. The rest of it is just a by-product, because if there is a light you do not falter, you walk straight. You don’t say, “My legs improved because there were lights.” No. “My eyesight improved because of my light. Because there were no light there was a problem.” As soon as there is a light everything becomes alright and you start understanding the whole, you know how the whole thing is and you start walking straight and you know where to sit, and what is the chair and what is the person.

This is what you are seeking, then you are a seeker and you are a true seeker and you are to be blessed and it’s my job to see to it that you reach there. You get your own powers, not of your guru but of your own. And that you understand yourself you get your Self-knowledge and the knowledge of the whole. But if you are not that, my children, I am sorry, you are still a baby in the seeking, you have to still grow more, and grow more, and then you come to me when you are grown enough. Otherwise it’s a headache to work on a person like that, or to give them Self-realization or anything whatsoever. They are using sometimes Sahaja Yoga for curing people. You do get cured, no doubt. Even cancer can be cured with Sahaja Yoga. It can be. It can only be cured by Sahaja Yoga. That’s the point in it. But again it will come back to you. We cannot promise, guarantee anything. Unless and until you rise in Sahaja Yoga and become the master of Sahaja Yoga we cannot guarantee. You may get back the disease again.

Why should God not have a sense of giving for something as you have? He loves you, no doubt. He wants to give you because He loves you, but if you are wayward and if you are prodigal by nature, why should He continue to give you is a simple question that you should ask yourself and then ask for realization, you’ll get it. After getting it also there is a period of doubts because first you get thoughtless awareness, which is called as Nirvichar Samadhi. When we say awareness in the normal terminology, it means alertness to anything is awareness. But when we say samadhi it means enlightened awareness. You get thoughtless enlightened awareness. And then you get doubtless enlightened awareness. The stage between the two in some people is so little that they just are there. I have some people here who just got it and are there. They don’t pass through these two stages. But there are mediocre and there are also absolutely bullock carts I would call them, they cannot move with the time of the jet. In these modern times, imagine a bullock cart being pulled by a jet – big problem. But if you are of that calibre and that quality you get both the stages just like that. There is no doubt after that. But then there are some who get into doubts. I don’t know what they doubt here. They had the experience, they feel the vibrations coming, they see cool breeze flowing through them. They see it working on others. They see the pulsation of the kundalini, the rising of the kundalini. They’re getting better in health and everything improving. Still they are doubting and wasting their time. And everything is delayed, their cure is delayed, everything is delayed because of that. Alright, so we have here jet planes, we have here supersonics, we have missiles, and we have also bullock carts.

See, it takes lot of things to make this world, isn’t it? And so I take everything. All right. With all my love I engulf them. But I would request you not to slow your progress like that. What are you doubting is the question, that I do not want anything. If you are paying for something, then you should doubt it. You are not paying for anything. What are you doubting? What am I to gain from you? But still so many of them sometimes come and tell me, “Mother, now we are doubting.” I say, “Alright, go on, when your doubts will be over, you do come and see me.” That's how it is. I would request you to try to tell your mind that you have done all kinds of things. You have been to all sorts of gurus. You have been to all sorts of nonsensical books and you have been to all kinds of doubts. Now settle down for a while. Settle down. Tell your mind not to mislead you, and get it. This is your own; this is your own property; this is your own right to be there. So get it, and if any doubts are coming, tell them to wait for a while.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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You are seeking your fulfillment

Posted: 01 Jul 2019 06:40 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following Sahaja Yoga talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi about seeking your fulfillment.


“Those who go to gurus and say, “Mother, will you please give a job to my son,” then you don’t know what to say, you should say to such a person, “Now my child, you are not yet fit, you are not yet mature to come down yet.” Or if you go to someone to ask for, say, a diamond ring. Or anyone says that I give diamond ring in the name of God, and you are quite satisfied with such an answer, then you are no good as a seeker, no good. Useless for Sahaja Yoga specially. Or somebody who says, “I will cure you” and for curative you go to someone – alright, the person may cure you, but you are no good as a seeker. Why should God cure anyone who is not seeking God? I mean, why should I repair this instrument if it is not going to carry my voice? Or else some of you, if you go to a guru, and if he tells you a story like this, that you have to pay me some money for this, because if you don’t pay me money you cannot be involved into this kind of a thing, you better slap such a guru on his face and tell him that “What do you think of me?” It’s complete indignity to your seeking. He wants to involve you through taking money from you. Can’t you see that he is insulting you by saying that you are such a materialist, that when you give me money then only you will be attached to seeking of God? Just think of it. All such arguments people give you and if you accept them and if you follow such gurus you cannot mature for seeking.

As you have to be genuine, you have to be wise to understand that you are seeking your fulfillment. You are not seeking money and diamond rings and these tomfooleries that are going on and you are not there to witness them and these foolish magical tricks of people, but you are going to witness the magic of God. Then in the seeking also you must know that if God is the universal being, anybody who professes that we are the chosen ones and nobody else can be a chosen one or he was the only prophet and he was the only God and because you belong to some organization, it is nothing but absurd fanaticism and ugliness. Do not deceive yourself. Please try to understand: self-deception will never be forgiven by God. Amoeba, does he deceive himself if he sees the food there, does he? Or a lion or even a frog, it has such a little brain. It understand what it is seeking, Will he deceive himself? But human beings deceive themselves morning till evening. We have to seek God. We have to seek our fulfillment. We have to relate to that wholesomeness that is God, the primordial being. The whole of it, this is what we have to seek. You are created for that.
If you study a little foetus in the womb of the mother, you will be amazed that the whole of the foetus is looked after by the navel cord from the mother, and though all the portions of the foetus are not yet fully developed as to get connected with the brain completely from the very beginning, still through one channel it is fed, looked after, managed. Then the child is removed from the mother when the child is born, and gradually all the sensations and co-ordinations of all these different sensory organs and organs of motion and organs of automatic functions are created gradually, very gradually, as he starts growing. But once the connections are established, a human being starts acting. On his own the whole body acts together; it knows when it is pinched. Here in the finger the whole body knows that you are pinched, the whole knows about what has happened. The whole connection is established. It’s a living process, it’s a growing process which works out. But with human beings there is a very big problem. The biggest problem I would say that they are always identified with imperfections, with wrong ideas and only in the human being these things happen, that’s why one has to be careful. Dog can smell better than you do, and it knows what to eat, what not to eat. You don’t know. You don’t know what is a real guru and a dirty guru and horrible guru and a vicious man. You cannot make out. Somebody runs out of the jail, he wears a dress, comes to England, “I am the guru” – great, and thousands will be running. They don’t know and the more he has, the better it is.

But there is a way. God has already placed that within yourself. For your growth he has placed within you, only He is testing your genuineness but if you are so obstinate as to stick on to some misidentified nonsensical things you cannot work it out. Be free from all these things, open out yourself. You all have to be aware of the whole. You all have to get Self-realization. Though by that, God will feel His fulfillment of His creation, no doubt, and He has to do it, He will do it, but He’ll have to work very hard. And still and still if you do not accept the truth, then the truth will be expressed, no doubt, but then, the untruth has to be destroyed. And at that time, those who are identified with untruth will be also destroyed. Before that, take heed to your wisdom and know what we have to seek? We have to seek our wholesomeness, which we have partially expressed in our political and economical and social clubs.

All this has to be integrated, all the great religions which have been propounded in the growth of human beings, which have substantially helped in the growth of human beings, which are the substratum of their living, has to be integrated in that habit. For example, I meet supposing a Hindu, then he says, “Mother, how do You talk of Christ? We don’t believe in Christ.” Now you are a very great person not to believe in Christ. Who are you not to believe in Christ? What do you think of yourself? What do you mean by saying that you don’t believe in Christ? Do you know it is blasphemous to say such horrible things about any great incarnation on this earth?” There are some who say, “We do not believe in Moses, or in Guru Nanaka or in Mohammed-Sahib.” Who are you? I don’t believe, I don’t believe. What is your belief? On what it is based? Why do you say such things? What do you know about them?

Did they ever say that, for example, when Christ came did He say that Moses was wrong, did He say so? When Nanaka came, did He say that Mohammed was wrong? Did anyone of these great saints say so? Then who are you to denounce them?”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

What are you seeking?

Posted: 24 Jun 2019 06:28 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following extract of a Sahaja Yoga talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi which took place on the 24th July 1979.


“Yesterday, I met a lady, and she told me that she was seeking God. I said, “What do you think of God, what are you seeking?” When we say we are seeking, do we know what are we supposed to seek, and do we understand how we are going to feel our seeking complete, that we have reached the destination? As last time, I told you that seeking has to be genuine, from a genuine heart, and that you cannot purchase, or you cannot put in effort about it. But today I would like to tell you what are we seeking.

Let us see how the seeking comes within us, from where? As shown here, there is a center called as Nabhi chakra, which is here in the center Nabhi chakra, which is placed in our spinal chord, and manifests the solar plexus which is placed mid-way under your navel. This is the center that creates the seeking within us. Seeking is only possible when something is living. For example, what is the seeking of this chair? It cannot think, it cannot move, you can put it here or you can put it on the street. You can smash it and throw it away, again use that wood for some other purpose or make a stool out of it. It has no seeking of any kind. Only when a thing becomes a living being like a amoeba you can take a uni-cellular egg. It starts manifesting seeking because it is supposed to seek. Not the dead. So those who say we are not seeking are as good as dead. Those who say we are seeking are living and also kicking.

The little bit if you understand that a desire is created within a little animal, called as amoeba, by giving him hunger. Just think of it. It has no brain. It has a just a small nucleus but it can feel it is hungry. It has to eat something to grow. It also knows it has to reproduce and then it starts seeking. It also knows how to take the food in, but it does not know how it digests. That part is not his job. Even for us just the same. So the seeking starts in a little amoeba and the whole evolution is based on that seeking, gradually improving and improving the ways and means of seeking, while the desire is that of food only, alone. There is also another desire or, you can say, an emotion, in the smallest of amoeba is a sense of preservation. It knows the dangers that can finish his existence. When this little amoeba becomes a human being, in thousands and thousands of years, then the seeking is changed. In the beginning it starts, of course the food seeking is still there, that’s the basis, you must have food to begin with. Of course the methods are improved, changed, evolved for the seeking of food, but there is also a great understanding of how to preserve yourself and your clan. The clubbing starts from a very early age, even ants understand that. So they understand that we all have to club together, unite together, integrate together, if we have to protect ourselves.

And this seeking of wholesomeness also develops gradually in the human beings and the expressions of that is, you can see, all our efforts to preserve ourselves and to be clubbed together. These efforts are expressed in our political and in our economic enterprises. Now in the human being a new seeking starts: is to have power over others. Animals do not seek power, they have. For example a tiger is much more powerful than, say, a poor rabbit. He is born like that. And a rabbit does not want to become a tiger. He does not try like every Dick, Tom and Harry would like to become a prime minister. But a rabbit would not try to be a tiger, he understands “I am a rabbit and I must develop my means of defenses and my means of offences by which I exist.” In the same way the tiger acts, he is aware of his powers and also he is aware of his limitations. And some of the animals also have a power of leadership in them. They become leaders. You must have seen some birds that they have a leader, one leader going and wherever that leader changes the direction, all of them change as if they are like the tail of that leader. In the same way, the same way that goes that bird goes, the leader goes all of them follow.

So this also is expressed in human being in a very big way that there are some born leaders who lead a group of people to some destination in which they fulfill the seeking of that group. Now the seeking of the groups could be money, mostly it is. Now money animals don’t understand, this is the creation of human beings only. So for them money becomes very important because it is their own creation. We had barter systems, but then we thought it is better to have some sort of a medium which will convert one good into another, so we start the money. So the focus of man’s attention from food goes to power and from power to money. Sometimes if somebody has lots of money, then he wants to have power. It’s but natural. There is nothing wrong in it, as such. Fundamentally, it is a thing which is natural for human beings to run after money and then run after power or vice versa.

But beyond that starts another seeking, is the seeking of knowing why are we here? What are we doing here? What is the purpose of our life? Why God has created us? To what purpose, to what end or it is just a joke going around? Are we just foolishly being born, getting married, having children and dying like amoeba? Or have we any other purpose? Many human beings do not go beyond money or health, they want good health. I mean animals don’t take any exercises as far as I know. But human beings can go to any extent to preserve their health, but for what? I mean, you may be a wrestler, for what? Just to fight each other? You might be the healthiest person living on this earth, but for what? You are just a waste. What is your use? You may be the wealthiest man going in the best cars and the whatever you may call it, all the so-called luxuries of life and material well-being, but for what? When such a question comes into our mind the new kind of seeking starts, which asks the question, why are you here? Are you here just to run in this rat race morning till evening, earning money and earning power and doing all useless activities, pleasing others to show off your money or to extract some money from others? Is that the aim of your life?

Now this is the beginning of the fourth enquiry, or the fourth dimension in your awareness. This enquiry is also the flowering of the same rudimentary thing called as hunger: hunger for spirituality, hunger for God, hunger for higher things of life. It starts within us, that I call is the genuine happening. In this seeking, we get confused, because by the time this seeking starts in you, you are already famished and finished. How? Because you are already conditioned by all kinds of nonsensical things going on. You may be calling yourself a British or a Indian or some sort of an Australian or I don’t know all sorts of things that people call themselves, but in the eyes of God, you are just a human being, You are, I mean you don’t have a tail to begin with, and you don’t have your head bent down like this you have your head upright. Whether you are in Africa or India, or in England or America, it’s just the same. As long as your head is up like that and you don’t have a tail (of course some people must be having, the way they behave), you are definitely a human being. And if a human being if he is evolved through various experiences of life and realizes that none of these experiences have really given him the fulfilment and the answer to his question “Why are we here?” then the turning point takes place in his life, and he becomes a seeker. Not before that.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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When the ego covers the Sahasrara, it stops the Kundalini

Posted: 24 Jun 2019 06:28 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following extract from a talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, in which Shri Mataji discusses the effect of ego on the Kundalini.


“You don’t have to judge others, just see yourself, because it is for your own good. If somebody is egoistical makes no difference to you. Or non-egoistical makes no difference; only thing is you should really see for yourself what is good and what is bad. That’s how it works out. Otherwise, I as always say that when I give a lecture immediately we start thinking about somebody whom we think to be egoistical. Actually I’m saying to each one of you to see it, would be a better idea.

Now this ego when it covers your entire head, the complete Sahasrara which is shown there – the white area gets covered; your Brahmarandra, the portion from where the kundalini has to pierce also gets covered. It’s very difficult the whole thing is covered, and this is small here, the gap is here, now, you cannot open the gap here, you have to open the gap here. So this has to go back like that, and this has to come up in the center like that. Then only kundalini can come up. So what happens at such stage, you will find such people have a left hand very weak and right hand throbbing. So you raise their left, put to the right; again raise their left put to the right, again raise their left put to the right, so you bring down the ego like this. And once the ego comes down then this comes up and the gap comes in between and then you raise the kundalini in the center, kundalini will come out and then you tie it up.

This is Shri Vidya, this is the knowledge of Shri, of the Holy Spirit. All other knowledge of where you have to sit in protocol, what you are, is all avidya and nonsense. Reading 'Who’s who’ – I don’t know what you will become, monsters or maybe… some sort of a Frankenstein style personality. This is the Vidya, Shri Vidya, is the secret Vidya, of the Holy Ghost by which you balance your ego with super-ego, your desire and action should be equal, and then raise the kundalini, put it up and tie it up.

All these days, people who been realized souls, great people, have tried to point out the problems of ego, have talked to you, they said “You shouldn’t have ego. Ego is the worst thing; one should not be identified with ego,” and all that. And as soon as they have said it people have started just finding out how to do it, and in doing so they have become 'great gurus,’ themselves egoistical. The fact is, you do not do anything. This is not ego but is a mirage of ego that you have got. You really do not do anything, everything is done by God, He is the doer, He has the great ego. Your ego is just, a copy… made artificially. Like He creates the flowers and you make plastic flowers and say “Oh, we have created flowers.”

He does everything. It is He who expresses His ego, while you feel you have done something. It happens to you when you get realization, when your kundalini pierces the Brahmarandra, then you find the power flowing through you, and when you put your hands at somebody you find the kundalini rising there. And then you find that you can feel the centers of that person and catching of his centers and you’re amazed, you said “Mother how is it? Just now I was nothing, suddenly what has happened to me?” Because your ego has subsided and has become one with that of God; and you are giving vent to that power of God. You are playing the role of an instrument, of a hollow personality, and through you is passing the power of God which is doing the real work, while you are thinking “I’m doing it” without getting realization. But after realization you just feel “Oh, it’s flowing through me, I can see it flowing, I can see it working. It is…” You start talking in third person, you don’t say “I”. You just say “It’s going, it’s coming, it’s not there, this is catching, that is catching.” It is in the third person you talk. You do not say “I am catching”. You do not say also, that “I have raised the kundalini”, you say that “The kundalini has risen”. Who has risen it? You never say that you have raised the kundalini, you just say “The kundalini has risen, it is not coming up, it’s just going there,” as if you have become an instrument of some power which is flowing through you. And this is how… we become one with that, and all our karmas dissolve into akarma. Karmas are only the effect of our false idea of our ego – when there is no ego where are the karmas going to be? If there is no-one who is doing, the doer is lost, then who’s going to do the karmas and who’s going to take the load of the karmas upon themselves? Like when there is an organization, then it says “I have got assets and I have got these debts and these are the things”, you see, but the association or that organization disappears, then who has the debts? In the same way, you as ego disappear, and there is no effect of your karmas – all finished, all that was when one Mr. Ego was there. When Mr. Ego has gone all liabilities have gone with him.

We are something different now, now we have become the Self, the Atma and when we have become the Atma, then, we are one with that Universal Being, and He is making us do everything. Like my fingers don’t have ego that “I’m doing something and I’m touching the thumb”, because it is a part of this body. Our nose does not have an ego, that, it is something special which is breathing. We say “I breath”, we don’t say “This nose breathes”, neither the nose would say “this mouth…” with which we eat food, it never says that “I eat, because of my mouth”. When you become one with that whole then you just feel that the whole is working and we as part, are working with it, and all the responsibilities are finished.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

You have to laugh at your ego not fight it

Posted: 17 Jun 2019 06:22 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga. This talk took place on the 22nd October 1979 in London.


“And this ego business is so much prevalent in our society now, with all due apologies I am talking about the Western society, when it comes to India I talk to them, but now I’m talking to you, and think that I am also a Western person, so I can say certain things as a Western personality, and don’t feel bad about it. For in the so-called, certain traditions that we have, today only I was discussing you see; like on the table we have to sit for dinner, alright? Simple thing it is, to sit on the table for dinner, now dinner is there because God has been gracious to us; for our well-being, for our friendship, we are all going to sit down. But go to any formal dinner, or you arrange a formal dinner, people would sit down ten times discussing “where is the seat of 'X’ and the seat of 'Y’, and the seat of 'Z’.” But if there is a slightest mistake, in placing the people according to their date of birth, their face color, their head color, their height, their noses, their length, their upper lips, any difference is there found in the “Who’s who” book, you see, that somebody was placed little higher in M.A.D. degree, then you’ve had it. All the good wishes of entertaining people, of doing, some good friendship of having, creating something very, very great, is all lost. All the effort is lost and you are left wondering, “Now what have I done? I did consult all the dictionaries and the 'Who’s who’, I mean this 'Who’s who’ is another ego pampering you know. But despite that there was a mistake somehow and the person has taken a very big objection that Mr. X who is one day junior to him has been made to sit ahead of him, is the greatest calamity to his ego. The poor chairs do not know what happens for their different shapes, you see. How much we fight over all such things, pampering our ego.

So on and so forth we have so many things, but if I say “scrap all this nonsense” why don’t you scrap it? Why to have all this, protocols, this, that? What is the need to have this seat for this gentleman, that seat, after all if there are ten people for dinner they can find their seats, there won’t be a chaos for ten people. Even for twenty, even for three hundred. Why should there be seat allotted if you have invited three hundred people, alright, they’ll all sit down. If they are remaining they’ll sit down for the second one or for the third one. What is the… such a hurry of having that program? All together, or in such a systematic way that everybody feels unsystematic after that. Everybody feels disturbed and upset after the program is over? With all the system, with all the corrections and with all the great planning we do, ultimately we find all have become nitwits, there must be something wrong about it. And it becomes a frenzy with mob-like behavior people have, you see, everybody will come out with very big faces, “Oh, what a mismanagement you know, they did this!” What was it? One cannot even understand what is the value of all these things. That’s why we have to be like small children, to them it does not matter where they sit. And so we are grown up and matured, supposed to be mature people also. While children are still innocent and still ignorant and still they have to grow. We are supposed to be up-grown, what has grown within us is nothing but this Mr. Ego, not you.

When this happens, when this happens in the worst possible way, you know, in today’s paper I was reading about this ripper [Yorkshire ripper]. Now the conclusion is reached that he’s not a psychopath… but he is on a ego trip. He’s doing all this for his ego satisfaction, because he telephones to the police, he sends a, what you call… a tape to the police, that he should be caught. He tells them “you’ll meet me here”, and still they cannot catch him so he thinks oh he’s such a great person, that nobody can catch him. The greatest thief ever born who could not be caught. So that is… what you call, is not a psychopath, but I don’t know what name will you give to such a man? I mean to an egoist like this, the one who lives by ego tries to satisfy his ego, and if his ego is not satisfied by something he doesn’t feel satisfied, I don’t know what should you call him?

Now how to overcome this ego, because people start seeing, gradually this, it happens. They start seeing Mr. Ego, “oh very great, you see it’s coming up, giving me ideas, alright”. You feel sometimes very depressed with the idea that this is Mr. Ego I was identified with. Alright? You see your ego. Then when you see your ego, then what do you do with it? Or if somebody says “Better watch your ego” then what happens? You start fighting it. You say “No… I will not say anything, I will just keep quiet! Let them say anything whatever they like”. Then you become another type. You become a person who is suffering from super-ego. So you are left with desires but do not act, and you’d say that “let others aggress me, I’m not going to aggress anyone, I’ll be very careful about not-aggression.” But by this kind of a thing, what happens that when you raise the left side, I mean left side which goes up on the right hand side – super-ego, it presses the ego down but again is bounced back and there’s a kind of a bouncing going on. By this behavior when you fight your ego the ego sits on your head much more. The more you try to fight ego it sits on your head. You are not to fight it. Supposing you take a balloon and start hitting it, it will hit you back further. Go on hitting it, it will go on hitting. Now which is the way to deflate this ego? How do we deflate a balloon? In the same manner, take a pin and give it a prick. You just look at yourself, say “Alright Mr. 'So and So’, now, how do you do?” and you laugh at yourself, you say “Oh you were very unhappy you see when you saw that you were not placed very much, alright, now have a pin from me!” And that’s how you deflate it, by seeing it by all the time making fun of it, yourself, and piercing a pin into it. Not by deflating, in the way people say that you deflate the whole thing by pushing it down, or by killing it, but actually just, making a hole in it, in the same way if you start looking at yourself… and make fun.

Human beings only know very well how to make fun of themselves, no animals know that. If you learn how to make fun of yourself your ego will go down, otherwise this ego will suggest “Whatever you are doing is the best, this has to be done, that has to be done, I am the best, I am doing everything good”, and you might be torturing someone, aggressing someone, you might be just playing into the hands of ego like a madcap, and you might be a real madcap but you don’t know that you are. Because with ego a person becomes successful so-called, he becomes very brilliant, shines out, in competition he comes up, and nobody dare say a word to him otherwise he’ll have punch on the nose, you see. So also he becomes very mighty and powerful, and everybody hankers after such a behavior and such a thing. But, a time comes when he realizes that “I was hanging in the air. I forgot my basis, and now I have to come down”, like Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and they had a great fall. Such a beautiful ryhme this thing is, written long time back. And all the Kings horses and all the men, could not put Humpty Dumpty back again, into it’s own shape you see? So don’t be Humpty Dumpties, and don’t live with that idea of being a Humpty Dumpty, is a simple thing to fight your ego and that happens very often in Sahaja Yoga, is a very common happening in Sahaja Yoga, where your Kundalini itself, you see, creates such situations, that you are flabbergasted at your ego.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Ego is not your Self

Posted: 10 Jun 2019 06:16 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following extract of a talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga. This talk took place on the 22nd October 1979 in London.


“Today only, I was discussing about the way people give you C.O.B., I don’t know, V.I.P., and M.A.D., like that, and we carry those banners with us, and we expect everybody to respect those banners which have been given to us, you see, because we have done some work, somebody has recognized us, branded it, stamped it, so we believe “really this must be something great.” So we accept that brand and we want to keep it up. So it’s a doubly fixed thing that you are really rewarded for what work you are doing. That’s why people start, become nuisance also. Supposing in a society some people do not find any significance to their lives, then they will go to Oxford Street, stand there, wear funny dresses, start jumping, and singing something nonsensical, and make a nuisance out of themselves. We have seen people who paint their hair in different colors, put pencils in the noses I think… and do all kinds of mad things, just to attract the attention of others because we want to attract the attention of others, because our ego is not yet satisfied, but this ego is never satisfied. It goes on asking for more food, more food and you enjoy it too. When such a ego is bloated within us we cannot understand what we are doing. People can befool you like that. It’s very easy to befool a person who is ego oriented than to befool a simple person. A simple hearted man cannot be easily befooled, because he is not on a trip you see. But those that are on a ego trip, you tell them that “This is the best way to go to hell,” they will be the first booking their seats. There will be a queue for it and people would be asking for it, “alright if it is so, it’s good.” That is how many gurus in this world have come forward, have befooled you, by telling you that “You will get these powers, those powers, that will happen, this will happen” and they know how to pamper your ego. For example, they might say “This is a world organization of spirituality, and you are the head of the world organization,” and you believe it.

Ego means misappropriation. You believe in it because you think that, “After all I must be something, and I have done this, I have done that “. But actually what happens physically is then, when this balloon spreads on your head all over, the aura of the brain surrounds the heart normally… normally! But when there is ego problem, then ego surrounds the heart, and when ego surrounds the heart, the brain is cut off from the heart. So you are a non-integrated person, or we can say disintegrated. Your heart runs one side, your brain runs another side, your body runs third side, your emotions run fourth side. So four people running four horses and that’s how you are completely torn. I mean it’s impossible to stand on two stools, but if there are four, with two legs… it’s a big feat to exist.

So this kind of ego trip comes in by which you start behaving and living in this world in a very unnatural way, and if somebody says that “No, not your ego, not that, that’s not you, you have to be yourself, ego is not yourself. Do not be satisfied with this ego”, then you don’t like it. Because you are much higher than ego, much greater than ego, much more than what you think your ego can do. With ego, at the most what can you do, say? At the most what can you do with your ego? What people have achieved through ego? Nothing, whatever they have discovered, even in the sciences has come from the unknown, from God’s own treasures. If God has given you some knowledge of the unknown, you should not feel pampered about it and think that “Oh, this is what we have found,” no! He graciously gave you this knowledge, which has come to you so just take it with humility.

And this ego is very, very dangerous for kundalini awakening. Now you look at the diagram, imagine the whole of your head is covered with that yellow stuff, and this blue thing becomes a very small one. So first of all the desire, to seek itself, is diminished. You see you go for seeking as if you are going to a cinema hall. There is no combination of what you are thinking and your heart. You are not seeking from your heart, you are seeking just with your brains, because you have read three-four books, there’s a fashion, everybody is seeking, everybody is looking as if they are seeking something, so let us also seek. It is not coming from your heart because you can see that the activity of heart has become practically zero. You do not desire anything, it is what your ego desires you run after. Anything that doesn’t satisfy your ego you get upset about it. One must go on all the time saying that, “You are the fastest horse, you are the greatest person, you are the most unique personality,” then only you are satisfied.

It cuts you out so much from your heart, that’s why we cannot find joy, because joy you can only get through your heart. But this Mr. Ego gives you some sort of a satisfaction which is very superficial, temporary, leads you nowhere. With this ego orientation only, you get so many diseases, as I have told you before, like diabetes, heart attack, we can say also cancer, could be, one of them, arthritis, you might get. You also get with this too much thinking, paralysis, paralysis is because of that, and kidney failures. The worst is liver, because of over-activity liver is neglected. We are least bothered about the liver. If you tell a child “Don’t eat chocolates in childhood,” I mean, it’s an impossibility, you cannot talk like that. I just once said that “Why not stop giving chocolates to children, who cannot digest it, because their liver is not that [strong], or make something that is digestible to their liver from childhood, till they grow up, and why not dilute the chocolates also a little bit more. So?” The question comes in then, that “How can you do it Mother? It would be chucking out everything and children would protest without chocolates!” Gradually they’ll forget. The liver problem starts within you: you become thin, lean, pale, aggressive, all the time grumbling, grudging, sulking. Never in joy, never in happiness, you call it “tension”, “stress”, all these things. It’s nothing but over-activity of this chakra. Tension is because the whole of it is covered with this balloon and the balloon is still going on and on and on. That has to reduce. Sahaja Yoga is the only way really we can face our ego, because through Sahaja Yoga only, we can see ourselves. But it is an impossibility with human beings to face themselves, even after realization, they find it difficult. For example, all our misidentifications are there, say I’m dealing, say, with English disciples here, before I start saying about the misidentification of the English, I must condemn all the Indians of the world, and all the Japanese, Chinese, Greeks, everybody else, and then I should say “There’s also something wrong with English,” otherwise I’ve had it. Unless and until, at every stage, I condemn all the rest of the world I cannot talk of saying that we also have certain misidentifications which are sitting on our heads, by which we are oppressed, we think that “This is the correct way of life,” by which we have oppressed others.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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The relationship between the chakras and the physical organs

Posted: 10 Jun 2019 06:15 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following extract from a talk by Shri Mataji, founder of Sahaja Yoga, at the University of Sydney on the 4 March 1992 .


“Now, as you are students I will be able to tell you something about what problems you might feel. It is very important that if you understand it, what problems a student can face when he is studying very hard, and it is very important that he should study, but with Sahaja Yoga these problems won't arise.

Now there's a centre here, the second centre as you see, the yellow one is the centre which has many functions to do. It has to look after your liver. It has to look after your pancreas. It has to look after your spleen. It has to look after your kidneys and it has to look after your bowels. All this has to be done by this one centre. But the most important thing for it is to supply energy for the use of brain, because when you are using gray cells, these gray cells get worn out and to replace them with the energy you have to have some mechanism in your body, and this is the centre that converts the fat cells from the body and gives it to the brain. So you must know that the brain is made of fat. That of course you must be knowing. So this conversion takes place and when this conversion takes place you will be amazed that how much energy you are spending in reading, studying and working. With this thing only we have been able, with this principle only, we have been able to cure so many diseases. If you apply this disease you can find out.

One of the persons who did work on asthma, one of the doctors, has used the same theory, and it has worked wonders. So many people are cured of asthma. Now, so what is the principle? We must keep an open mind as students. When you come in the university you have to keep an open mind but if you are already worked up it won't go into your head. So please listen to me. This center – of course these doctors do not know of course. I have done medicine myself. They don't know this, but in a subtler way you can know many things. Now this center you use too much, all the time. After all, you are studying, working very hard, thinking too much. As a result you might develop a bad liver, a heated liver. The liver, you see, is the worst enemy of human beings because it absorbs, the liver absorbs all the heat of the body and releases it. That heat comes as poison into the blood stream. But supposing this liver is neglected because of the over activity of this center. For thinking people, for futuristic people, studying people also, this heat can start rising higher. As a result of that, this centre that you see on the left side of the heart gets heated up, and that is the center which looks after your breathing, and that's how one can develop asthma. This heat can even reach your heart and can really engulf the heart so badly that if there is a heart attack in young age it's always fatal, even the first one.

Supposing some people are working very hard as students, also playing very hard, because the right side is affected by too much physical and also by too much mental activity and drinks, plays tennis or some sort of a very fast games, plus studies, is very hard and puts too much pressure on his right side. Then what happens? Then this heat starts traveling to the heart also on the left side and completely gives you a massive heart attack, and at young age these heart attacks are always fatal. You cannot save people from this. Very seldom it does happen. Another thing is this heat now travels to your pancreas. As a result the pancreas goes out of order and people get diabetes. In India, in villages, unless and until you put so much sugar that the spoon has to stand at a perpendicular angle, they don't think it is tea. They drink so much of sugar in the villages but nobody gets diabetes. Only the bureaucrats and sedentary people who sit and write and think too much and plan, plans which never come through and work out lots of this thinking and rigmaroles, they are the ones who get diabetes. Or the ones who plan too much. Even the housewife. She is a big planner; she might get diabetes.

Then the third disease is even worse because of the spleen. Now spleen is a speedometer in our lives and it has a certain rhythm. Whenever we are in emergency the spleen liberates or creates lot of RBCs, means red blood corpuscles, for the use of emergency. But if a person is a hectic type, as our life is very hectic. Say, early in the morning you get up after a hang-over maybe, I don't know how, and then you start just somehow or other dressing up, getting into the car, you have not taken your breakfast or you are carrying breakfast, eating it at the same time. Then you see a jam. Then you get again upset. But if you read newspaper it is even worse. So the whole system is in a jeopardy. Not only that, it's so hectic, the life is so hectic that this poor spleen doesn't know how to carry on with this crazy personality which suddenly starts becoming very emergent. Suddenly it demands more RBCs; so, it becomes vulnerable and any attack from the left side you can get blood cancer. You will be happy to know Sahaja Yoga has cured many blood cancer patients. Has cured. I'm not saying I have cured. It's your own Kundalini, and one of the boys has got MD in that subject.

So it is already recognized in India because this is an ancient science from India. This is the science of the roots while you have the science of the whole civilization. But you don't know the roots. We have to know the roots and if it is coming from India it doesn't matter. Not only in India it has been said, even in the Bible. Tree of life is mentioned and appear before you like tongues of flames. These centers look like really beautiful, very soothing tongues of flames. We call them as petals in India. So then this heat can travel up to your kidneys and the coagulation of the kidney takes place. When the coagulation takes place they put you on the dialysis but I assure you nobody can be saved out of it. All your life you go on spending money on this dialysis. It's a horrible thing, and after some time they have to die. It has to be accepted. Then the worst is the bowels. You get into a funny situation where you might get a bilious temperament where all the time you feel nauseating, you can't eat food and you vomit out some bile all the time. Your attention is never happy. Then the last one is this constipation because of the heat.

All these things are because of one center. So it is very important that we should understand about our being inside and get into balance, and must know how to get it cured and how to work it out. It's all our knowledge and is our body and we can do it without going through that MBBS course which takes you out like [unclear]. It's very simple to keep yourself all right. But with this you develop a new awareness which we call as collective consciousness, and this collective consciousness gives you the complete indication of pure centers because of selfhood and self-knowledge on your fingertips.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Monday, June 3, 2019

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

The all-pervading Power

Posted: 03 Jun 2019 06:05 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following extract from a talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, at a Public Program at the University of Sydney on the 4th March 1992:


“I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to know that truth is what it is. The absolute truth cannot be changed, cannot be conceptualized. Above all, unfortunately, at this human awareness we cannot feel it and we cannot understand it. Now, whatever I am going to tell you about yourself you have to take a scientific attitude and keep a open mind. If it is proved, then you have to accept as honest people because this is for your benevolence, your emancipation, for the emancipation of the whole world.

We have science, all faculties of sciences, but all these human endeavors have boomeranged on us in the way we have produced hydrogen bomb, oxygen bomb, atomic bomb on one side and on the other side a lot of artificial things which are dangerous for us. So where did we go wrong? Why should it happen to us – because the mental process is linear. It moves in one line and after some times it gives way and turns round. So, it has to be something beyond that mental process that should give us the wisdom and the balance, and that’s how we have today so many people who are seeking the truth honestly.

Of course, some are identified with some dogmas or something and want to carry on like that. That’s a different point. But there are some people who are intelligent enough to see that there is something wrong. We have to find out what’s wrong. And if you see all our problems, like ecological problem, political problems, economic problems, family problems and all types of problems which can be very secret also. Physical in the sense, sickness. Why these problems are there when human beings are at the epitome of evolution? Is it that our evolution is finished? Or still we have to go one step forward? If somehow we can transform human beings into higher state of spirit, as all scriptures have said. All the scriptures have said, “You have to be the Spirit.” Then maybe some solution could be found out, and it has worked out in many countries now that there is a power within you which passes through six centers and gives you what we call as Self-realization. Can’t hear me, can you? All of you can hear me? All right. Now the truth is that you are not this body, mind, your ego, your conditionings, intelligence, emotions, but you are the Spirit. That’s the truth and that’s what we are seeking, knowingly or unknowingly.

Another truth is that there is an all-pervading Power around us which does all the living work. I call it the all-pervading Power of God’s love. This living work is done. You see it every day. You see these beautiful flowers here, but we accept them, take it for granted. We never even think how these beautiful flowers are grown; how the trees are grown up to a certain height and no more; how they are kept in control completely. Look at our eye also. Look at our brain, which is such a great computer. The eye is such a great camera. We take it, everything, for granted. But is it that there is some power which is working it out our evolution from amoeba to this state? By law of chance you could not have achieved even a state of a reptile. So how is it in such a short time you have been able to achieve the state of human beings? If you start introspecting it then you will understand that something we have not yet known which we have to know. And that knowledge is possible because the whole ocean of knowledge is within yourself. Only thing, a very part of your brain is exposed which has no connection with your heart, and has no connection with your attention.

Now this is a mechanism within you which works out the last connection. Like this instrument is here. It’s all built in, but it has to be connected. Unless and until you are connected to the mains you have no meaning. Young people especially find it very difficult to find their identity; so, they stick on to this or to that, sometimes fundamentalist, sometimes to some sort of a group – something. But it is only because they want to belong to something. That’s human nature. But to belong to reality and to truth is the best way to be a universal personality because Spirit is the universal being within us.

Now Sahaja Yoga has been working in about sixty-two countries ─ I must say I am surprised at it ─ and there are fifty countries at least, or fifty one countries, who have lots of centers working it out. I was surprised at Russia. I never expected that they would be so sensitive to reality. Russians, whatever their governments were, whatever they did to them. One thing for definite, they are extremely sensitive to spirituality, extremely. Of course, I knew one thing. If you read Tolstoy or if you have read “Crime and Punishment” or any of these books written by the Russians you will find they are very introspective. Even the hero, if he falls in love with somebody, he introspects, “Why? Why am I doing this?” That quality of introspection is so great that even the scientists… Two hundred scientists were in the conference with me, and when I started talking about science they said, “Mother, no more science. We want to know about spirituality.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Sahaja Yoga Meditation - Audio Talks

Going beyond the mind

Posted: 27 May 2019 06:01 AM PDT

Please enjoy another extract from a talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga, at a Public Program at Newcastle, near Sydney on the 28th February 1992.


“Sahaja means with you is born. This yoga means the union, the union with this all pervading power of God’s love. It exists or not, we have never bothered to find out. We see these beautiful flowers, very beautiful flowers and everything around. When I came from Sydney I saw the beauty, the nature had just spread for the pleasure of human beings. We never even think how it has happened, what has worked it out, all these living things. We don’t even think how this eye of ours is such a beautiful camera, how it has been made, how is it this brain, which is such a great computer, how is it made. Who has made it? They may say it is autonomous but who is this auto? We have never tried to find out. That there is this all pervading power of God’s love which has done all this living work, and now for us it is to feel that, that is the yoga, is the union with that Divine. It’s not physical, it’s not mental, but it is spiritual, where you start first time feeling this all pervading power. Then only you have to know how to use this power which flows through you. But it moves very slowly and people, you see this is not a plastic work that you can go on producing many and we don’t have any organization as such, we do not organize people and we do not take any money at all, you cannot. How much can you pay for this divine work? How much do we pay to Mother Earth for what she gives us all these beautiful flowers? She doesn’t understand money, so you cannot pay for it. But there are many, many organizations afloat, which are taking money, which are giving you mental heat and people run after them, they like to go on working out that yarn that they have spun for you.

One has to go beyond this mind to feel the spirituality. With this mind, that is human mind, you cannot understand it, you have to have divine mind. But once you get your realization your mind also gets enlightened, and when your mind is enlightened, you can perceive, penetrate into every situation in such a deeper manner and the way you can improve it. I can tell you a simple analogy to understand. Supposing you are standing in the sea and the sea is rough, you are afraid of the waves, very much afraid. But supposing somebody puts you on the boat, and then you can see those waves and enjoy them. But supposing you learn how to swim then you can jump in and save them. It is not any brainwashing or any sort of a bombardment of words, but it is something that happens to you. You become something, as you have become human beings, you become realized souls as a result of this last breakthrough of your evolution. This is happening everywhere no doubt and it’s working out very well in, I think they told me, 62 countries but at least I know of definitely of 52 countries where there we have got very strong centers where it is working out.

Now whatever we are telling you here you need not accept blindfolded. Blind faith is of no use. First of all you must experience. Just like a hypothesis I am putting this before you, but you should have an open mind of a scientist. Just open your mind and see for yourself it works. If it works then you have to accept. If you are honest you have to accept. If it works with many, why not try and work it out. Most of the people do get their realization. I have seen it.

It’s a wonderful thing that is happening that masses of people can get realization. Depends on also certain places like Russia I was amazed. Where they have not heard the name of God they have never heard the name of Christ. They were not allowed to read Bible or any book, they had no religion at all. They believed in no religion. Where thousands and thousands come to my program and they all get their realization. In a small place called Togliatti there are 22 thousand Sahaja Yogis practicing Sahaja Yoga. Can you imagine it? I was so amazed. Same about Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland. I was amazed how these people, Czechoslovakia, how they have taken to Sahaja Yoga so fast, just like fish to water, how they realized it, and nobody else, all these false people, could not go there, nothing could work out. Only thing that has really worked out there is something that is genuine. That is Sahaja Yoga.

One has to realize that as we are not in the absolute state, we have to reach to the absolute state. That desire should be there. If that desire is there it works out without any difficulty. It is your own power which manifests and gradually you can manifest them in such a way that you can do so many things like giving realization to others, curing others and also enjoying it, because when the attention is filled with the light of the Spirit, it fills you up with complete joy, and joy has not two sides like happiness and unhappiness. It’s singular, it’s absolute and you are then, they say they are swimming in the ocean of joy. So beautiful it is.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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Reaching the absolute state

Posted: 27 May 2019 06:01 AM PDT

Please enjoy the following extract from a talk by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, founder of Sahaja Yoga. This talk took place at Newcastle, near Sydney, Australia on the 28th February 1992.


“I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset you have to know that truth is what it is. We cannot change it. We cannot transform it and we cannot conceptualize it. Also unfortunately at this human awareness we cannot feel the truth, so something has to be done, something has to work out in our human awareness in the evolutionary process. We have become human beings from amoeba. How did we become? And if we are human beings have we reached the absolute state? We have not. If we had reached the absolute state then there would have been no problems because everybody would have seen the same thing, would have understood the same thing, and felt the same thing, but because we are living in a relative world we have all these problems. As it is, most of the problems are created by human beings. If you see ecological problems, if you see economic problems, political problems, physical problems, mental problems, family problems, all of them are related to human beings. So we have gone wrong somewhere, there’s something that’s a missing point which we have not realized.

The advancements we have made in our civilization, say in science, has reached such a stage that we had to create atom bomb, hydrogen bomb. So all these mental efforts we have put in also boomerang on us and create our destruction. In every way we get frustrated, and we start seeking – what’s the matter?

But now a new category of very honest people are there in this world who are seeking beyond. William Blake has called them “men of God”, those who will seek the truth and they will make other people also godly. That’s the time has come, this resurrection time has come we should say, or this is the Last Judgment. This Last Judgment is going to be done by this Kundalini, the power within you. This is your own power which has to be awakened and once it is awakened it passes through these centers as told to you and lets you know that these are your problems. These are the problems of your chakras. They may be physical, may be emotional, they may be, could be also spiritual, and once you know these problems and if you know how to solve these problems you can be a very normal, sensible, balanced personality. That’s not the only thing that happens when you get your Self-realization.

Firstly what happens to you is that when the Kundalini passes through your Agyna chakra then you become thoughtlessly aware. If you see all the sciences they have created about religion, talks and the whole thing, it’s just mental. It’s not inside, it’s not innate, built within. So one thought rises, another thought falls. Another thought rises and falls down, some come from the future, some come from the past, and we are jumping on the cusp of these thoughts. But if you say now, this is the present, stop your mind at the stop, the point which is the present, you can’t, you just can’t do it. Between these thoughts there is a gap. This gap is the present, but it’s so small, it’s so small that you cannot find it. But when the Kundalini passes through, then this center, then these two institutions as you see them, the conditioning and the ego are just sucked in. As a result you become thoughtlessly aware. Means there is no thought. But you are absolutely aware, very much more aware. For example if you look at this beautiful hall with the thoughtless awareness, then the whole picture becomes clear like a photo in your mind, whole thing is stored up into every detail so clearly because present is the truth, past is finished and future doesn’t exist.

So to come to the present you have to have this new awareness called as thoughtless awareness. But when she crosses over and pierces through your fontanel bone area which is the actualization of your baptism. Just people talk of baptism, “Come along I’ll baptize you.” It’s not possible that way. It’s just an artificial ritual. Try to understand, this is not going to render that actual happening within you which is going to make you grow spiritually. So the actualization of baptism takes place and you can feel also from your fontanel bone area a kind of a cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming in. You feel extremely relaxed. Secondly that you jump into another higher awareness which we call, as collective consciousness. This means that not only that you can you feel your own centers on your fingertips, because these cool vibrations, you can call them, start flowing through your own hands, you can feel them. But also you get the information about others as well as about yourself on these fingertips. Automatically you become like a person who is a computer. It starts working in such a wonderful manner that you can find out about any disease, any trouble without going through all the diagnosis or anything, and if you know how to cure these troubles, physically, mentally, you can definitely cure yourself and also others if you have reached that state and have permanently achieved it. This is what has to happen to us. All of us have to achieve that state which is your right to achieve it.”

HH Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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