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Friday, December 29, 2017

relieve stress with Sahajayoga

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Stress is the ailment of modern world. The life of even common man has undergone considerably change. Whether one likes or not, the changed circumstances around has direct,indirect impact on our personality, routine, life style and so many things. Today the life - each and every aspect has been grappled by competition, suspicion, financial uncertainty, cultural changes in society, and many things like these.

We naturally are bound to be under constant strain or stress under these circumstances. It starts even from early childhood- whether the child will get admission in best school, how would he fair in interview, how would he behave with others, will he be able to grasp and cope up with teaching etc. etc. So in short changing world has created new causes of tension, stress and strain.

After all what is Stress? It is a symptom, external indication that you are not o.k. You are suffering from fear, anxiety, curiosity etc. Try to find out why all this happens? The answer is very simple- We constantly try to relate ourself with either past or future, and both of these tendencies causes stress.

Past is gone, we have left it behind. We can hardly do anything about it at present moment. They why are we thinking about it, remembering all bad and good things, why remain in those historical events unnecessarily. It causes problems. Set aside the past, forget it completely. Never ponder over it or never try to relate it with present or future for drawing some conclusions,perhaps which may prove wrong in reality. If you want to relieve yourself from stress completely forget past.

Similarly the most common mistake we do in life is always thinking of future. Always planning somethings and getting disturbed when plans do not work accordingly. We must stop it. It is impossible to predict anything hundred percent correctly, because there is an very important element, i.e. Uncertainty. What role it will play, how much impact it will have, what factors will crop up at the eleventh hour- nobody knows. So I personally feel that the only certain thing in this world is Uncertainty . We have to fact it as it is when it occurs or presents itself in any form- thee is no excuse.

Then what is the key to stress- free life. Living in present. Enjoying the present. Concentrating on present- because it is going to build your future. It is the way to your future. If you do not just do anything in present and just think of future imagine what will happen. So do your work with sincerity in present, build yourself physically and mentally to withstand anything, have a positive attitude, never indulge in any wrong thing about which you will need to repent in future.

Sahajayoga Meditation is key to overcome stress, to remove stress, to lead peaceful life. How it happens ? It happens through Meditation . Sahajayoga Meditation is special technique, very easy to understand and follow. It is freely available all over the world through various centers and even various online sites and videos on You tube etc. Matajai Nirmaladevi, the living Godess, Adishakti, Adimaya has been extremely kind to the mankind to offer this technique of meditation. Practicing it result in balancing in your own body, various nadis and chakras which results in healthy body and mind. It does work of cleansing from within. It connects you to the Almighty, the divine power existing in you, of which you are unaware. When it happens there cannot be any problem for you, because the divine spirit winthin you is ready to guide you in every respect.

Then why not learn, know about Sahajayoga and practice it as early as possible.
Jai Shri Mataji.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Sahajayoga and Christanity -feel your life with love, compassion and harmony

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Sahajayoga is real life changing yoga technique, specially designed for the benefit of mankind  by Mataji Nirmaladevi.  It is the most benevolent gift to all seekers of peace, tranquility, freedom of life in real sense and all those who desire to widen their spiritual wisdom with practical experiences thereof.

While searching on christanity and sahajayoga, i came across a very interesting and eye opening narration of how sahajayoga can transform people from christanity all over the world.

The blog titled as explains the jouney of the author and how one can overcome any discontent or dislike for christanity or teachings of churches.

Following was the condition of the author before joining Sahajayoga -
 I had been brought up in a Christian family and had to go to church most Sundays but I’d never felt it helped me or gave me any peace. I felt worse for going, actually, as the idea of original sin and all the rules meant I could never feel good about myself. Because of my negative experiences with the church, which was Protestant, I found it difficult to believe in Jesus Christ and God. So I considered myself an atheist, I suppose, although I was idealistic and had high moral values.
I still had an interest in spirituality, however, and thought that there must be some metaphysical answer to the ills of the world and I was searching for the key that would unlock the door to the mysteries of life. I felt that there was some force (which I thought of as the life force) which looked after all the animals and plants on the earth without them doing anything. I thought that as I was, surely, just as important as the plants and animals then that force was, hopefully, looking after me too. I felt that if I could be more in tune with that force, without thinking, just like the plants and animals, then I could be healed as well. 

After joining Sahajayoga, with the blessings of Mataji Nirmaladevi , who the author's life changes is as narrated below - 
I have never regretted my decision. Sahaja Yoga has been the most wonderful experience of my life. Over time I have learnt that the original teachings of Jesus Christ are quite different from the teachings of the Church which has twisted and distorted many things over time. I have also discovered the mystical aspects of Christianity, some of which were recorded in the Dead Sea Scrolls and kept secret by the Vatican for many years. I do not have to follow the dictates of priests or ministers who interpret spirituality for me, tell me what to do and have power over me. I find real comfort and peace from meditating and from a personal connectedness that I never felt in the church. And, yes, I have learnt from my experiences that God does exist, and has taken many forms over the millennia, not just the form of Jesus Christ.
So if you, like me, have had bad experiences or have become disenchanted with the Church and feel nervous about the mention of God, don’t worry about it. Just put it aside and try Sahaja Yoga. True spirituality involves much more than the narrow view of God and religion that has been promulgated by Christian churches.
Sahajayoga widens your horizon, feels your heart with feelings of love, affection, compassion and also gives you power to forgive all those, who have misbehaved with you for whatever reason.  It is this last aspect of life, which is very difficult to understand and follow in life. 
With Sahajayoga  one becomes a completely changed personality, in and out.  It is very easy to practise and complely free of cost, through the life.  It is so because it is given to us by the holy mother of this universe, Mataji Nirmaladevi.
So this christmas why not enjoy the god given gift for all of us.  Let us all spread this message of harmony and peace in life by adopting and practicising Sahajayoga.  There are no compulsions, as to dress, fees, your food habits or anything.  You follow your life as it is but with Sahajayoga.  The awakened kundalini, within you,would guide you on the path of life.  She knows your past, your presence and hence can properly guide you for your future.  
So let us all make our life more vibrant, colorful, resourceful and full of love and compassion.
Let Mataji Nirmala Devi  Bless us All.
Jai Shri Mataji.
kind courtesy -

Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday, November 13, 2017

Benefits of Sahajayoga

Benefits  of Sahajayoga.

Sahajayoga  is well established form of yoga meditation.  The founder of Sahajayoga – Adishakti Mataji Nirmala Devi  has made available a very simple technique of mediatation for the overall growth of the human beings.  It is really very easy to understand and follow every day.

All the desires of seekers from yoga i.e. mental , physical, material, emotional and spiritual are attained with the help of sahajayoga.  The only condition is that one must follow it regularly, almost every day twice a day-  It requires hardly ten to twenty minutes every day.  We waste so much of time every day in gossiping, or discussing unwanted, unrelated issues etc.  So it is better to practice sahajayoga every day – in the morning and evening and spend 10 minutes every day for our own development.

It helps us develop our creativity and  secure more energy .  It helps us balance our feelings and overcome stress and strain, which has become very common in today’s life.  Contended and peaceful life can be achieved through sahajayoga practices.  It has been very successfully used in combating the bad habits of alcoholism, smoking and even drug addiction all over the world.   There are also instances of cure of patients suffering from paralysis, epilepsy, cancer and asthama.    

It is based on vibratory awareness.  The seeker once getting established with  Adishakti  Mataji Nirmala Devi  through self realisation , and practicing it daily reaps benefits  in multiple ways.   The self realisation leads to activisation of self consciousness, getting connected  with supreme divine power called by different names in different religions.  After long practice the person starts getting signals from within his mind, it makes one follow the path of reality, truth, non violence and contentment without lust or greed for power, money, and all worldly  things one loves to acquire and increase its possession.  

It is open to all, people from all communities, religions, walks of life, rich or poor ,belonging to any caste and creed.   Sahaja yoga does not involves any rituals, fasts or physical deprivations.   Every one can continue it with his present job, business, time table and without any specific tools or instruments to use.  The only thing required is the “inner desire “ for self realisation and self development. 

Mataji Nirmaladevi through numerous centres spread all over the world help the human beings to make real self realisation and personal development in every aspect of the life.
Jay Shri Mataji.  I am sure the seeker of this yoga meditation technique would get everything he desired with the blessings of Mother of this Universer- Mataji Nirmala Devi.
Jai Shri Mataji.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Devi Kavach

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- It is a kind of Mantra, names of godesses -taken one by one, each name associated with different form of godess and has different vibrations and values.  Chanting of these mantras creates a  " Kavach" m an armour around you, which protects from you from outside bad powers.   Regular chanting of devi kavacham provides the security , protection, peace of mind and prosperity to the seekar. 

For all the Sahajayogis- Mataji Nirmaladevi is our Godesses, She is Adishakti- incarnation of godesses of wealth- Laxmi , godess of Wisdom or gyan - Saraswati, and Godess who kills demons and protects the innocnet devotees - Mahakali.  Mataji takes care of every child in all these forms. 

Devi means Godess- Mataji Nirmaladevi is the Godess- Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali all in one. The divine mother protects each of her child.
Kavach means a sort of protection. As Helmet is the protection for head while driving something of that sort, or something of the sort of bullet proof jacket worn by you.
Devi kavach - means the protection offered by the Divine Mother herself. When you surrender to the God, then you are in the kingdom of God. In that situation God takes the care of you, protects you from all outside evil forces. So first basic requirement to get God's protection is to surrender completely. Surrending to Almighty is the best policy in life.

In Sahajayoga taking Bandhan is as good as availing benefit of Devi Kavach. Mataji has urged upon us all to take Bandhan all time, when you go out of home, when you are traveling, go for important work and such important things. It saves you from external evil  forces. Mataji takes care of you; you are safeguarded by the divine power of deity- Mahamaya, Adishakti- Mataji Nirmaladevi.
Personal Experience - I submit this personal experience of mine which happened just yesterday. I was out of my home to bring back my son from his friend’s residence. Before going out of home, my inner voice was asking me take bandhan . It had never happened before. I was wondering why i am getting these kinds of signals.

I decided to follow my inner voice. I acted as per advice of awakened Kundalini. I just sat in front of photograph of Mataji Nirmaladevi, prayed her for a while and took bandhan. I then chanted our regular three Mantras of Mataji Nirmaladevi.   I was assured in mind that my journey would now be safe. To tell you the fact- While returning home from the residence of my son's friend, on road there was heavy traffic, it was evening time, and suddenly some car came very fast from the back and almost dashed me in front of my scooter. My son was on back side of my two-wheeler. It was a sudden accident or attack on me from external forces, totally unknown to me. But I am happy to declared that with the grace, blessings, security offered by Bandhan, by the power of Devi- Adishakti-, Nirmaladevi I escaped unhurt. This has happened many years back and i had just noted it down.  Today i just remembered it, and felt it like sharing with all sahajayogis and all devotees of Ma Durga, whose blessings would always protect us . 

But for some time I had fear in my mind, my heart beat has risen etc. However Mataji has saved me and my son from a very grave situation. I acknowledge with thanks the power of Devi Kavach. The Power of Bandhans. The supporting and guiding and care-taking Mother of us all- Mataji Nirmaladevi. 

Jai Shri Mataji.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Remembering Mataji Nirmadevi - the Mother of this Universe on Mother's Day

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Mothers Day

Mother's Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the person, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in the months of March or May.

Every year, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother's Day across the world. All of us would agree that mothers deserve more than just a day dedicated to them. It is just impossible to count in any terms the sacrifice and love showered by her  on all her children.  To be a Mother is a very  demanding and crucial job and all mothers do it silently, calmly, giving their physical strength, stamina, wealth and well wishes all the time.  The task of motherhood does not end when the boy or girl  grows up.  It only changes the form as mothers are ready to shoulder many more responsibilities  as per demands of grown up children every now and then.

There is  one jewish proverb - "God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers" .
 It is absolutely true.  Mother is the God for the children in living form manifesting all the god’s qualities like Love, Affection, Sympathy, Care without expecting anything in return.  To guard the child, to protect and help them prosper, to teach them everything in life, to garner the bonds of love to make the world happy place to live in are some of the things which can be listed.  The list would be  unending as everybody would probably add many new things and experiences to it.

I take this opportunity to remember and recollect the love, affection, shelter, guidance provided by our Mother – Mataji Nirmaladevi for last so many years.  I feel fortunate to get Mataji Nirmaladevi as my Guru.  Only few gets the deity – the Adi Shakti as their own guru. I pray Mother to be my guiding guru not only in this life but all lives in future.

On this Day let me make special Pranam  to our holy mother – Mataji Nirmaladevi.  She is the Mother of this Universe.  She is Adi Shakti , who has been given all sorts of powers by Lord Shiva.  She takes care of every child of her kingdom, who has become Sahajayogi and truly follow the path expected by her.  She guides , protects, takes responsibilities for their betterment.  She relieves every devotee being her child from all sorts of ailments- physical, mental or of any kind.  She through her vibrations energises the body and spirit of every devotee. She has always proclaimed that – she would stood by every member of her family of the world-i.e . her devotees, as long as they are on the righteous path.  No demon, no enemy, no ghost, no evil power can make harm to Mataji’s devotees, as her power is always within them protecting from every such bad thing. 

Mataji Nirmaladevi  does everything for her siblings for what –at no cost, completely free of charge.  Nothing in form of money, gold, silver or anything is demanded or expected.  Mother expects only true love, real desire to get oneself above this business minded world.  She is ready to empower you with all her powers by raising your Kundalini, which is living in your body.  Real knowledge of self and self growth is possible through  raising of Kundalini.  You can know what is right and what is wrong.  You know which path to follow.  You know how to give up all bad habits, if one has, step by step.   Mataji knows you , your past, your presence and your future too. So our Mother – Nirmaladevi guides up in every sphere of life. Just get connected to her and experience the reality, unknown to you till date.

Why waste time ???  Just  make a visit to any nearby Sahajayoga Centre and get your self enlightened in true sense.
As we all sing a song at every Poona – let me say “ Binati Suniye Adi Shakti Meri, Poojan ka Adhikar Dijiye”

I pray holy Mother please forgive us and give us opportunity to offer flowers at your lotus feets.