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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Marriages arranged in Sahajayoga

Marriage is an exciting, important,life-changing event in the life of the concerned person. It is a relationship, bond of love,sacrifice,togetherness,mutual faith and respect between husband and wife. The success of marriages has great implications on life- like peace of mind, companionship, upbringing of children, family culture and so many other related things.

The world today is witnessing the breaking of marriages- very bad and sad thing. The reasons may be many - but basically ego problem, economic crisis, addiction to alcohol, extra marital relationship and so many such other things. Increasing rate of divorces is a alarming signal for the society.

The people practicing sahajayoga have unique opportunity to select life partner,compatible to their own personality. Many of the young sahajayogis ,mostly from western countries, asked help of Mataji Nirmaladevi to find out appropriate life partner, so as to lead peaceful, satisfied,cultured life after marriage. Mataji, being the loving and caring mother of us all, acceeded to the requests and provided platform for selection of right kind of life partner.

Various sahajayoga international seminars provides opportunity to those who desire to select life partner through this process. Mataji Nirmaladevi herself decides the partners based on the knowledge of their personal vibrations, checking subtle systems of the persons. The Adishakti, Adimaya can never fail in making right decision in this regard.

However, there is no compulsion for accepting that decision. People are free to decide their own way. If they agree, they can move forward. and getting further knowing each others over a period can proceed further to get married. Very few young men and women are lucky to get themself belessed by Mataji Nirmaladevi herself. Marriages are arranged in Sahajayoga traditions, bride and groom take vow to follow sahajayoga and accept and respect each other maintaining the sanctity of marriage. The great news is that the rate of divorce in such kind of marriages is very low.

I personally feel that by making prayer to Mataji and using the power of vibrations one can come to the right conclusion of selection of life partner. It further needs to be further examined in details with personal dialogue,meetings, enquiries , references etc. and then decision may be taken about fixing marriages.

May all be blessed by Mataji Nirmaladevi in their life for most successful marriages.

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