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Friday, October 22, 2010

Inner Search

In life we do many things, read many books, analyse many events, visit many places in search of peace, tranquility, peace of mind, wealth, balance of mind and so many things. We attempt at so many things - but if you notice it, realise it, analyse it, think over it- you will come to conclusion that all our efforts are directed outward, it is outward journey, which never ends and never gives you full satisfaction, full knowledge, full wisdom. So you do not feel complete, some emply pockets still remain.

If try to make journey in opposite direction, i.e . within yourself, inner journey- perhaps all your problems will be solved . Remedy for everthing remain within you. The divine power within you is ready to guide you, to support you, to awaken you, to impart you to everything you desire. Mother Kundalini is there to shower everything on you as the loving mother of every child.

So by learning Sahajayoga- the inward journey starts, which makes a great difference. Self realisation, awakening of kundalini, and empowerment by divind force can bring about total transformation within you.

I have come across an interesting poem written by some sufi saint, which is reproduced below-
Kindly ponder over it .

Look into Yourself
You have learned so much
And read a thousand books
Have you ever read your self ?

You have gone to mosque and temple
Have you ever visited your soul?

You are busy fighting Satan
Have you ever fought your ill intentions ?

You have reached into the skies
But you have failed to reach what is in your heart.

So May God Bless you on your inner journey.
Jai Shri Mataji.