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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cancer causes

Mataji Nirmaladevi with her blessings and technique of Sahajayoga is curing hundreds and thousands of patients all over the world suffering from various diseases. Many of them come to her as a last resort, when every other method of cure has failed. Many a times people are unaware of Mataji, or have too much belief in the Science and Doctors- which fails number of times in the process of time. They they start search for something else to cure them.

My personal experience and belief is that the Divine Power of Mataji Nirmaladevi, the Adishakti on this planet helps you to overcome any kind of disease - even the cancer. You need to keep faith in her, follow the principles of sahajayoga, do daily meditation and situation can improve a lot. All needs to be done at the most earliest stage, if one wants to survive everything.

following is the extract of few lectures given by Mataji Nirmaladevi on various occasions.


Some Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

For cancer best treatment is of water, ie. putting feet in the river, sea or in the water at home with the photograph. Water has the dharma of cleansing and hence Shri Vishnu and Dattatraya responsible for the dharma of human beings are to be worshipped. They help you to cure also the local deity of the chakra that is attacked. Put the patient before the photograph with the candle and his feet in the water, bring down your hands across the sympathetic nervous system towards the water. The patient will cool down gradually. If he gets realization, then he is cured.
(undated letter [1970s] to Dr.Raul in Nirmala Yoga no.8)

You will be surprised, all those patients of deadly diseases, like cancer, etc, whom I have cured, all of them without exception were the victims of fake gurus and tantrikas. I have not seen any cancer patient who was not connected with a false guru. That’s why it is said that doctors cannot cure cancer.
(lecture in Hindi, Delhi, 18/8/79, English translation in Nirmala Yoga no.17)

You can’t hear the Vani in your stomach, but say you get some troubles, specially Cancer or any such diseases, you get a problem. Then it starts showing. There’s a problem. That causes spandan, throbbing, is vibrations that you get, is the effect of that Paravani, which shows you that there is some trouble. That trouble you can see, then it starts throbbing.
(Talk on 8th Day (Ashtmi) of Navaratri 1988)

There are two sides of life, left side and right side, when they meet (when one side is overactive), you get the ‘psychosomatic diseases’. If the Kundalini rises what happens is that it nourishes those centres. But suppose you are using right side too much, left side breaks up. Then what happens is that your connection with the main is lost. You are on your own and Cancer starts. Can be cured not at a galloping stage but at an early stage. We have also tried some galloping stage patients.
(Talk to doctors in New Delhi, 6/4/1997. Transcript in New Delhi Medicos 13(4-5):32-34)

The spleen produces red blood corpuscles for all emergencies. Modern life is always an emergency. Constant shocks to the spleen make it crazy and vulnerable to cancer. At such a moment of vulnerability if something triggers from the left side then blood cancer accrues.
(Address to Medical Conference, Moscow, June 1990)

The sense of chastity in the Indian women is so great that nothing can deter them as long as they are chaste. But if they are not chaste, then fear settles in them 'very' fast. Chastity is the strength of women. And that is why, those women who have fear, mostly, have a problem of their chastity being challenged. A woman who is frightened that her chastity may be disturbed, also can develop a problem with the heart chakra. Such women can develop breast cancer, breathing troubles, and other kind of frightening diseases on the emotional level also.
(Talk on the Heart Chakra, Delhi, 1/2/83)

If you smoke too much then this Vishnumaya gets very angry. She, she is the one who then causes cancer. She can spoil you throat. I mean all kinds of ear, nose, throat problems can come in with the smoking because she doesn’t like that smoke. ... With that if you smoke, smoking, you can become also very much vulnerable to cancer of the throat.
(Shri Vishnumaya Puja, New York, 19/7/92)

Another thing which people do not know is the mantras. ... Now she [Shri Vishnumaya] is the Mantrika, she is the one who gives the power to the mantra. Now if you are not connected to this divine power then there’s a short circuit takes place, and if you go on saying this mantra you develop all the troubles of
the throat, throat cancer. You can develop also in the stomach problems, because it is Krishna and Vishnu are the same; you might develop also the problem of Virata.
(Shri Vishnumaya Puja, New York, 19/7/92)

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Advice for pregnant women

Mataji Nirmaladevi takes care of everybody and anybody, who has accepted her , has faith in her and the divine power,which she bestows upon us. Naturally during her lectures Mataji gives number of important tips in life to follow. In one of her lecture she has given a very important advice for pregnant women to follow.

Following is the extract of the speech of Mataji in this regard.

Advice on (not) watching the Eclipse

Advice given by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

"A pregnant woman should never see the eclipse of the sun or the moon, because if they see the sun eclipse, they’ll have physical problems. The children will be born with hands like this, feet like that. And if they see the lunar eclipse, the moon’s eclipse, then they will have mental problems."
(Talk at Le Raincy, France, 17/8/87)

"The handicapped children are mostly created because the mothers do not know what is to be done during pregnancy. Say, if you see an eclipse during pregnancy you will get a handicapped child. If you see a setting sun during pregnancy for long period of times, then you will get children whose eyes that are very weak. ..."
(Public Program, Rome, Italy, 29/4/82)

"Now one has to realize that you have to become subtler. Then again the question, “How to become?” How to become subtler is the problem. For example, today, there was a question of having a puja in the morning time – today. They said that there is a Suryagrahana, means the eclipse of the sun and if today is such a great date, that if you do the worship or the puja you get blessings of thousands of such pujas on an eclipse day of the sun. Now, if you look at it, it looks very fine, good, yes it’s true, it is written in the astrological survey and all that - is a very great thing, and we start following it. You being Sahaja yogis, you must attack it from a subtler point. That is how your wisdom will also become subtler; your attitude also will become subtler. To attack such a question from subtle point of view, we have to first of all know that we are Sahaja yogis. No technique is needed, just see your vibrations on this question, to begin with - it’s very simple. Subtler things are the simpler things; gross things are complicated - it is very simple, very simple equation. Simple thing is to feel the vibrations on this point – whether today’s puja, is it really worth something or not. You’ll be amazed that your right side will become hot on this point."
(Talk: 'Open your Heart', Lonavala, India, 25/1/82)

"You saw the eclipse? No. That’s good. The moon was under eclipse, you see, when we were coming. And I gave, was giving it a bandhan. When the eclipse was over then only we reached here. Thank God. And you didn’t see it. I’m very happy."
(Talk at Ram Das Temple, Satara, India, 30/12/82)

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Peace,Love, Joy,Confidence,Awareness by Sahajayoga

Sahajayoga is a different kind of yoga, wherein you really get connected to the divine power, with the blessings of Mataji Nirmaladevi. It awakens your Kundalini, which lights you from within. When it happens your life also gets transformed slowly and steadily. You just need to learn and practice it.

Today thousands of people all over the world are getting involved in sahajayoga and making their own development. They get everything which they are searching for years together- It is just life one stop shopping- where you get anything and everything of best quality at no cost.

Kindly have a look at the personal experience of one of the Sahajayogi, expressed in his own site.

Inner Peace.and Love. Sahaja Yoga has given me such an incredible sense of
inner peace. It has helped me in finding inner peace. It has also given me an
incredible sense of love for everything and everyone. Prior to my self realization,
strangers were simply strangers to me. Now I feel love for actual strangers - they're
like brothers and sisters to me. This love comes from the inside (one of the beautiful
things which happens when you start to clear your heart chakra and it becomes
enlightened). I never thought this could be possible but it is.

Awareness. Sahaja Yoga has given me such an incredible sense of awareness.
I've become aware of so many things. Prior to my self realization, I use to drink
alcohol and swear quite a bit. Right after my self realization I completely stopped
drinking and swearing. I realized it was wrong and I had no desire to drink or swear
whatsoever. This awareness all came from the inside and it improved over time
through meditation.

I've also become more forgiving, compassionate and humble. Prior to Sahaja Yoga
meditation I used to be quite attached to material possessions and money. I still am
a little bit but not like before - I've become aware of how meaningless these things
are. The thing is you don't realize how meaningless these things are until after you
get your self realization and start meditating.

Energy. Sahaja Yoga mediation has given me a great deal more energy. Prior to
my self realization I would describe my energy levels as poor. I was always a laid
back and mellow person. I'm still a laid back person but have a great deal more
energy. How does a person get more energy through meditation? What happens
after you get your self realization is that when you meditate the kundalini rises. The
kundalini energy clears the blockages you have in your chakras. Chakras are
energy centres which spin in a clockwise rotation. The cleaner your chakras, the
faster they will spin and the more energy your chakras will provide to your body and
I feel much more energetic today. I also have much better mental clarity. I can
remember things better and perform mental tasks much better.

Finding Joy. Sahaja Yoga has given me a great deal of joy. This joy comes from
the inside out of nothing - for no reason whatsoever. It's difficult to describe these
experiences but I'll attempt to. It's a pure bliss and so beautiful that its difficult to
describe in words. It's a high - you're just so full of joy and energy it's incredible.
I'm a much happier person today - life becomes
better - joyous, something to look forward to every single day.

Confidence. Sahaja Yoga has given me a great deal more confidence. Prior to my
self-realization I would describe myself as introverted and somewhat shy. Nothing
extreme but definately on the introverted side. One particular area I always had
trouble with was public speaking. I always had a great fear of public speaking and
would try to avoid these situations at all costs.

In university I used to avoid presentation and give that kind of course.Any time it was a mandatory course I would get extremely nervous before and during the presentation. In order to help me get
through these presentations I would drink alcohol prior to the presentation. I would
usually drink about a half litre of wine about an hour prior to my presentation. This
was just enough to give me the confidence I needed as well as not too much so
nobody would notice I had been drinking. After my self-realization I began to
develop confidence and security - this is one of the beautiful things which happens
to you once you begin to clear your heart chakra and it becomes enlightened - you
become confident and fearless. Alcohol is never a part of my life now and when I do
presentations now I am completely confident.

The beauty of Sahaja Yoga meditation is you change from the inside. You don't
need blind faith. Everything you learn in Sahaja Yoga you will experience. You will
experience the truth

I often say to myself that my life has become a miracle. It's not a miracle - this is
available and possible for everyone. I'm just a regular guy who's made a lot of
mistakes and errors in my life. I view my life now in two stages - my life prior to
Sahaja Yoga - regular, completely unaware - and my life after Sahaja Yoga - full of
peace, awareness, love and JOY - my second birth - my enlightenment! Thank You
Shri Mataji!

Jai Shri Mataji.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Eyes and cure

In Sahajayoga you can find cure for any kind of physical or mental disease. Any ailment is the result of some kind of imblance within our body, it is because of catching of some chakra in our body. Mataji Nirmaladevi has explained almost every disease, its causes and its cure in Sahajayoga. It is all free and happens with the blessings of Adishakti Mataji Nirmaladevi.

Following are the extracts of advice given by Mataji on eyes, eye care and cure through Sahajayoga-

Wobbling eyes is the result of wobbling Agnychakra. It can be corrected by seeing green grass. When you see it , it is almost your eyes walks on that green grass, which is soothing.

Eye problems are created due to spoiling of Agny chakra. It happens when the sahajayhogi follows some other wrong guru, bows before him or her, or touch their heads at wrong place. Such wrong practices are related to eye problems. Avoid them and take care of your eyes.

If you are unholy, your eyes get weakened.

If the Agny chakra is spoiled at the back, then person gets blindness with open eyes. In India many people have got it. Another cause of it is Diabetes, which is due to Swadhishtan chakra going out of control. You can correct Swadhisthan chakra to cure your diabetes and thereby reducing blindness resulting therefrom.

For cleaning eyes properly you need to apply kajalin eyes. It should be made at home , by burning camphor and collecting its soot on a silver plates. silver plate has a cooling effect. Then mix it with pure gheee, then let it be purified by water and then use it daily. It will solve many of your eye problems.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lord Shiva protects realised souls at every point

Due to blessings and guidance of Mataji Nirmaladevi Sahajayogis gets awakening of kundalini. He becomes a realised soul. When realisation comes,naturally the responsibilies of that person increases. He has got the divine torch to see everything, and so is expected to give up all wrong and dirt things. He should try in attain purity in all respect.

Mataji say Lord Shiva is Rudra, and still his power of forgiveness is showered on us as human beings. He protects us, supports us inspite of our wrong deeds, because we are human beings.Human being commits all sorts of improper things and still Lord Shiva or Sadahiva forgives us.

However Lord Shiv cannot accept the same wrong things committed again and agin by realised souls. Realised souls have to lead a balanced mind, overcome all sorts of misdeeds, and stop thinking that now also Lord Shiva will protect us. No. it is not so, realised soul is expected to behave as a reslised soul,otherwise what is the use of realisation.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sahajayoga changing life of thousands of addicted people

Sahajayoga is highly dependable, easy to follow, free meditation technique, wherein with the blessings of Mataji Nirmaladevi, total transformation takes place in the person who becomes sahajayogi. It happens naturally and hence permanent. All kinds of wrong practices or habits can be given up.

There are thousands of people - fully addicted to drugs, smoking, drinking, whose life was completely ruined, have now got the real meaning of life and made dramatical change in their life style. It is all with the divine power of Mataji Nirmaladevi.

Kindly read one such experience of one lady who gave up drinking habit naturally.

My Experience In Sahaja Yoga

Olga Dementieva

Vilvoorde, Belgium

The way my life has changed

Hello, I’m Olga.I come from Tambov, Russia,though I live in Belgium now with my husbund Stefan and our four children.

I was still in Russia, when I came across Sahaja Yoga. Me and my mother went to spend a holiday in a beautiful resort city in the Nothern Caucases, Piatigorsk. My mother, who had been practising Sahaja Yoga for one year than, suggested to go once to a programme of Sahaja Yoga, that took place in the neighbouring city Jzelieznovodsk. That was the place where she had learnt about Sahaja Yoga one year before the event I’m writing about.As I was interested in all kinds of spiritual teachings, I agreed with pleasure.

So we went. Sergey, who was leading the programme, thought that my mother had already explained everything about Sahaja Yoga to me, so we had a meditation, and then we sang some bhajans – we did everything the way as if I was aware of what I was doing. But I just wasn’t! Sergey asked me at the end of the programme how I felt. I felt very good! My whole being was filled with joy and contentment.

Soon we had to leave for Tambov. There were no sahaja yogis in Tambov at that moment, except for my mother and my sister. They went on practicing Sahaja Yoga, while I completely let it out of my attention.

Once I went to see my friends at their place. Since they were having a drink,I was served a glass of an alcoholic drink I used to like. To my greatest surprise, this time I didn’t like neither the smell, nor the taste of the drink. More over, I was so disgusted, that I couldn’t finish the glass. That was the last time I’ve drunk alcohol. That happend in November 1994 ,more than seven years ago. At that moment I didn’t see the connection between my Selfrealization and being disgusted by alcohol. But little later I met many other sahaja yogis, who had similar experiences. It is known in Sahaja Yoga, that after one gets his Selfrealization, one’s destructive habits (drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc...) fall off.

That was just a small example of how much my life has changed for the better after I started practising Sahaja Yoga. The other positive changes are:

  1. My health has improved. Unpleasant chronical diseases,like cistites,disappeared. More over, I’ve learnt to work on my subtle centres in such a way, that deseases don’t get much chance to appear
  2. I don’t have to look for the cause of what happens to me in the outside world, but rather try and introspect myself.I’m not reluctant to admit my mistakes,but try to correct them
  3. Many destructive qualities, like anger, letargy, lack of selfesteem, deminished
  4. My attention has become sharper, thahks to which my ability to learn improved
  5. I’ve learnt to controll myself in all kinds of stressfull situations
  6. Sahaja Yoga meditations brought a new dimention into my life, which is hard to express with words, but which I wish to everyone of you to experience

Monday, November 15, 2010

Choose your food

Mataji Nirmaladevi had time and again explained the importance of balanced diet One can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, it does not matter. Person needs to maintain balance of both types of food. Nothing is bad or nothing is wrong. So just do not be under impression that only vegetarians are good and non-vegetarians are bad or something of that sort. It is a matter of carbohydrates or proteins. Mataji has advised that western people should increase vegetable food and indians should increase non-veg. Excess of anything is bad for body.

Mataji has several times said that food is not that much important thing. She even had claimed that fasting does not necessary make you worthy person, or takes you near the god or something of that sort, as is believed by many people . There is no need to deprive body of its food. It is essential.

Food has relevance in life and must be taken with that spirit. Food should satisfy your hunger, thirst, your physical and mental needs. It has the important function to perform for you. It is the source of energy and so we must have it. Balanced diet is the best form of diet.

Right kind of food, sufficient and required quantity of food will nourish you properly as a balanced person.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hold your Tongue

When a person learn sahajayoga, due to awakening of the Kundalini, self realisation he then becomes a balacned person in all respect. Balanced in thoughts, balanced in action, balanced in each and every action and reaction of us.

Different organs in our body have different functions, and each one is important. We know its importance only when some problem arises with that organ and its functioning. Tongue is very important organ and deciding factor in respect of many things. In one of her lectures in Delhi, Mataji Nirmaladevi has expressed its importance and how controlling the tongue can help in different ways. Tongue helps to choose ,select and control diet. It also help to have balanced talk due to control of tongue. Loose tongue creates numerous problems - all excessive misuse of it is harmful- a very talkative person, a person talking without thinking of it consequences, talking resulting into insulting, irritating, abusive kind of talk- which is all harmful. Further no control on tongue results in improper intake of food, its type, quantity, quality etc. altimately causing harm to our body.

It is therefore essential to control our tongue, to hold our tongue. It will help you to lead balanced and ideal life.

Extracts from the lecture of Mataji Nirmaladevi on controlling tongue -

Having a good tongue

I have told you that for a Sahaja Yogi the whole thing should be decided by the witnessing power. Now the witnessing power is silent, it doesn’t talk, if you are a very talkative person then it’s not going to help you much. You have to come in balance. For the first time in this incarnation I have started talking and I get so troubled because I’m not used to this kind of talking. So for you people, it is necessary that you should not talk unless and until you feel like talking. And very few sentences, conclusive. As I told you before, the tongue is the master of all the organs of distraction. If you could master your tongue, you are master of all of them, in a way. Because everything has to be palatable .... The tongue decides about it all. If you want to eat some food, if it is not palatable then you don’t want to eat that food. It has to be palatable. Then a thought also, a thought has to be palatable. If it is not palatable, you are not going to have it. So the deciding factor is the tongue, the roots of the tongue goes up to the Vishuddhi chakra, which controls your ego and superego, or you can say that the tongue is reflected in superego and ego in a way.
Through your tongue, when you speak, one can make out whether you are in the realm of the ego or superego. She expresses, she decides. But if you understand her, then you know how to handle her. She’s your friend and Saraswati herself resides in your tongue. If you know how to handle your tongue then Sahaja Yoga can rise really higher. Because when others meet you, as Sahaja Yogis, they also see how the way you talk, the way you eat, the way that things are palatable to you. It is the tongue that decides.

If you are really very much evolved, you’ll be amazed that if you eat some food that, immediately the tongue will throw it out. It won’t have it, if it is something wrong. If some prasad, so called, is given to you, which is given by some wrong kind of man, immediately your tongue will throw it out. It won’t be able to take it in. And even if you take some of the food down in the stomach, still the tongue will inform the brain that throw it out, and the brain will inform the stomach that throw it out. It will be unpalatable. So the action of Vishnu in the stomach up to the action of Shri Krishna, who is the same personality, is all just by your tongue.

You must know how pure, holy, your tongue should be. That when you take the name of your Mother with this tongue, you must know it has to be the holiest of holiest. It is very important how you use your tongue. Those who talk very bluntly are just the same as those who talk very sweetly, to get something out of you is the intention. As I have told you, it controls the ego and superego. Even if Sahaja Yogis understand that the witness is also here, at the Vishuddhi chakra. So your witnessing powers will increase and decrease according to your tongue.

Of course it controls sixteen sub-plexus. It also controls the muscles of the eyes. It controls all these muscles, it controls the palate, it controls the teeth. It controls the ears. But here, you hear something you cannot control it. Tongue you can, because that is the thing which releases, which goes out. With the ear you cannot give anything to others. That is just one way. This is double way thing, you can take in something and also can throw out. It has a double purpose, it is a very important organ. And that’s why we have to look after our tongue.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from a talk to the Sahaja yogis, Delhi, 1976 (1976-0402)

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Friday, November 12, 2010

Enjoy peace and happiness- Swadhisthan chakra

Every human being desires to be happy, contended and enjoy the life in that manner. But is it possible? Yes . Why not? It all depends upon you. Whether you really want to enjoy peaceful life or not. You can enjoy it by making some changes in your life style, in your habits, by changing your thinking process.

There are seven chakra in our body. The second one called - Swadhishtan chakra is very important in Kaliyuga. It all affects our thinking process, or wishes, our ambitions, our plans and our getting involved in the race of life and running at fast pace without paying attention to its consequences. Initially in the process our body and mind may respond well and may also be capable of adjusting with the speed, but when you cross the limit, then it cracks , and some symptoms, syndroms associated with it reflect in some form of diseases, ailment in you. So you have to watch carefully why and how much we running, what is our aim, how long we have to go, whether we want to enjoy life and peace or not and all such things.

In one lecture on the occasion of Navaratri Puja i at Sydney in October 2007 Mataji had given very useful advice to all of us in this regard. Following is the extract of her speech on the occasion.

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Navaratri 2007 - Second Night

Very nice to see you all so happy here. Today is the second day and is a very important day from the point of evolution. As you know that our second chakra is very important. That's why today is very important. So what is the second chakra? Do you know which one is the second chakra?

Ah? What did they say? You must tell loudly. Swadisthan is the chakra, is very important because in this Kali Yuga, Swadisthana works the most. We have so many agents to make it work and work very hard. You know what is in second chakra. In the second chakra what happens that we are caught up by our ambition and the ambition makes you run up and down, and I've seen many Sahaja Yogis also getting lost, so it's a very important day for all of you.

So second chakra is important because in modern times it is very, very cosmic as well as active. We become very active, over active, and we start thinking about everyone with whom we are not concerned and bothering our heads. So today's chakra is important because it bothers your head, it troubles you a lot and you start thinking about them. You start thinking what have you said, what has happened, who is angry, all sorts of nonsense. You are all Sahaja yogis, so you shouldn't worry as to all these people, what they say, what they are doing. You should just enjoy yourself. Second chakra you must enjoy. That's the best way to enjoy Sahaja Yoga. Where your Swadisthana is satisfied nothing can destroy you or disturb you. At Swadisthana you can really look after; Swadisthan Chakra is so much good for you because now you are Sahaja Yogis and you can master it. That is one chakra which upsets, especially in the West people think too much, all the time thinking, thinking, thinking. That's from Swadisthan, you get that problem from Swadisthan.

To satisfy Swadisthan, you have to take to silence. You have to take to quietude and look at yourself. What is bothering you, what is troubling you, what gives you ideas and thoughts is Swadisthan. And some people think so much. There may not be any problem, but they create their own problem with the Swadisthana and just go on bothering about the stuff.

Swadisthan is very happy when you are just laughing and enjoying and not bothered about nonsense. How much time we waste on nonsense! We don't need it, Sahaja Yogis don't need it. It's only those who are not yet realized must be suffering. They do suffer and they might even trouble you, but just laugh at it and you must pardon them, forgive them, because they are doing this because they can't help it. You see, this Swadisthan Chakra is bothering them so they can't help it. ...

So now, don't allow your mind to bother about whatever nonsensical thoughts are coming - all kinds of, all kinds of nonsensical thoughts. You have nothing to do with them, but the thoughts are coming Now, this is the work of Mister Swadisthan. He's trying to distract you, you must get into silence. Once you get into silence, then he will go away and don't bother you.

My all attention is on your country because you're very good Sahaja Yogis. We have had Sahaja Yogis all over the world, you know in thousands they are, but nothing like Australian, I see. Because they are somehow or other very deeply touched and bothered about the world problems. So what you have to think now: not to have anything to do with Swadisthan, but what you have to become is you are Sahaja Yogis and no Swadisthan should bother you.

So there was ...I never knew that you were all here, now only they told me that you were all here. They said, "Only a few people are there." I said, "All right." Ah? How many? You have counted them?

Now, very sweet, Australia is really great to have beautiful children like this. And people care for children. That is first thing you must do is to care for your children. That is fighting your Swadisthan. Anything bothers you, you worry about you own children, finished. You have to bother about them and everything will work out. ...

You are definitely blessed because you are not falling to the whims of your Swadisthan. Definitely, and that is the chakra of your country also. So it makes you run up and down and think and think and think. Specially all the Sahaja Yogis have this problem. So you should just think that you are sitting on Swadisthan and you have to ride it, not to be ridden by it. All right?

I'm so proud of you people from this country have shown path to the rest of the world how can you be united and to be one. It's rather very surprising. In other countries the problem is different. Your country is the problem of Swadisthana as I said today, but you people have conquered it. When I came first year I found everybody's head moving with the Swadisthana. Then they became silent and very peaceful and now I see you all and I'm very happy because that's gone now, all that nonsense is finished. And there is nothing bothers you.

The root of all diseases is Swadisthan, it comes from there. So you should know not to play into hands of Swadisthan and go into thinking, thinking, thinking. They go on thinking, I mean something that doesn't exist, they go on thinking. So any such thought comes in you said, "We don't want to think," finished. I'm there to think for you, you don't think. If you have any problem, you let Me know, but you don't think. What you can do, you can write it down and send the problems to Me and I would like to see it. All right?

And then Swadisthana is chakra of your country, that is the second chakra and is here. And you'll be amazed to know that Sahaja Yogis there are from every country, but Australian ones are something special. They have very great faith in themselves. They do not go to wrong ideas. I've seen that, and I am very much thankful to you for that. ...

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Overcome drug addiction

In reality any kind of addiction is worst and so drug addiction. People loose all control, everything they have, they are separated from their families , society and what not. Even though highy educated, scholars, intelligents sometime become victim of drugs.

Can it be stopped. Can they be improved. They are horrible people, can they be brought back to normal life - The anwer is Yes. How can it happen? With the Sahajayoga. But how? With self enlightment.

Sahajayoga provides key to self knowledge, development from within, awakening of Kundalini, lighting the flame within which show you what is right and wrong and when you realise it, you give up wrong things. The root lies in self realisation - it can free you from any kind of addiction, bad habits, vulgar nature, anything which is considered socially condemnable.

Kindly read with interest- the extracts of lecture given by Mataji Nirmaladevi at Vancouver,Canada in l990.

Question: You talk about our habits and weakness and how to overcome that. Can You talk a little bit more about it?

Shri Mataji: See, we are weak because we are ignorant first of all. As I told you, we are holding the snake and there’s darkness and in that darkness we don’t see that this is going to bite us. But, when you become enlightened, you become a very powerful, dynamic person, absolutely. And you separate yourself from your habits. You see it very clearly. Then you don’t talk that “I have this habit or that habit.” You don’t say like that.

Like a person would come and say, “Mother, you know, my Agnya is catching; this chakra is catching. That means I have too much ego.”

But they don’t say, “I have ego.” I mean if you tell somebody, “You have ego,” they’ll hit you hard, isn’t it? But if a person gets it, he feels it. And he says, “Mother, I have too much problem with the Agnya Chakra so please clear it up.”

So, if you have any habits – say supposing there are people who used to take drugs. In the beginning I had horrible people in England, about seven of them, all drug addicts and things. Of course, very well-educated, professors and things, but all drug addicts, hippies and violent people, really. When they came to Me, it was not easy to handle them. But they are today the foundation of Sahaja Yoga. Wonderful people they are. Now what happened, they said, “We want to get rid of it but we can’t. We just can’t help it.”

But you will be amazed, overnight they gave up, overnight. Just it happens because you see the light and you throw the snake, just happens. You don’t have to think about it, just happens. I never tell them these Ten Commandments – don’t do this, don’t do that. Don’t tell them. Just it works from within. Why should I tell them? Why should I give them a lecture? There’s no need. They themselves become their own master and the mastery is that the master cures and gives you powers. You develop that dignity; it’s remarkable what happens. To Me, it’s not a surprise because I know what you are. You are so glorious.

It’s like you take a small little, say a television to a remote corner of India and in some village and show them and say that “Here is a place, this box will show you all the kinds of music and all kinds of dramas and this.”

They say, “What? This box? How is it going to work out?”

And, you put it to the mains and it starts working and they say, “It’s fantastic.”

It’s like that. We are fantastic, we are glorious but we have yet to be connected, that’s all. It just happens, you don’t have to force yourself, you don’t have to do anything. It just works. The inner force works it out.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Devi Kavach

Devi means Godess- Mataji Nirmaladevi is the Godess- Mahalaxmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali all in one. The divine mother protects each of her child.

Kavach means a sort of protection. As Helmet is the protection for head while driving something of that sort, or something of the sort of bullet proof jacket worn by you.

Devi kavach - means the protection offered by the Divine Mother herself. When you surrender to the God, then you are in the kingdom of God. In that situation God takes care of you, protects you from all outside evil forces. So first basic requirement to get God's protection is to surrender completely. Surrending to Almighty is the best policy in life.

In Sahajayoga taking Bandhan is as good as availing benefit of Devi Kavach. Mataji has urged upon us all to take Bandhan all time, when you go out of home, when you are traveling, go for important work and such important things. It saves you from external forces. Mataji takes care of you; you are safeguarded by the divine power of deity- Mahamaya, Adishakti- Mataji Nirmaladevi.

Personal Experience - I submit this personal experience of mine which happened just yesterday. I was out of my home to bring back my son from his friend’s residence. Before going out of home, my inner voice was asking me take bandhan . It had never happened before. I was wondering why i am getting these kinds of signals.

I decided to follow my inner voice. I acted as per advice of awakened Kundalini. I just sat in front of photograph of Mataji Nirmaladevi, prayed her for a while and took bandhan. I was assured in mind that my journey would now be safe. To tell you the fact- While returning home from the residence of my son's friend, on road there was heavy traffic, it was evening time, and suddenly some car came very fast from the back and almost dashed me in front of my scooter. My son was on back side of my two-wheeler. It was a sudden accident or attack on me from external forces, totally unknown to me. But I am happy to declare that with the grace, blessings, security offered by Bandhan, by the power of Devi- Adishakti-, Nirmaladevi I escaped unhurt.

But for some time I had fear in my mind, my heart beat has risen etc. However Mataji has saved me and my son from a very grave situation. I acknowledge with thanks the power of Devi Kavach. The Power of Bandhans. The supporting and guiding and care-taking Mother of us all- Mataji Nirmaladevi.

Jai Shri Mataji.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

relieve stress with Sahajayoga

Stress is the ailment of modern world. The life of even common man has undergone considerably change. Whether one likes or not, the changed circumstances around has direct,indirect impact on our personality, routine, life style and so many things. Today the life - each and every aspect has been grappled by competition, suspicion, financial uncertainty, cultural changes in society, and many things like these.

We naturally are bound to be under constant strain or stress under these circumstances. It starts even from early childhood- whether the child will get admission in best school, how would he fair in interview, how would he behave with others, will he be able to grasp and cope up with teaching etc. etc. So in short changing world has created new causes of tension, stress and strain.

After all what is Stress? It is a symptom, external indication that you are not o.k. You are suffering from fear, anxiety, curiosity etc. Try to find out why all this happens? The answer is very simple- We constantly try to relate ourself with either past or future, and both of these tendencies causes stress.

Past is gone, we have left it behind. We can hardly do anything about it at present moment. They why are we thinking about it, remembering all bad and good things, why remain in those historical events unnecessarily. It causes problems. Set aside the past, forget it completely. Never ponder over it or never try to relate it with present or future for drawing some conclusions,perhaps which may prove wrong in reality. If you want to relieve yourself from stress completely forget past.

Similarly the most common mistake we do in life is always thinking of future. Always planning somethings and getting disturbed when plans do not work accordingly. We must stop it. It is impossible to predict anything hundred percent correctly, because there is an very important element, i.e. Uncertainty. What role it will play, how much impact it will have, what factors will crop up at the eleventh hour- nobody knows. So I personally feel that the only certain thing in this world is Uncertainty . We have to fact it as it is when it occurs or presents itself in any form- thee is no excuse.

Then what is the key to stress- free life. Living in present. Enjoying the present. Concentrating on present- because it is going to build your future. It is the way to your future. If you do not just do anything in present and just think of future imagine what will happen. So do your work with sincerity in present, build yourself physically and mentally to withstand anything, have a positive attitude, never indulge in any wrong thing about which you will need to repent in future.

Sahajayoga Meditation is key to overcome stress, to remove stress, to lead peaceful life. How it happens ? It happens through Meditation . Sahajayoga Meditation is special technique, very easy to understand and follow. It is freely available all over the world through various centers and even various online sites and videos on You tube etc. Matajai Nirmaladevi, the living Godess, Adishakti, Adimaya has been extremely kind to the mankind to offer this technique of meditation. Practicing it result in balancing in your own body, various nadis and chakras which results in healthy body and mind. It does work of cleansing from within. It connects you to the Almighty, the divine power existing in you, of which you are unaware. When it happens there cannot be any problem for you, because the divine spirit winthin you is ready to guide you in every respect.

Then why not learn, know about Sahajayoga and practice it as early as possible.
Jai Shri Mataji.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Why allergies

Allergies are very common and highly troublesome . Any kind of disease in our body is the result of imbalance within us. Imbalance of right nabhi or left nabhi. Mataji Nirmaladevi has many times told that the allergies are caused due to over action or catching of person's left nabhi. It can be cured in Sahajayoga by meditation and cleansing process happening thereby within the body.
along with sahajayoga meditation one has also to control diet and lifestyle. One should not first take cold substance and then immediately hot content etc. e.g. person drinks cold water and then immediately drinks hot coffee. It is absolutely wrong- such habits leads to diseases like allergies.

For the information reproduced below are the extracts from the mataji's lectures and discussion with the yogis on allergies.

Q: I have had eczema for quite a long time. I’ve had it for quite a long time, [unclear] itching, almost drives a person to distraction, and it’s really hard to control.

Shri Mataji: I was telling you there is a liver problem. Are you going in for a liver treatment? And you should go on a diet. No fats, nothing, just a regular diet for liver and do that for a month. You see? Go for a liver treatment completely. [unclear] Now, liver diet is the best.

(1983-0319 Advice to Mothers, Sydney, Australia)

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Psoriasis is nothing else but the left side problem, is the lethargic liver and gives you allergies. For Psoriasis, left hand towards the photograph and right hand on the mother earth. Putting hot water bottle on the stomach or even giving bandhan to your liver with the light is all right.
You must see because Psoriasis, now people might think Psoriasis is active liver or inactive liver. You see it comes to that point. We have only two types, active or inactive. Now whether psoriasis is inactive or active we will know from one point that when the liver is inactive, you get the allergies and when it is active, you get other problems like nausea and also get biliousness. You don’t eat much, you thin down all these problems are there.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, reply to question, Rahuri, India, 13/1/86

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Question: Why does cow’s milk make allergies and eczema worse? “Cow’s milk. Left side. Cow’s milk always gives you the left side, because she is the Mother. And you should not have cow’s milk because it is the left side. Whether it is cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk, all will give you allergies, but if you have animals which are smaller than you, like if you can drink, like Mahatma Gandhi, goat’s milk, you might not have the problem.”
(Rahuri Q&A 13/1/1986)

“Most allergies are caused from cold to hot, ie. taking bath in cold water and then hot water. To take coffee and then immediately take cold water. This sudden change, the system cannot adjust to. In the left Nabhi area is the spleen. The spleen is a speedometer and also an adjuster. When it adjusts and it is not properly done due to sudden change, it causes problem. So it has to suddenly provide its energies to either increase or decrease the flow of the red blood corpuscles. That’s how the spleen goes crazy.”
(Shivaratri 1987)

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Marriages arranged in Sahajayoga

Marriage is an exciting, important,life-changing event in the life of the concerned person. It is a relationship, bond of love,sacrifice,togetherness,mutual faith and respect between husband and wife. The success of marriages has great implications on life- like peace of mind, companionship, upbringing of children, family culture and so many other related things.

The world today is witnessing the breaking of marriages- very bad and sad thing. The reasons may be many - but basically ego problem, economic crisis, addiction to alcohol, extra marital relationship and so many such other things. Increasing rate of divorces is a alarming signal for the society.

The people practicing sahajayoga have unique opportunity to select life partner,compatible to their own personality. Many of the young sahajayogis ,mostly from western countries, asked help of Mataji Nirmaladevi to find out appropriate life partner, so as to lead peaceful, satisfied,cultured life after marriage. Mataji, being the loving and caring mother of us all, acceeded to the requests and provided platform for selection of right kind of life partner.

Various sahajayoga international seminars provides opportunity to those who desire to select life partner through this process. Mataji Nirmaladevi herself decides the partners based on the knowledge of their personal vibrations, checking subtle systems of the persons. The Adishakti, Adimaya can never fail in making right decision in this regard.

However, there is no compulsion for accepting that decision. People are free to decide their own way. If they agree, they can move forward. and getting further knowing each others over a period can proceed further to get married. Very few young men and women are lucky to get themself belessed by Mataji Nirmaladevi herself. Marriages are arranged in Sahajayoga traditions, bride and groom take vow to follow sahajayoga and accept and respect each other maintaining the sanctity of marriage. The great news is that the rate of divorce in such kind of marriages is very low.

I personally feel that by making prayer to Mataji and using the power of vibrations one can come to the right conclusion of selection of life partner. It further needs to be further examined in details with personal dialogue,meetings, enquiries , references etc. and then decision may be taken about fixing marriages.

May all be blessed by Mataji Nirmaladevi in their life for most successful marriages.

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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Power of Love

Love is the great Divine Power. It exists and must exist within us. If we do not have it there is really something wrong you need to concentrate and rectify. When you get this super power of Diving Love- the life changes completely. Your approach, your attitude, your action, your reaction, your mental frame work - everything changes spontaneously. It happens from within, from inner power.

Kindly read and think over the meaningful quotes of Mataji on divine power of Love -

But the quality of human beings is only one – and that is how much they love and forgive.

2002 – December 17, Pune, India

If you have love, you can correct people without saying anything to them because love is a supreme intelligence.

2002 – March 23, Sahaja Yoga Advanced Program, Delhi, India

Sahaja Yoga is like a tree which requires love as the water.

2007 – June 24, Advanced Program, Cabella Italy

If love is killed, joy is lost. You cannot have joy without love.

1989 – May 6, Advanced Program, Sorento, Italy

You can do marvels and miracles if you have developed the understanding of love.

April 21, 2002 – Advanced Program, Instanbul, Turkey

We are all part and parcel of one country. And that country is of love.

2007 – June 24, Advanced Program, Cabella, Italy

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Meditation - When,how much and Why

Meditation is a very unique way to get self enlightenment. In Sahajayoga meditation, with the Blessings of Mataji Nirmaladevi, the kundalini of the person is awakened. After daily practice of meditation for few minutes one gets accustomed to it and the seeds soweds gets nourishing in self. In the natural process it starts evolving and developing further, bringing about balancing of nadis and chakras within our body. It establishes total mental and physical balance - therby reducing the chances of getting any kinds of sickness or ailments related to various imbalances in our body.

Sahajayoga Meditation is very easy to understand and follow. One can learn it from any center located all over the world. If it is not possible number of videos are available on net to know , understand and practice sahajayoga meditation. It is totally free all life.

Mataji is the God- therefore she does not charge you anything. She only gives. Only dedication, love, affection, faith, practicing sahajayoga in letter and spirit , is what is expected from us by Mataji.

How Much Should One Meditate?

"Eight minutes are sufficient. It’s the attitude that is going to help your growth, not you are sitting for eight hours on one leg or something like that. There are some sadhus who just stand up and put one leg like this and they say, “We are sitting on one leg”. That’s not going to help. It’s a living process, and the living process has to be worked out in a living way. Allow it to work out. Allow it to grow."

--1986-0906,Ganesha Puja, California-USA

It is better to find few minutes every day for our own growth, development, peace of mind, stress free life, overcoming ailments and so many other things. So why just wait and watch- get yourself enlightened and spread the light of enlightment everywhere.

Jai Shri Mataji.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sahajayoga and Agriculture

Sahajayoga is divine gift of god, Mataji Nirmaladevi. It works on every kind of living thing, not only on human beings, but also on plants and animals and nature. It is the Adishakti which plays everythings.

Sahajayoga is of great assistance in developing Agriculture. Vibrations is the essence of Sahajayoga, through which one understands the divine power, and its effects. It has been proved that vibrated seeds gives better production. The size, quality, taste of these products is really supreme.

Following are various examples of benefits of Sahajayoga in Agriculture -

Research on benefits of Sahaja yoga in agriculture has been performed by Maharana Pratap Agriculture & Tech University, Udaipur. Senior research scientists have successfully proved that by using seeds invigorated through vibrations, usage of vibrated water for irrigation and other Sahaja yoga methods, the plant quality & food production has been much higher than the normal yield

Extensive research is also being undertaken by co-operative milk producers and the university to explore the possibility of utilizing the benefits of Sahaja yoga, for increasing milk production.

Bhogpur Village: an agricultural island of excellence
Near the holy city of Haridwar, in Bhogpur village, a Sahaja yogi has been using the grace of Shri Mataji to continuously produce extraordinary agricultural output through simple Sahaja yoga methods. In fact, the whole village has adopted his methods and has become quite popular in surrounding areas for its high food grain productivity. The vegetable and cattle feed size and quality is also much higher than that in surrounding villages. The effects have also been extended by its initiator, Jagpal Singh, in dairy sector, as a result of which the quality and quantity of milk of the dairy has shown very high improvements. This has also resulted in the dairy being awarded for having Highest Purity and Quality in the whole district.

The Sunflowers at Pratisthan

Comments by H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi:

In Sahaja Yoga, you take the ordinary seeds and you vibrate them. If you vibrate them, then what happens that you start getting seeds which are even better than hybrid. I tried an experiment with a sunflower; so I developed a sunflower about 2 kilo weight, about one foot diameter and such big, big seeds, that you can’t make them out to be sunflower seeds, so the collective was so amazed at it and they felt that this kind of seed will solve all of our oil problem.
(Shri Ganesha Puja, Madrid, Spain, 6/11/87)

Material development is much faster and in balance when you get Self Realization. These vibrations help agriculture very much. We have a scientist, Dr. Hamid, in Austria, who has experimented with vibrations and has found out that even non-hybrid seeds give you greater than hybrid seeds. In my own field I sowed about 60 kilos of rice in one acre of land. And they told me: “It’s a special rice. It won’t grow here.” But it turned out to be 1700 kilos. One of the best rices. And even the sunflower was so big, two feet diameter. You could not lift; one person could not lift. Giving oil six to ten times more!
(Press Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, 25/7/90)

If people are saintly they will be always protected by Mother Earth. She will always try to give them whatever they want. You can see in the minute way, that supposing now, in our Cabella here, the roses are of such a big size, such a big size roses, you won’t find such big size in the whole world but we have here, such big ones. In Pratisthan we had flowers of sunflower so big as that. One man could not lift it. Now, how is it all this is happening in particular places? It is the Mother Earth who knows who is living here, who is walking on Her back we should say, or on Her soil, because Mother Earth understands vibrations.

reference -
(Shri Adi Shakti Puja, Cabella, Italy, 25/5/97)

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mataji will protect all

Mataji Nirmaladevi is the Adishakti, Adimaya- the Param Chaitanya- The Mother of us all. She is always with us and always protects us. Mataji Nirmaladevi has been kind enough to awaken the kundalini in the body of lacs of people all over the world from all religions. Awakened kundalini is the torch, which lit the path of the concerned person. Kundalini enhances the righteous attitude in the person and frees him from fear, anxiety, worry, depression, any kind of physical and mental disorders within the person.

We all Sahajyogis are extremely thankful to Mother of this Universerve- MatajiNirmaladevi. We pray on this occasion of Diwali to bestow her love and blessings on human beings. Let her desire to save this world from the crisis of dangers of war, hatred, pollution, exploitation of nature and human beings , misuse of religion for personal gains etc. come true. It will happen only when Sahajayoga spreads very fast. It will be real Diwali for the world- when all sort of darkness will disapper, when everything will be cristal clear, people will lead on right path- will be healthy and happy from within.

Mataji Nirmaladevi has promised and i have experienced it personally that She is watching us every minutes, she knows everything about us, she guides us, she protects us, she helps us realize our goals.She is everything - She is Lord Shiva, She is Maha Laxmi, Maha Saraswati and Maha Kali also. She is here to protect her devotees, sahajayogis.

I reproduce below the extract of one of her lectures delivered on the occasion of Diwali in Canada in 1976.