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Monday, September 20, 2010

Sahajayoga kills destructive habits - Drinks, Drugs, Smoking

Sahajayoga when practiced regularly offers number of benefits to human being. Every human being have some bad habits - some may be drug addicts, or chain smokers or something else. While others may be slaves of Anger, Greed, Jealousy etc. All sorts of personal mental imbalances can be rectified with the help of Sahajayoga.

Due to Blessings of Mataji Nirmaladevi, when you once get awakening of Kundalini, and when Mataji enters into your Sahastradhar to lead your kundalini on its desired path, all transformation from within takes places.

There are number of instances all the over the world where the sahajayogis have successfully given up these kinds of bad habits.

For the information and benefit of readers some of the examples are reproduced below from various sources -

The way my life has changed

October 16th, 2006

Olga Dementieva, Belgium

I was still in Russia, when I came across Sahaja Yoga. Me and my mother went to spend a holiday in a beautiful resort city in the Nothern Caucases, Piatigorsk. My mother, who had been practising Sahaja Yoga for one year than, suggested to go once to a programme of Sahaja Yoga, that took place in the neighbouring city Jzelieznovodsk. That was the place where she had learnt about Sahaja Yoga one year before the event I’m writing about.As I was interested in all kinds of spiritual teachings, I agreed with pleasure.

So we went. Sergey, who was leading the programme, thought that my mother had already explained everything about Sahaja Yoga to me, so we had a meditation, and then we sang some bhajans – we did everything the way as if I was aware of what I was doing. But I just wasn’t! Sergey asked me at the end of the programme how I felt. I felt very good! My whole being was filled with joy and contentment.

Soon we had to leave for Tambov. There were no sahaja yogis in Tambov at that moment, except for my mother and my sister. They went on practicing Sahaja Yoga, while I completely let it out of my attention.

Once I went to see my friends at their place. Since they were having a drink,I was served a glass of an alcoholic drink I used to like. To my greatest surprise, this time I didn’t like neither the smell, nor the taste of the drink. More over, I was so disgusted, that I couldn’t finish the glass. That was the last time I’ve drunk alcohol. That happend in November 1994 ,more than seven years ago. At that moment I didn’t see the connection between my Selfrealization and being disgusted by alcohol. But little later I met many other sahaja yogis, who had similar experiences. It is known in Sahaja Yoga, that after one gets his Selfrealization, one’s destructive habits (drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc…) fall off.

That was just a small example of how much my life has changed for the better after I started practising Sahaja Yoga. The other positive changes are:

1. My health has improved. Unpleasant chronical diseases,like cistites,disappeared. More over, I’ve learnt to work on my subtle centres in such a way, that deseases don’t get much chance to appear
2. I don’t have to look for the cause of what happens to me in the outside world, but rather try and introspect myself.I’m not reluctant to admit my mistakes,but try to correct them
3. Many destructive qualities, like anger, letargy, lack of selfesteem, deminished
4. My attention has become sharper, thahks to which my ability to learn improved
5. I’ve learnt to controll myself in all kinds of stressfull situations
6. Sahaja Yoga meditations brought a new dimention into my life, which is hard to express with words, but which I wish to everyone of you to experience !

Entry Filed under: Experiences, Belgium- Shajayoga,Australia.

2. From drug abuse to purity and social integration

Before Sahaja Yoga, my life was darkened by mental illness. Day by day, I plodded through college work with a sense of dread. I spent time with marijuana smokers as well as heavier drug users at times. I felt like a social misfit. I fit in nowhere and would go through psychotic episodes and mood swings that would go on endlessly. I was destructive to the property of others and would test my parents at home to see who could scream louder.

For the past three and a half years, I've been using the techniques of Sahaja Yoga to cleanse my inner vision. I now have a genuine interest in learning and participating in society and bettering American culture. The turning point for me was about six months after I began practicing Sahaja Yoga and started to see the minute changes that were occurring. I saw Shri Mataji speak at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan in the summer of '96. From then on, I gradually and spontaneously gave up on drug abuse and many other issues which have attacked my life.

The older people in Sahaja Yoga have seen the changes in me too. When I walk into a room full of yogis, I feel welcomed, not paranoid. When I spend time with other yogis, I feel like family to them, not a stranger. I look forward to spending time with my parents, not dreading it. I feel enlightened now and remain proud of that knowledge. I feel like a vital part of the human race. I wake up in the morning and am ready to enjoy another day and am finally a pleasant person to spend time with!


3.Rising above suicide - " believe me, Sahajayoga works."

I am writing this for people who, like me, tried to commit suicide and kept after that the desire to start again. I have read that this desire often remains for those who tried once.

After my attempt I was sent on holiday, then to a therapist, then on a yoga course with a 'yoga specialist', all kinds of things to make me forget and get the taste for life back. But I did not.

Until I got my Realization: I knew that this was worth living for. At first I felt for a while a pain on my left heart and had to ask forgiveness to my Spirit for trying to extinguish the life given to me by God. The black ideas receded little by little, and it took a few years for them to disappear completely. But soon after Realization I decided I would not try again.

So I owe my life to Shri Mataji and Sahaja Yoga: without them I would be only a skeleton since ages! Depressive thoughts enter my mind once in a while but never like before. The insidious cancer of suicidal desires has completely gone.

I am sure that some of you reading this have had such thoughts: believe me, Sahaja Yoga works!

E., 49 years old


So all over the world different methods are followed to overcome such critical cases of drug abuse, of smoking addiction and so on. However, it is proved beyound doubt, that learning and practising Sahajayoga, can help that person to overcome this problem permanently. Not only that but after self- realisation, becomes master of his own, and always leads on righteous path. It is free all over the world, throught the life. Benefit youself from it.

Mataji Nirmaladevi is always ready, willing, and anxious that such bad habits should be wiped out and the world become a peceful, enjoyable place for everyone's stay on this planet.

So if anybody has any kind of problem, take help of Mataji Nirmaladevi to overcome it. She is divine spirit, Adishakti on this earth- always ready to get self - realisation.

The amazing thing is that not only she herself but by her grace, blessing, and liberty, she has passed of this power to every Sahajayogi- to conferr these benefits to everybody and anybody coming forward on this path. So find out a Sahajayogi around you, and get yourself enligtened.

Jai.Shri Mataji.