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Thursday, September 23, 2010

In search of Peace-practice Sahajayoga Meditation

In todays material world what the majority of people have lost is the - peace of mind. Due to materialistic approach towards life, we have forgotten that we are pure souls. People have become so much self centric that even maintaining very easy and normal family relationship has become a big questionmark. The feelings of detachment, apathy, nervourness, stressful life are the result of our own thinking and approach towards life.

We wonder in search of peace. But it lies within your own, why search outside. Then how to search it, very few people know it. If you understand Sahajayoga, do meditation every day, due to awakening of your Kundalini- Mataji Nirmaladevi will show you the path towards peace. It will provide you complete silence, you had never enjoyed in life. It is all at no cost- totally free, throught the life, all over the world.

Inspite of your living in this highly competitive world, following your daily busy schedule, complying various deadlines in work, attaining to various tasks at a time, you can still be peaceful from within, comfortable in life, silent and positive in approach with the help of sahajayoga meditation everyday for l0 minutes in the morning and evening. I do not think it is impossible to spare this much time in a day for self.

Sahajayoga meditation will bring about total transformation within you. You will feel at peace,and enjoy the feelings of contentment and joy. It will provide you peace of mind and healthy life- free from ailments , worries, tension, stress. Life will become so much enjoyable, that you will realise that - you should have known it earlier and repend for loss of valuable time and innumerable years in search of all this.

So why waste time. Find out the meditation centres near you. It is spread all over the world. You can find out on internet so many sites, blogs and videos on the subject- that your urge for peace and tranquility in life will be fully satisfied.

Jai Shri Mataji.