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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Know everything through Vibrations.

Sahajayoga Meditation is a very uniques meditation method taught and practiced by people all over the world, belonging to different religions and communities. Its speciality or uniqueness lies in the experience of Vibrations. The person, whose kundalini is awakened and reaches to the Sahastradhar by the blessing of Mataji Nirmaladevi, get the very uncommon experiene of Vibrations.

Those Vibrations are felt through our both hands, finger, various points on our palm. Not necessarily on hands but throught all body at different points. Particularly above over head, we feel very cool breeze approaching us, cooling us, satisfying us, giving us pure love and joy.
It is described in different words in different religions.

In christanity it is called " holy ghost", muslims calls it " ruha". You can name it in any way or form but it is experienced, present with us. It is the existance of god within you, which is reflected in the form of vibrations. Every good thing has vibrations- because it is the "Paramchaitanys" the god itself.

When we enter the kingdom of God, we feel those Vibrations. Vibrations are the way in which God keeps us on right track. With the help of these vibrations, we can know - what is good, what is bad, What is truth , what is false, what would benefit us, what will harm us, whether to believe on any person or not- all worries, problems, doubts in life can be solved with the help of Vibrations. Vibrations is the language of God, which guides us all along our life. Only thing is that we need to develop it, we have to accept it, we have to respect it and seek its help in times of problems.

Vibrations is the manifestation of energy within us called Kunalini. It reflects the integration of our phylosopical, religious, physical and mental power. Kundalini is our Mother, It is the Supreme God, It is the Paramchaitanya present within us.

Mataji has rightly told us that - Kundalini cures you, she improves you, she bestows all the blissful things upon you. She takes you away from the worries at the grosser level", says Shri Mataji.

We are thankful to Mataji Nirmaladevi for awakening our Kundalini and leading us on righteous path.