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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nirmal Vidya

Nirmala vidya is the dyan or knowledge imparted by Mataji Nirmaladevi to all seekers of truth in life. What it is and how it works - it is very interesting to understand. I have come across an excerpts from speechdelivered by Mataji Nirmaladevi on this subject.

Kindly read with interest about " Nirmal Vidya"

Here are some excerpts from Speeches that Shri Mataji made on " Nirmala
Vidya " in the 1980's. Please enjoy

" It is the special power by which we do All Divine Work, even forgiving. When
you say, `Mother, forgive us,' the technique by which I forgive you is " Nirmala
Vidya " . The technique by which I love you is also " Nirmala Vidya " . The technique
by which all the Mantras are manifesting themselves and are effective is also
" Nirmala Vidya " . " Nirmala " means pure. " Vidya " means knowledge. " Nirmala Vidya "
is purest knowledge or the knowledge of this technique. The energy creates loops
and creates also different formations by which it acts and draws all that is
unwanted, impure and fills it up with its power. It is a divine technique, which
I may not be able to explain to you fully because your instrument does not do
that – you don't have that instrument.

But now you see how subtle it is. Only by saying `Nirmala Vidya,' you invite
that power, the whole thing, the whole technique to attend to you and it attends
to you. You don't have to worry. It never happens in any government or anywhere
in the world. You just have to address the government and the whole thing goes
into work, in the whole, the entire universe, every creation. That technique is
called " Nirmala Vidya " . That technique once mastered by surrendering to it, it
completely obeys, absolutely. But it is Ganesh Shakti, the Shakti of innocence,
is the power called innocence. The whole power because it is innocence. So the
innocence takes over, which manages. That's how it works out.

Then it goes on rising and is called " Para Shakti " , beyond power… then becomes
Madhyama and all that. It comes up to the Vishuddhi at the left. There you
become guilty. Because of your guilty nature you say things that are harsh. Left
Vishuddhi is the catch of the Ganesh Shakti. Ganesh is sweetest thing you can
think of. Even when you look at Ganesh, this Kautuk – this innocent admiration
starts flowing. Just think of him, you feel so happy. That innocence becomes
harsh on Left Vishuddhi. So to overcome your left Vishuddhi all of you are to
use sweet words. Your language should be sweet to everyone, especially (men)
should speak sweetly to their wives. Now that sweetness will cure your left
Vishuddhi. Always speak very sweetly, try to find out all the sweet words. The
sweet methods of addressing is the best way to cure your guilt: because if you
say anything harsh to anyone you may say so as a matter of habit or may be
because you just feel happy by saying that, but as soon as you say it, you say,
`Oh God, what did I say' – that is the biggest guilt. One has always to try to
find out sweet words. Now the birds are chirping. In the same way you have to
learn all the sounds of everything by which you make people happy by your
sweetness. It is very important. Otherwise, if your left Vishuddhi grows too
much, you will develop a way of talking by which your lips will get distorted to
the left.

Then the flow starts higher, in the Agnya Chakra, where the Ganesh Shakti
becomes the Greatest Power of Forgiveness. Then it rises higher into the limbic
area where Ganesh Shakti goes beyond the Surya; the super-ego comes up and this
power is that of the Moon and this Moon is " Spirit " … this becomes " Spirit " and
sits on the head of Sadashiva, that is the same. The whole Ganesh Shakti's
evolution, you see; it is so beautiful. So this way our desire itself becomes
the Spirit, your desire and your Spirit become one – but this hurdle can be very
bad sometimes. You have seen that all of you who have left Vishuddhi, when you
speak harshly you must know it is not you who is speaking. No, because you are
the " Spirit " . " Spirit " cannot say anything harsh or destructive. It will only
say harsh, when it is necessary to little bit remould. But that you don't take
over. That will be done by somebody else.
" (Nirmala Vidya, Rahuri, India,
31-12-1980)... (Nirmala Yoga, Jan-Feb '81, Pg.20)

" On the left side the problem starts from left Swadisthana, because that is the
first chakra that starts emitting negativity within us. Now left Swadisthana is
actually under control only of Sri Ganesh because Sri Ganesh is the beginning of
life and also the link between life and death. So Ganesh is the one who gives
the balance, the 'Vivek' the understanding to you by which you know how far to
go with things. " (Advice given at Delhi, 11-03-1981 – Nirmala Yoga, May-Jun '81,

" This is the key of " Nirmala Vidya " : `How to be humble?' By humility you will
never say, `This is my bathroom, or this is my fruit, or this is my food, or
this is my table, and this is my glass.' Innocence gives you the strength to
enjoy everything that is there. I mean for me, sometimes I have to eat with
bhoots (negativity), and sometimes I have to eat bhoots. Not only eat with them,
but also eat them – is the worst part. So you should also not mind if there are
people with bhoots. If they are arrogant, try to give them bandhans, try to
control them through all these methods. But if you think by arguing with them
you will be able to manage them, it's an impossibility. So try " Nirmala Vidya " ,
and that is humility, which is the myelin sheath of vibrations. Like every nerve
has a myelin sheath covering it, in the same way is humility; is the myelin
sheath. If you are humble, you will win the battle; if you are not, you will be
lost. Then the whole thing will become a joke for you, `absolute' joke. If you
are humble you can see the stupid, the bhoots and all the arrogant clowns of
this drama. " (Innocence and Virginity, London, 17-10-1982)…(Nirmala Yoga, March-
April 1985, Pg.19)

(Australian Sahaja Newsletter – 14 February, 1998)