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Monday, October 11, 2010

foot soaking

Foot soaking is the process, which has great importance in the sahajayoga meditation. It is expected that almost everyday it should be done twice a day- in the morning, evening or at night before going to bed.

It is a very easy simple thing to do, but of immence importance. It is the process which helps in cleansing the negativity in your body. It helps to drain out negativity from your body. It cannot happen suddently and in one day or one attempt. We have been storing negativity within ourself for years together, and so it needs time to get out. But once you realist its importance and start practicing it daily, it will be out of your body . When you will be freed from negativity you will feel great joy, pleasure, energy- all signs of paramchaitanya.

Removing all negativity from your body will help you concentrate more in meditation. You can meditate for longer time with great ease and enjoy it thoroughly. You will realise,experience cool breeze and the sensations and vibrations- all signs of divine power and feel cheerful and energetic. All the qualities of your heart and brain will develop by continuous process of cleansing and more meditation. Your kundalini will find the path to rise very easily and rise upto sahasrara. Then you know, you have got everything, the divine power within yourself - to guide all your life.

Following is the method of doing foot soaking-

To increase your inner Power and get negative energy out, get a plastic tub and fill it with lukewarm water and add a handful of salt. Just before going to sleep, sit in front of this photograph, silent in mind with your attention to the top of your head and ‘Being’, and soak your feet in that tub for 10 minutes. It will draw out enormous amounts of negative energy into the salt. Pour some clean water over your feet and, avoiding eye or skin contact with the negative water, pour it down the toilet only. Keep the bucket outside and away from food and pets and the livinf environment. Only use the bucket for that purpose because it deals with a very strong and great amount of negative energy. Return for normal meditation with right hand to Earth to drain more negative out while left hand is to Mother’s photo, and then left hand towards the sky / roof with right hand to Mother’s photo, then after about 5 minutes of negative draining out on each side then hold both hands to Mother’s photo for a while. A more effective way of footsoak is to use 2 tubs, the left foot and ankle in quite hot water, and the right foot in ice water (with ice blocks). Place a cushion under your thighs so your feet don’t touch the bottom of the tubs. You can add more salt once or twice if you like, moving your palm over the water 21 times in a clock-wise motion (Bandhan) to cancel out a bit of negative energy. Maintain a good spinal posture.

Foot soak drawing

Footsoak drawing

Footsoak drawing

The double foot soak is water that is hotter than just warm for left foot, and ice blocks for right foot. 2 buckets at the same time, with lots of fine sea salt and feet not touching the bottom.

When there is such pain in the chakras, the best thing is to get the negative energy out with the footsoak, and I mean that you need to use about a quarter of a one kilogram bag of fine sea salt in each bucket and sit there for at least 45 minutes. Because you should Bandhan (7 or 21 clockwise movements of right hand) and add more salt half way through, you should share the salt out to make it 250 grams (about that much) for each bucket for the whole time of 45 minutes. It is not a good idea to carry on longer than that 45 minutes. When you take the buckets to empty in the toilet, you shouldn’t look at the water, as I’m sure you know. And also, don’t hold the buckets against your body as you carry them. When you return to the chair, do some Bandhans over the ground where the buckets were. Then sit with your right hand to Earth and allow all the negative in your Ida Nadi left channel to get out and ask Your Kundalini to drain it out, and Mother Earth to accept the negative for you, and feel a gentle and sweet love and gratitude for Them too. When you drain negative out of yourself, your consciousness will fill up with the pains of the side you are draining out. Bad emotions, memories of things in your life that make You feel guilty and such things will all become very strong for this time while You drain the negative. So here You just need to understand that You must go through all of that to be free over a certain period of time, and don’t fall into the pain that comes to You. Don’t try to stop the pain either or Kundalini will think you do want to be free. She responds to a Desire for Her to give You life and Your Spirit, so keep telling Your Kundalini, quietly inside Your heart, not with mind, that You want Her to keep getting this pain out for you. I went through all of this and there had been quite a lot of pain I had hidden away and when I got rid of it each day then I would wake up some terrible things inside and I just held onto the understanding that I need to always wish for Kundalini to free me.

To sit without getting into big ideas about things will be the best thing you can do, and you have to hold on to each part of freedom you can get. Then, when you feel no more pain in Your right hand’s fingers, and all the negative that is going to leave has gone out of you, then do the same with your left hand to the roof / sky. I’m sure you know all of this technique, but when you do it with the long double footsoak of hot water (not just warm) for left foot, and ice for right foot, then this is what brings so much of a difference. Watch out for the mental thoughts trying to increase while you drain negative out of the right channel through your left hand to the sky.

Then, it is very important to keep your feet apart always, even when you sleep in bed. You can stop the negative getting out if your legs and feet touch. I’m talking about your legs below the knee, not your whole legs, although I went the extra bit always and kept them apart, above and below the knee.