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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Divine Knowledge

Mataji Nirmaladevi has time and again explained various important things to be known and followed in life. This is nothing but the divine knowledge.Many of our questions get solved by referring to such divine knowledge.

Divine Knowledge

  • The importance of putting a bindi on forehead
    Bindi is made with a substance called Lead Oxide. Lead Oxide is also called Sindhoor in Hindi. It is a cooling thing and is very good for right sided people. For them if it is put on Agnya it cools them down and controls anger. Thus, it helps to protect and clear Agnya chakra.

  • ‘Ham’ and ‘Ksham’ is the Beeja
    Quotes from Shri Mataji - ”Now the mantra of the Agnya Chakra is Lord’s Prayer. It has got two sides ‘Ham’ and ‘Ksham’. ‘Ham’ means ‘I am’ and Ksham’ means ‘I forgive’. So if supposing this is catching, you have to say, ‘I forgive’. If there is ego within us, you should say, ‘I forgive’. If there is superego within us, we should say ‘I am, I am’; so it is ‘Ham’ and ‘Ksham’ is the beeja, is the seed. It is the seed of the prayer, Lord’s Prayer”

  • Forgive everybody including yourself
    • We have to forgive people… That is very important, because that is the power you have won - from Christ.
    • Forgiveness comes from people who are very generous, who are good-hearted. You know, everybody makes mistakes and so we can also make mistakes, but that means we have a right to forgive and we have a heart to forgive. If you don’t have that, then you are not a Sahaja Yogi. You must learn to forgive and forgive without any remarks behind you.

    The Shri Lalita Centre
    Shri Lalita Chakra is the moon and contains the power of the left side. This
    Chakra is above the left heart. It is the point where sacred union of Shri Shiva
    and his Shakti takes place. Their joy becomes expressed within us at our level
    of earthly existence. It is situated on the left side so that we can experience this
    joy spontaneously and we desire to seek it again and again. From here one
    learns to surrender emotional attachments to the Maya. As a result we are
    emotionally attached solely to the attainment of joy, to God almighty. Since this
    point is between Heart and Vishuddhi, by establishing that link, it can help us to
    get rid of guilt and deep insecurity. Thus when we fully recognize Adi Shakti and
    set into the state of doubtless awareness, we feel Divine joy within. This gives
    us our witness power, which helps the attention to remain firm in Sahasrara.

    Catches: can be caused by a false guru. When one feels that one can
    intellectually know and possess God, then one can become very gaunt.
    Imbalance in Left Vishuddhi and lack of joy is a constant cause of catch. Avoid
    moving shoulders. Also, ladies should cover their shoulders.