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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Search of Joy

Many of us are on the search of Joy. Where to find it and how to get it? These human questions are answered by Mataji Nirmaladevi in very simple form- Just go within yourself. If is your mind which is troubling you, and so you do not get joy and enjoy it. Your attitude, approach, way of looking at things will bring about the sea change. You will find everything joyous- even problems and worries. Look to it in different angle and your vision will see differet picture .

Following is the extract of one of the lectures given by Mataji Nirmaladevi on how to find Joy.-

Joy Is the Blessing of the Divine

Shri Mataji-

What is our job is to enjoy, enjoy everything, and that enjoyment is the blessing of the Divine. Even you can enjoy the turmoil, the torture, everything you can enjoy if you see the point that nothing can happen to your spirit, which is the real light. Whatever you may suffer, whatever you may think is troubling you, actually this silent light of the spirit makes you absolutely perfectly joyous.

And you give joy to others. You don’t design it, you don’t plan it, how to give joy, but you just automatically give joy; and this giving joy is also effortless, sahaj, because you are in the sahaja state. In the sahaj state you just see things. It’s a drama you feel it, it’s a different styles, different types, and you just see and watch and get the joy out of it. It is not important to say, “I like this, I like that” – no. That “I” which likes is nothing but ego, and keeps you out of the enjoyment which is reality, which is real. Everything in this world that you find is troublesome, if you see from another angle, from a sahaja sthiti, you won’t feel the troubles. But that higher life should be there, that higher standard should be built within you.
Shri Mataji, 2000
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