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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finding answers ?

All the life we are busy finding answers for so many things. Some of them we get while most crucial remains unanswered. People are just wandering everywhere in search of peace, tranquility, balance of mind. They read religious books, visits temples or mosques or churches or bows before some unknown so called Gurus. But they always feel empty, shy,nervous, always behind the search of love and happiness.

All your search will come to and. If you understand and follow the very simple meditation form as per guidance of Mataji Nirmaladevi, all your worries will disapper in time to come. It is very easy, simple, free thing to be done . It transforms the mankind from within. It can bring out total revolution in the personality. It can give freedom from any kind of addiction. It can relieve you from stress. Stressful events will become history of your life, and your future life will be full of peace and tranquility. There will be equanimity. All joy, Happiness, Feeling of Satisfaction. You will enjoy your life as if and stop feeling as a great burden, as you were thinking some days back.

Why are you then waiting ? Be first to know ,learn and practice Sahajayoga.
May Mataji Nirmaladevi Bless you All.