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Saturday, December 26, 2009

What is special & unique about Sahajyoga

You may be surprisede to know how unique and different Sahajyoga is from other systems.

1. By Blessings of Mataji Nirmala Devi anyone can become enlightened soul. What is required is sincere desire and willingness on the part of the seeker to follow the path well guided by Mataji.

2. It is absolutely free throughout the life. In reality it cannot be counted in terms of Money, however, Mataji is offering it free because she believes " It is God's Gift. When God has not charged for so many things given to us freely, it is not fair to charge for it".

3. Any person, irrespective of sex, age, marial status, educational background, caster, colour, creed, nationality, religion, language can learn and practice it comfortably.

4. It is the Experience first and philisophy later. Anybody who had desired it got it ,experienced it and therefore continued it for ever.

5. The process is very simple. Mataji Nirmaladevi provides Self Realisation to every seeker through vibratary awareness. There is no need to go actually in front of Mataji. Even by sitting in front of here photo it can happen and lakhs of people have got it in this way.

6. There are no set rules or rituals to be followed. It is absolutely simple- as simple and natural as breathing. No dress code, no food code, no rituals-nothing.
ON the contrary on Self Realisation , the person himself understand what to do and what to need of teaching anything. He becomes master of his own. Divine power within oneself guide the person properly.

Dear Brothers and Sister, Wake Up. Get Enlightened.
Jai Shri.Mataji.