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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sahajayoga and Materialism- Swadhishtan chakra

Everybody of us lives in a world full of materialism. It is bound to be so. It is impossible, impracticable for us to detach ourself from it. We have to passionately follow our goals in life, we desire to go up and up on the ladder of success, wealth, popularity and so on. In this wild game of still conquering everything, in the quest of becoming number 1 or something of that sort, we forget what we have lost in the process of life.

Mataji has rightly commented upon such kind of state of life. She had expressed that - Desire is the seed of Destiny. Every individual has freedom to sow such seed of own destiny. Our desire is just like a genetic code having capability of trasforming into a tree. On this path of live many of us do not know who to attain that desire, and thus follow extreme types of action. We also do not know which way to go, how long to go, what speed to take, where to stop and all such questions.

Self realisation acquired through sahajayoga meditation offers purity to our desire, it moulds it in right perspective. The desire in our mind is followed by aspiration- aspiration implies taking action. When we aspire something, we move forward in that direction and act in particular manner. The brain provides us with stimulus to act upon in different ways, known an unknown.
It is experienced that realisation increases the fertility of the brain. It is all concerned with the " Swadishtan chakra in our mind . We need to peep inside and understand the effect of realisation on swadishtaan chakra i.e. purity of desire. It gets transformed and manifested in following manner in every person, who has got self realisation.

Mataji has commented that -

The irony is that man does not know the right path to 'acquire' materi-alism as well. Either he bends to the extremes of his personality to do so. We know that Swadhishthaan chakra is responsible for our desires and thus, is very important in laying the 'foundation' of one's destiny.

The Divine program acts as a lighthouse and guides a seed to penetrate through soft soil thereby avoiding stones. Once it becomes strong enough, a root can also crush the stones which come in its path and penetrates deeper into the mother earth. Similarly the 'attention' of a realized person becomes divine which penetrates through vibrations thereby avoiding the stones of negativity.

So with realisation everything within us changes, our thoughts, our desires, our way of acting, our aim of life. We can enjoy the materialism of life with purity of thaught and action.