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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Practice sahajayoga in real terms

Our Holy Mother Mataji Nirmaladevi has time and again told us as to how we should we behave, act,relate, react and so many things in much simple terms. Still sometimes we find that many sahajayogis find difficulty to follow the principles in practice. It is great need that we sahajayogis to pay attention to Mataji, always thinks of her and her teaching while doing any act, then the result will be quite different.

I came across an interesting reading of one of the messages of Mataji Nirmaladevi, which is reproduced below for the benefit of all.

Today I must say something important for you all! Many times I told you to penetrate the essence of every thing. I would tell you different stories, teach you how to move in the right direction. I have done all that could be done, for your ascent! You were given all the instruments to be used for recognizing that direction. One of them is your attention. It is so important today! Illusions and temptations have always been chasing your attention. Many of you have learnt not to waste it on outward things. Many of you have managed it. But what’s happened!? Your attention is in Sahaja Yoga, no doubt, but strange as it may seem it’s lost! It’s soiled.

You waste your attention on your own dirt. Quarrels and squabbles are becoming norm. Having cleaned up the exterior courtyard you have entered inside the house – there is a mess in there, and you don’t have enough powers to clean up your own house. Whereas, you had to do it the other way round and clean up inside yourself first, create peace within yourself first, be filled with the feeling of brotherhood, and then help each other. No doubt many, many have become good children of the Mother. Many of you are patient and in peace, but it’s broken now. Why? What’s happened? The answer is simple – not everyone has become matured, not everyone has been learning My Lessons, imbibing My Knowledge. The years have passed, and what can I see now?! Squabbles, running for power and desires upon desires. You are still asking for something, whereas you must give. I am the Mother; I’ll fulfill your wishes, but you often ask for what you shouldn’t ask. You don’t have to squander your gifts. Crucial Desires are also already trifles; understand that! I tell you candidly, that everything has changed. Your Mother is the same, but She is already different. Look at Me, look attentively! But instead you are asking Me to come to this place, to come to that place. Is it so difficult to understand, that it’s already not necessary?!

I am in your hearts, I am within you! Look inside yourself, hear, penetrate, jump into the Sahasrara and meet Me there! I am telling you about real things, stop guessing about things. Everything is very simple. The Mother has never let your down, never! Yes, I could make you feel confused, but that was for your sake. I can often hear your thanks for the lessons of illusion. You have become so strong. world through that! You can only help your Mother through that!

The Mother never asks you to sacrifice yourself, but the readiness has to arise inside yourself. You must consist of that readiness. I only ask you not to waste your attention, not to lose it. If your attention only touches Me from time to time, you’ll never become a firm structure, see! You won’t be ready. It’s so simple to understand, as simple as that.

While talking about a book you have read, you don’t talk about the quality of the paper; you talk about the essence of what you’ve read. When you are doing a work in My Name, you have to be My Essence. You are spreading the Divine Essence! If it is absent, and you are playing the hypocrite, be extremely careful! The Name of your Mother is too Great, its every letter is great, every interval between the letters is too Great! You must understand this. I hope you understand it! Don’t be a mediator between Me and people, don’t take it upon yourself! It will ruin you, it can’t be forgiven. You’ve got many examples of that, how quickly you forget everything.

Earth is filling with love, heaven is filling with love. Only love will remain in the world, only love has the right to be here! So, who are you? What are you carrying? Look at yourself one more time, look attentively and confess to yourself. Don’t worry about Me, don’t worry. Your Mother is strong. I can feel everyone now, each of you – what your attention is touching Me with, what you are bringing Me! I repeat I can feel everyone who is turning his attention to Me! You’ve got a big responsibility at the moment. This responsibility is that you are responsible for your Mother’s life. Can you see it, can you understand it?! For your Mother’s life! I have thrown Myself upon your mercy, I have allowed you to guard Me and accompany Me. This test is surpassingly serious! You have to know that My hopes haven’t run out, and I am sure of you and I am very proud of some of you. I enjoy your beauty and nobleness! Some of you have become beautiful diamonds, beautiful ones indeed. It’s so pleasant to look at you! But you are few, very few.
Nothing is done without the Will of God Almighty!
Be Blessed!