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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fifth chakra in our body- Vishudhi Chakra

The Vishuddhi Chakra - Cervical Plexus
Fifth Chakra
Element : Ether
Qualities : Divine diplomacy, detachment, witness state, collective consciousness, self esteem, pure relationships, connection with the whole, Madhurya (sweetness)
Physical Aspect :Throat, neck, mouth, teeth, face, nose, tongue, ears and ankles.
Causes of Catch: Guilty feelings, feelings of superiority/inferiority, sarcasm, criticism, lack of witnessing .
Deities: Shri Radha - Krishna
Situated at the level of the throat, this center controls all our articulation and our communication, the movement of our hands and arms, our facial expression and our speech, as well as the senses of taste and smell. On the physical level it caters for the Cervical Plexus

The fifth centre is called as Vishuddhi Chakra. This is placed in the neck of the human being and it had sixteen petals which look after ears, nose, throat, neck, tongue, teeth etc. This centre is responsible for communication with others because through our eyes, through our nose, through our speech, through our hands, we communicate with others. On the physical level it caters for the cervical plexus."Shri Visuddhi-Chakra-nilaya Devi(Visuddhi-chakra-nilaya [475th]: Dwelling in the Visuddha Padma of 16 petals.)
I am the ether, I am the space, and I contain the whole creation within you. I am the feeling of Oneness with all other human beings and with this universe, the Virata. In your voice I am the sweetness of words expressing the pure relationship between brothers and sisters. I am the sense of music and melodies sung in the praise of God, soothing your being and elevating it to the Divine. I came to make you aware that this universe is all a Play, a Leela, in which you are but actors. Through My Power of Yoga, of Union with the Divine that I bestow upon you, I make you the joyful witness of the whole Drama. When you surrender all your burdens to My presence awakened in you by Kundalini, then from the limited individual that you were, I raise you to unlimited beings.
The Vishuddhi Chakra represents that time in the evolution of humanity when the need for harmony and collective living becomes important. It represent everything to do with the cohesive nature of the human race, and the ability of the human being to rise above petty differences and strive to experience the unity of the Spirit.

One of the qualities that we need to develop for our spiritual growth is that of staying detached from the problems we face every day whilst trying to survive in the modern world. The flowering of the Vishuddhi Chakra provides us with a sense of detachment which lets us witness the Play of Life to survive in the modern world. As a result we avoid being brought down by things which seem traumatic, but are in fact simple ‘events’ or ‘coincidences’ which we must pass through to reach the Other Shore. This does not mean that we stop accepting responsibility for our actions, or that we ‘give up’ on life. It simple gives us a means to maintain a sense of perspective when we are faced with overwhelming emotional situations. We become a witness of the game, and can keep a distance from our involvement and thoughts, from our planning and conditionings, from our emotions.After our Self-Realization our ability to be a witness matures, and we see all of these things as existing outside ourselves.

These things and events are not of our Spirit; they are of the external world. In this way we strip away layers of identity to reveal our fundamental and individual essences, the Spirit. Shri Mataji says that "we see our own acting, and the whole world becomes like a drama." In the same Shakespeare likened the whole world to a stage, and us as actors on it.The Vishuddhi Chakra also embodies those qualities which govern our relationship with other members of the human race. It is key to our ability to feel and respond to our own vibrations as well as others, and deepens our spiritual awareness. It gives us a sense of oneness and harmony with the Great Circle of Life. As we become one with the Whole we begin to feel the direct evidence of the subtle system on our Chakras and those of others. This is what is meant by the actualization in Sahaja Yoga, this actual evidence of our enlightenment, which we experience on our fingertips and in our bodies. It is a fact that, as we become a collectively conscious person, we can work on the subtle system of others simply by recording the state of their Chakras on our fingers and directing our vibrations to these areas of need as required. It is like acquiring a new perception, a natural new sense of subtle vibrations. This bond of humanity is the goal that seekers have been searching for over many lifetimes, and it is starting its manifestation at this point in time, not just through myth and conception, but through the direct evidence of personal experience.
TRADITIONThe deity for this centre is Shri Krishna. He represents God in His aspect as the Eternal Witness. With absolute detachment He watches the Play (Leela) of the Cosmic drama.

The Vishuddhi Chakra has sixteen petals, each with different qualities and functions. We should avoid lying or swearing or talking excessively as this could affect the right centre. Likewise it benefits is we use the voice for praise rather than criticism, for dignity rather than coarse frivolity. We should never be harsh or sarcastic or witty at another’s expense. We should simply aim to speak from the heart. Another way this centre can suffer is in the indiscriminate use of mantras. This is especially true in regard to mantras sold as commercial commodities. These are simple sensory dulling toys which have no relationship with our Spirit. Undergoing this type of self-hypnosis is actually anti-consciousness.

Left Vishuddhi ChakraCauses of catch/obstruction on left index fingerA "catch" is an imbalance. If we feel heat or tingling, or maybe even numbness in our fingertips, it means that our kundalini is alerting us to an imbalance in a particular chakra.'Your left forefinger will speak' if you feel guilty, become immoral, or engage in foul tongue and sarcasm.Right Vishuddhi ChakraCause of catch/obstruction on right index finger'Your right forefinger will speak' if you are fastidiousness or indulge in food that is bad for liver.Spiritual manifestation: Self-reproaching Spirit of God-Almighty within warns of aggression, arrogance, lack of collectivity and witnessing power.

here are self-healing remedies available.Meditate twice a day, at dawn and dusk, and allow the Mother Kundalini to heal you from within. Please always remember that you are healing your mind, body and soul to attain the eternal spirit/moksa as promised by all the holy scriptures and messengers of God Almighty/Brahman. Daily meditation is by far the most important means for nourishing your physical and spiritual well-being. No external treatments are required once you have established regular daily meditation.