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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Overcome Blood Pressure and Asthama with Sahajayoga

Hypertension or the high blood pressures is assuming larger proportion day by day. It is spreading like wild fire,uncontrolled altogether. Medical advancement and technologial development and breakthrough in various research have yet to find out reliable,comfortable system of administration for controlling blood pressure.

It is experiened by many people who adopted sahajayoga practices and started doing sahajayoga meditation everyday that they have received more relief from mediation than medication. There are multiple causes for existance of high blood pressure - like life style, compelling competition in every field of life, lack of exercise and sound sleep, number of worries and tension, broken relationship, financial collapse, and so on. High blood pressure is a silent killer it has adverse impact on our body and mind. Person becomes addict of tablets and medicines. All this can be avoided with the daily practice of sahajayoga meditation.

In the research done at Lady Hardinge Medical College , New Delhi , it was found that, antihypertensive drugs, when coupled with Sahaja yoga, considerably increased their efficiency. Once the blood pressure was brought to normal, it was kept within control by practicing only Sahaja yoga.

Sahaja yoga practice modulates the activities of the autonomic nervous system, and also decreases the activities of the sympathetic nervous system that is especially active during psychological stress conditions. Thus it achieves a deep feeling of relaxation, both mental & physical, causing beneficial effects on hypertensive individuals. Moreover, if Sahaja Yoga is made a part of everyday life, by people who are prone to develop hypertension, it could also prevent the onset of the disease as well.

Bronchial Asthma – Breathe Free:

Asthma, once a relatively uncommon disease, is now spreading fast with rising pollution levels and increasing levels of mental strain. As the sufferers have painfully experienced, emotional stress has an escalating effect on the severity of asthma.

Regular practice of Sahaja yoga meditation has the effect of reducing emotional strain and eventually completely evaporating it. The person experiences a feeling of security and thereby the anxiety factor is negated. Sahaja yoga effects on the autonomic nervous system aid the individual to actually avoid the asthmatic attack. Thus Sahaja yoga meditation has highly beneficial effects for asthmatic sufferers – whether done in conjunction with drugs or practiced as a complete remedy.