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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Personality Development with Sahajayoga

We see around us hundred and thousands of people seeking personality development. They try different methods, learn many things, and still fill empty. Why it is so? Many of the richest, busiest, highly placed people also suffer from some sort of problems from within- they may not disply it, indicate it or talk about it.

World over people are trying to get peace of mind, balance of mind, control of own life, self deveopment- in all respect- physical, mental, financial, social, cultural etc. All this is possible by only one world known and practised method of "Sahajayoga".

I have personally experienced many miracles happening in my life with the grace and love of my Mataji Nirmaladevi. I would like everybody in the world to experience it It is free completely, it is easy to understand and follow. Just know it, learn it and get enlightened in life.

following are various benefits experienced by different sahajayogis.
1. The greatest benefit is achieving the state of thoughtlessness. As a result of this one remains in the present which is the truth.
2. Peace can be achieved collectively when thousands of people get the awakening of their kundalini. The family gets improved, children are improved and one's attention becomes innocent. That peaceful nature will bring forth the future of a new age where there will be no war.
3. One becomes a very balanced, righteous and really innately religious person. There is no lust and greed in the attention, temper subdues and all bad habits drop out. Many people have given up smoking, drinking and drugs, sometimes overnight.
4. The personality rises so much above others and the sense of discretion becomes so sharp and perfect, that nothing can deviate the mind from the righteous path unless he himself falls into some temptation, fear or manipulations.
5. One is not afraid of standing for the truth.
6. Creativity in literature and Self Development have worked miraculously in some people. The same is with music and in the field of art. Also surprisingly people have improved economically. The practice of meditation also improves one's mental focus, concentration and energy levels. With a calm yet alert mind, it is no wonder the practitioners of Sahaja Yoga take on an air of confidence in dealing with life's challenges.
7. With Sahaja Yoga, many children who were dull in class have become alert and intelligent and have shown great results in their studies. Some very difficult and dangerously violent children could be moulded into beautiful personalities.
8. Many have been cured completely of very serious incurable ailments, though it must be mentioned that Sahaja Yoga is not for curing people. As a byproduct one gets physical, mental, economical, social and spiritual wellbeing in totality. Many psychosomatic problems and mental confusions can be cured.
9. The effects of Sahaja Yoga also act on agriculture. The crop that grows out of non-hybrid seeds when vibrated with the Divine power of cool breeze sometimes grows eight or ten times more than that with the hybrid seeds.
10. Sahaja Yoga is for the emancipation of the whole world at every level. There are now more than hundred nations where Sahaja yoga is being practiced.
11. Illnesses and ailments arise due to imbalances of the subtle energy system. Through Sahaja Yoga, one awakens the dormant primordial energy Kundalini and it starts enlightening the subtle energy centres (chakras) within you. You can then heal, correct, balance and nourish the subtle energy centres (chakras) through simple cleansing techniques taught in Sahaja Yoga. As you become more centered and balanced, your state of health improves and you become more immune to illnesses.
12. By improving certain chakras we can improve our interaction with friends and strangers in society. we can rebuild self-esteem, improving our social life immeasurably.
13. We are freed from the pain of separation to loved ones because we feel that we are always connected, not just to our family but to every human being. Our heart opens to strangers more readily and we become more compassionate to others than we were before.
14. Many people have benefited physically from practicing Sahaja Yoga. This is due to the soothing effect that the awakened Kundalini energy has on our nervous system. And also by the amount of energy saved as a result of thinking less. Meditation helps to still our over-active minds which cause the many stress related health problems of this modern era.

So find out the centre near you. Or long in the site of Get self realisation with the blessings of Mataji Nirmaladevi.

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