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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why Diabetes

In Sahajayoga it is experienced by many that all sorts of ailments, diseases can be cured with sahajayoga meditatiaon. What is special ? The art,science of balancing the body from within, which restores the healthy conditions. It is the imbalance within us , in our nadis, chakras which is reflected outwardly in some form of ailment and disease.

Sahajayoga is the best free technique to get one self cured from anything. One has to learn it , follow it sincerely and Adishakti, Kundalini Mother will take care of us.
Please find below an interesting discussion with Mataj Nirmaladevi on the subject of Diabetes, which is causing trouble to lacs of people all over the world

Mataji's talk on diabetes with one seeker -

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi: You get diabetes from left Nabhi because that’s all contained in left Nabhi. Also you can get lethargic liver – left Nabhi combination with Swadhisthana. With Swadhisthana, left Nabhi, this combination is, these things can occur. ... Now diabetes is not caused as a result of lethargic ways of the pancreas but it is actually (the) over-active pancreas (that) becomes lethargic – overactive. You see what happens – we think too much. Pancreas, what does it do is to convert sugar into digestible – what does it convert into? What it does is to digest the sugar in a way or it neutralizes into glucose; it breaks up.

Speaker: I’ll tell you what it does. The endocrine part of the pancreas which causes diabetes, that converts the sugar into glycodin that stores the sugar in the body in the form of glucon or glycogen.

Shri Mataji: Stores the sugar as well as it also must be reducing it.

Speaker: It reduces the level in the blood. It puts it into the cells of the body.

Shri Mataji: So what happens that when you are using your thinking too much or liver too much then what happens that the sugar is consumed fast because of the liver, you see. If liver is over-active, it means sugar. Then the liver is sucked and when it is too much sucked then more is poured over by this pancreas. Glycogen is more poured. It goes into over-activity. When it goes to overactive then it gets diagnosed and no more – finished. Then it says that we have diabetes. So it becomes lethargic. But it is over-activity that brings this lethargy.

Speaker: Yeah, this is correct because one of the functions of insulin is to increase the uptake of sugar by the liver.

Shri Mataji: Means it doesn’t secrete insulin any more. See, it has an activity of secreting insulin. Now it has a limited energy of producing insulin. I mean, if you exhaust it so where to get the insulin? So you have to put the insulin additional. This is the artificial thing. But you can cure diabetes by raising the left to the right because there you raise it – awaken – left to the right. Now right to the left you should not do in diabetes, but first you try to raise it if possible.

If there is still some life left in that thing – absolutely there is some life left – then what happens is that it may start working. It starts working because when it starts pumping, the energy from the Swadhisthana can flow because now it’s in connection with the divine power. So that can be sucked in. So it starts working out. But supposing now it is in such a shape that it is absolutely finished, exhausted, I mean, it doesn’t rise. Then you have to put right to the left and tell Adi Shakti to play her part; so She awakens it first. Adi Shakti to work it out. First you try to raise it with your own Self, with your own hand, your own kundalini, on the left to the right.

Try to give it a sort of a little tease, you can say. But still it may not rise; it may not. So in certain cases, diabetes is curable if you put it left to the right or if it is a bad case, then you have to put right to the left. Like cases like infantile diabetes.

You see, diabetes will be very common in any country which is over-developed, very rich. It is the disease of the affluence. They take more sugar than normal, those who are affluent. Also apart from that sugar what they do, they think too much. Sometimes human beings diet – don’t take sugar. Don’t take sugar but think. Then they will get diabetes.

Question: Why do children get diabetes?

Shri Mataji: Children, because the parents are like that. The blood – you see, the parents, the pattern – every blood has a pattern and the message. Every person’s blood has a pattern and a message. It carries the complete – you see it is the habit of a cell – is molded by the kind of a personality you have. And now the mother’s blood goes into the child’s blood. So the same pattern is carried there and that blood, you see, circulates. If mother is like that, you see – she has diabetes – the child has. If the father has also, if it is a son, the son will get it. Women do not get so much of diabetes. Normally woman don’t get it. But if there are women, you see, like politicians and all that or those who are manly women, even woman housewives who plan too much about their household – what to cook and how to entice the husband, you see – they also can have.
(First Belgian Meeting, Ghent, 19/9/82)

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