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Monday, September 27, 2010

Curing diseases by cleansing charkas

Curing diseases by cleansing chakras

Our body is made of different forces. As per hindu philosophy there are five element present in this universe, as per Ayurveda everything on this planet is made of this five elements or panch tatvas.Those are- water, earth, air, fire and ether. Due to imbalance in these elements, which results in catching of related charkas in our body, some sort of physical and mental disorder gets established in our body. So all the human diseases, ailments are the results of catching of these charkas - due to our own wrong behavior. If we cleanse them, then automatically the problem related to it disappears.

So what are the elements related to different charkas, how to cleanse them, and how to correct the balance and get physical fitness is the problem discussed and guided by Mataji Nirmaladevi in her various lectures. I have recently come across a very interesting piece of information- an article on it. The same is reproduced for the benefits of all sahajayogis and other seekers.

In Sahaja Yoga, there are many simple techniques for clearing the chakras. Shri Mataji, who started Sahaja Yoga, devised these easy-to-use techniques based on the elements – water, earth, fire, air and ether – to clear out negativity from the chakras and the nadis (channels), thus bringing balance to the whole Subtle System.

To clear out the whole Subtle System, we need to pay attention to the nadis, or channels. The left channel represents the cool side, the moon side, the past. If we operate too much on the left side, we can fall into sadness, regret and even depression. By simply warming up the left side, for example by using the heat from a candle flame, we can bring the left side into balance.

The right side, on the other hand, is the hot side, the sun side, the future. People who operate too much on the right side become hot-tempered, futuristic, egotistical and lacking in love and compassion. To clear out and balance the right side, we can simply use cold, in the form of ice, applied to our right sides. It is especially important to cool down our livers if they become over-heated through too much right-sided physical activity and too much thinking. As the liver is the seat of the attention, we cannot meditate properly unless our attention is clear.

We can also clear out problems or blockages in the individual chakras by using the appropriate element for each chakra. For example, the element for clearing out the Mooladhara chakra is the earth. So, we can clear this chakra simply by sitting on the earth as much as possible. The element for the heart chakra is air, and to clear this chakra we can do deep-breathing. Being exposed to wind is also very clearing for the heart chakra. The element for the Swadisthan chakra and the Void area is water. A simple technique for clearing these chakras is to do foot-soaking, that is, placing your feet in a bucket or basin of water to which a little salt has been added. You can also footsoak in the sea, a lake or a river.

These are just a few examples of the simple techniques used in Sahaja Yoga for clearing the chakras and the nadis. If you want to find out more about chakra-clearing techniques, please come along to a Sahaja Yoga program. You can find out more information about Sahaja Yoga programs in your area by going to the main website at

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