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Monday, November 1, 2010

Teaching of Buddha- give up desires

Mataji Nirmaladevi had many times referred to Buddha and his teachings and how useful they are for humanity. How Buddha is present in our self and working on our right side etc. Lord Buddha searched all over the world for the reasons of acute poverty of people, great pain and sufferings experiened by people due to various illnesse etc.

At last under a Banayan tree his kundalini was awakened and he got all knowledge of all these happenings, their reasonsing etc. Reasons for peoples' suffering mainly is the desires . Desire is such a thing that it is never completely satisfied. It has no end, it always changes its form, design, magnitude and the person get entangled in this vicious circle of desires. All these desires have repercussions.

In Sahajayoga person understand how to give up desires which are of no value. Only pure desires one should have. Those work very well and satisfied you completely.

Followinf is the extract of Mataji's lecture on Buddha on the occasion of Budddha Puja in Belgium in l991-

Buddha, as you know, is working on our right side, on our Agnya. Is very surprising, the deity like him, to work on the right side. First he said, for the right side, you should be detached, desireless. I mean, nobody would work if they have no desire and if they have no way of earning something out of it, I mean, in the normal sense. But desirelessly you have to work. Then only right side can be conquered - Very symbolic. Normally the right-sided people are extremely thin, but Buddha is very fat. Normally the right-sided people are extremely serious, very serious, even if you tickle them they won't laugh. But Buddha is laughing all the time with both his hands like this, enjoying himself. See the contrast. So when you are working without any desire, only then, this state can be achieved that you'll be all the time laughing ...(but) as you become subtler, the desires start becoming subtler and subtler and subtler. And if you are not careful, it just comes up. ...

When you're desireless you are happy because you are never disappointed, you are never nervous. So to be desireless doesn't mean that you become something absurd or ascetic or anything like that, but not to expect something.

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