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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Realisation of God

Realization of God is dream for many of us. Here are i am moving forward with assumption that we believe in God. If we do not believe in existence of God, the question of realisation does not arise at all. So we get so many questions- where to find him ? Will he be available to us ? Whether God will accept us, respond us, help us and so on ?

So these kind of searches go on. Sahajayoga provides you answers to all such questions. You can realize God, You get connected to God, You get pleasant feel of God, You get Blessings of God, You can enjoy and feel astonished to witness miracles of God. Everything of this kind is possible just by becoming sahajayogi. You have to simple learn it, adapt it, adopt it, practice it and the future normal course will follow. You will get whatever you want, subject to of course with the will of God.

Human being can realize God. He can not become God or he even can not become spirit .Spirit is within yourself, using you, looking after you, taking care of you etc. Spirit is acting through your body. If you become spirit, then there will not be existance of your body.

You can realise God. You can know his powers. You can realise the working of his powers. Your body itself is the best living example of his powers. Brain connects every part, directs every action , but who controls brain, who trains brain, who safeguards brain-who develops brain-it is difficult to answer.

Mataji Nirmaladevi is Mahamaya, Adishakti. We sahajayogis know it and realise it, witness it , experiene her power but for world - many may not be knowing. so for them i just quote what Mataji has said about her -

As far as I'm concerned its a difficult task for you, because I'm a Mahamaya. Its very difficult for you to know each and everything about me. I'm quite an elusive person as you know that well, and whatever I do or whatever I achieve, it is just for you to see and understand that after all this is Adi Shakti and She can do all these things. You can also do all the things but you cannot become me. But you have to know, to know through love, through devotion, through prayers to know the God's Powers is the way you are God-realized. Then you can control the nature, you can control everything, if you have that knowledge within you about God. For that a complete humility is needed that you cannot become God, cannot become God Almighty. You cannot become the deities but definitely you can become God-realized. Means God acts through you, uses you as His power, as His channel and that you know, that you know what He's doing to you, what He's telling, what His vision is and what is the information. The connection is like that.

Many people in Sahaja Yoga have been benefited, I know. But they don't know how they have been benefited. What has worked it out? How it has worked it out. What connection of theirs has helped them? Once you do that you know that clearly how things are working out, with what power you have achieved it, then its a God's realization. Such people become extremely powerful in the sense that they can control so many things.