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Friday, October 8, 2010

Establishing Guru Principle in self

With the help of Sahajayoga when the kundalini is awakened, the person concerned becomes his own Guru. Kundilini Maa or Mother is one power, which remain with us every minutes and in every life, how many times we have taken birth. So it is that divine power, whch knows us completely, from our past, present and also our future. Therefore it is in a position to guide us on every aspect of life. So this way the Sahajayogi becomes Guru of his own, and guides all the time.

Mataji has been kind enough to establish this Guru Principle within ourself. Now we have to nurture it, we have to follow it, we have to understand it, we have to witness it every now and then. We have to keep it alive, we have to see that we go more deep and deep and allow ourself to be guided by Guru within ourself, by obeying all the dictats of it, without questioning anything about it with full faith, and completely surrendering to it.

We need to save ourself from the destruction of this Guru Principle. We have to constantly follow it, accept it, respect it, adore it, recognise its guiding and follow it, and then it will flourish. If you stop looking at it, if you do not take care of it, if you do not nurture it properly, it will be just destroyed. So the seed of Guru Principle within self needs to be nurtured with love and proper attention. Never allow it to die at any cost due to your negligence or apathy or tiredness anything for that matter. That would be perhaps the greatest mistake of the life, which you will repent afterwards. Maintain Guru tatva properly. Maintenance is essential for saving it from getting destroyed.

Many people have a wrong notion that when Guru Principle is established it will take of its own. But it is not so. There is every probability of its destruction, if we fail to maintain it properly. As we water the new plant properly, we have to nurture our Guru Principle. After getting enlightenment we have to make own progress from the stage of ordinary human being to that of soul- pure soul. And for that purpose proper maintenance of Guru Principle is utmost essential.

How to maintain Guru tatva - by maintaining balance in self. Balanced thaughts, balanced acts only will convert you and lead you on the path of becoming pure soul. Any kind of imbalance within yourself will literally destroy the guru principle. So do not get catched by the over acts of left side or right side of you. Maintaining balance is the most essential thing.

First we have to austere ourself. We have to separate ourself as human being and as a spirit. We have to watch our every act, every deed, every thought from the eyes of the spirit. We have to witness our conditioning as a witness, as a third party, and then we really realise what is wrong with us. what are mistakes and what we need to improve upon.

Another essential thing is altering our habits. Every one of us have formed some habits, about which we feel proud - it may be of any kind - liking for sweet, eating only raw food, taking wine everyday, using dark colour cloths, taking delight in troubling others, so many things - we have formed habits. We need to witness it from the eyes of spirit, we have to change them, we have to destroy it and then only you can have balance within yourself. Try to think about your habit differently- act against your habits- but then go to the other extreme also, otherwise your habit will get converted in some other forms. We have to save ourself from the slavery of our habits.

The great master gets delight in everything, he sees beauty everywhere - in lush green surrounding and also in tree without a single leaf. He can get joy in every form of nature and does not get trapped in particular type of liking or preference. We have to learn many things from the nature. See how nature gets itself dressed to welcome the spring and how it is undressed during winter. It all happens naturally. It should also happen to us naturally , with that ease. We must be ready to accept any change, enjoy it under any conditions, alter ourself to its mood and demand, then life will be totally interesting and wonderful to live.

Another obstacle in maintaining Guru Principle is the - mental attachment. Mental attachment to anything - which conditions you, which sets boundaries for you, which limits you in every sense. Get rid of every kind of mental attachment if you want to become pure soul. Our mental attachment always gives us a pride for knowing everything on this earth- everybody is so sure that he knows everything - really everything- but it is not so . It is only our mental attitude which makes us believe that we know everything - the great scientists, doctors, solicitors, leaders, everyone is convinced of self knowing everything - that he is just like a blind man facing the reality. He can never find reality, he can never feel it, greet it, accept it because perhaps it will break mental attachment to particular thinking, self ego, super ego within oneself . So we have to stop this all, learn to witness every of our act, deed, thougt as witness , from the eyes of third person, external force, and then only we can realise what is wrong with us. It will help to get establish guru tatva in self.

We need to be progressive on our journey of life. We have to understand our mental feelings and convictions are not necessarily true. We have to hold the light of spirit, guru within ourself very strongly , which will lead us on right path, which we show us reality, which will show how we are nurturing wrong notions as per our our mental perspective. We rely too much on our mental faculties , which are based on our thoughts, so we are always at the level of thoughts. We have to move forward from the conditions of thoughts to thoughtless state,where we will get to know the reality, the brahma , the knowledge of pure soul.

Another problem we face is that of our feelings, emotions. It is a great destructive force, we have to always remind ourself. With the dictates of particular emotions, we become complete blind to everything. People get delight from their emotions, but the real delight comes from the state of detachment. We need to detach from our ego, from our superego, and then only we will delighted in real sense. With boosting ego and superego of self we alway indulge in criticising others. But that is unfair- we are blind to our own deeds and under some wrong notion we criticise others- feeling that only we are correct, we are perfect, ours is the only authentic course of action and something of this sort.

We need to detach ourself. We have to witness from external side as witness ourself , then we realise everything. When we are emotional we see the ego of others, and when we are self under ego or superego we completely forget feelings of others. That should not happen. We need to detach ourself from ego and super ego.

Many of sahajayogis also commit mistakes. They say that they are unaware of their mistakes, it was done under some influence of external forces operating etc. They never intended to do it and so on. Mataji do not like sahajayogis to commit mistakes of any kind under any pretext. You get detached, never allow negative thoughts to seep into you like a stone, and then you will never be under influence any kind of negativity. We need to make us as strong as very hard stone which never allows external elements to affect itself, like that, so next time negativity will have to think hundred time before venturing to enter in you. Save yourself from negativithy to become real Guru, real Master of your own.

As human being we are bound to commit some mistakes, but do not go on commiting it again and again. It can have no excuse, just ourself being a human being is no excuse for commiting mistakes and perpetrating those again and again. When you commit mistake, you understand it, the light within you, the inner voice clearly gives you indication that you have committed mistake. Accept your mistake and punish yourself for it. Punish yourself for every kind of misbehaviour on your part. You punish yourself or otherwise the divine power will punish it, and that punishment of divine power is always very severe. But at the same time do not feel guilty, do not feel guilty at all for any past act Get out of guilty feeling and vouch to behave in such a manner than in future you will never feel guilty for your act, deed or thought.

We need to change ourself externally also. We need to learn and adopt good manners. Manners becomes our nature and hence we need to be extremely cautious about it. We have to control all our likings - our look, our food, our behaviour, our manners, our tone, our reaction, our acts everything. Then only one can become Real Guru and not otherwise.

So let us all become our own Master, Guru ourself with all the teachings and warnings given by Mataji Nirmaladevi.
Jai Shri Mataji.