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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Will of God

Mataji Nirmaladevi has described in great details that how everything on this earth is nothing else but the "Will of God" . It is the creation of God itself. Though such things have been made clear in Bible and Kuran, many times they were not understood properly. Mataji has explained it.

We witness that the Scientists, specialists in various branches of science, have failed to know , understand, explain, so many living things on this planet with all their instruments, knowledge, wisdom, whatever they are proud of. Take the example of microbiology- it is now accepted by scientists that there exists a DNA map in every cell of human being, upon which development takes place. Who has created it and at a time immemorial. It is nothing but the creation of God.It is just impossible for human being to understand everything, unless his Sahasrar is opened. So when Sahasrara chakra is opened, the person gets all the power of god and can realise and feel the creation of God.

The science always goes one experimenting. It is like a flux, always changing. When any theory is put forth, it is challenged, new theory- refined theory, new version, new edition of theory comes into being. It is again experimented and something new is again known. So this goes on for ever. It is because the wisdom , knowledge of scientists is limited, having boundaries. While Sahajayoga is such thing, where with the help of divine power, you get knowledge of everything. Nothing to be challenged. It is only to be realised, to be witnessed , to be experienced, to be enjoyed, on the tips of your fingers through the various vibrations.

Sahajayogies have got great power of God, the will of God. They have to realise it and use it for the betterment of this world. Why this power has been given to Sahajayogies - to use it effectively for the world development, change. We are the instruments being used by God to utilise divine power for purifying everything around us. The first thing which happens due to opening of Sahasrara is that illusions pass away, comes to an end. We realise the super power of will of God. Therefore Mataji says that- Sahajayogis need to be effective, strong, sensible, wise for changing this world in right order.

Mataji has rightly said that - You should have no illusions about God Almighty, His Will and that He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient.All His Omnipotence has done this work, and as a collective consciousness you should also know that you are alsoOmnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. Omniscient means that He sees everything, knows everything. Part of it, thatPower, is also within you. So to prove His Omnipotence you have to all the time be aware that you are Sahaja Yogis

reference - Shri Mataji (Holy Spirit) Sahaja Yoga Lectures -

Answers to Modern Problems

Tension has become order of the day. It exists because of number of reasons and pressures around us in our day today activity. How to relive tension and get silence is main problem. It can be well answered by Sahajayoga Meditation.

Self realisation is the key to all the solutions of the problems. Self realisation arises due to awakening of the Kunalini within us with the help of sahajayoga. It connects us with the world divine power present within us and then in that case nothing remains as problem. The divine power can find out the solution to any of your problem- it may be of tension, fear, anger, greed, jealousy, lust, ego problem, relationship, addiction, cruelty, depression, stressful life anything you can name and experience. Everything can be cured easily and completely with the help of sahajayoga meditation.

Self realisation with kundalini awakening is unique in itself and was available to very few lucky people in earlier days. Now due to Mataji Nirmaladevi this unique experience has become comm on and experienced by thousands of people collectively.

Human beings are made of three qualities - Satva guna, Raja guna and Tama guna. There are problems of both- excess of Raja Guna and Tame guna . Only a person known as Satvik having Satva guna- is a balanced person in action, thoughts, work, everything. He is ideal to be followed. It is very difficult to maintain the balance of different feelings, expectations, thoughts, actions, reactions, and various processes taking place in our mind and body.

Human Beings have problems - basically of two natures - some of them are too emotional and some are too much intellectuals. Excess of emotions and intellect - both are harmful for us. Both create some peculiar problems- emotions make our life difficult to live as we become more emotional, and conscious about the words and actions of others. We cannot tolerate it, we cannot face it, we cannot ignore it and we cannot counter it also. It becomes a great ordeal.

While intellect makes us blind - totally, we disapprove of others feelings, their wisdom, their right of expressions and freedom, their dissent, their way of life and thinking etc. It makes us egoistic, angry, like a hard nut - difficult to crack. So both these extremities needs to be avoided and balance needs to be restored in self. It can happen only with sahajayoga meditation, easily, freely and steadily. It can bring about total transformation from within.

Do not get dragged in any kind of extremity in your life and live balanced life peacefully with the help of Sahajayoga.