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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ocean of love

Human beings in modern days are quite different. They are over active, over sensitive, unbalanced,depressed and in search of many things of life. Many of them are search of love, because somewhere in their hearts they feel that, in spite of having everything like, wealth, power, popularity there is something which they are missing , and that is love. Pure love is very difficult to find today. Only pure souls can have it, can distribute it, can confer it, can spread it. Otherwise what kind of love we witness around us is many a times linked to something else which we have, our power, our position, our capacity to be of help to others or something of that sort. that is not pure love.

So if you want to be loved by all you need to be pure soul. How can it happen - by opening of sahasrara, where lives mataji within us, where the kundalini gets settled, once awakened fully. So keeping sahasrara clean, open, is the key to love, happines, paramchaitanya to dawn and get established within yourself. The only method to have it is Meditation.

Therefore Mataji Nirmaladevi has again and again asked all the sahajayogis to meditate, meditate everyday. It is the route to complete transformation, pure love, happiness. Mataji has advised to lover her as she loves us all, to love self, to love everybody and anybody. There should be no boundaries for love. Love is within yourself, in your heart. It gets manifested on its own No one can teach how to love or learn it from anybody. It must happen spontaneously, from within, it happens and that is why it is pure love, the manifestation of divine spirit within yourself.

Love is the best method to cleanse sahasrara. Love which has no limits, no questions to be answered, no expectation in return , it is just pure love, which is most powerful instrument in our life. What stops us from loving - our conditioning. We are slavcs of conditioning, our upbringing, our ideas, our inability to express love for various reasons. In many societies expressing love is considered as sin. One should never be afraid to express love for anybody, anything- it is the pure form of divine power.

Try to check your parameters of love- analyse why you love particular thing or personality- because of his physical conditioning, his appearance, his dress, his lifestyle, his money, his power, his sweet talk and so many other things. Mataji says our love must not get entangled, get attached, get fixed to anything- otherwise it is really a death of love.

The love of spirit is different, it is unconditional, unlimited, unbiased, uncontrolled, unaffected, we must have it within ourself. The love of conditioned mind is different- it has limits, it is calculated, expecting something in return, it is not pure love. The greatest obstacle in our love is our ego- we have set some standards, some yardstick, some measuring rod to decide - what to love, who are worth loving and something of that sort. It is absurd, wrong, egoistic. If something fits into our thinking, our ideas, our notions, our beliefs, our bracket or frame of measuring its worth- then only we love. Try to analyse such type of conditioning, question yourself is is right, is it proper, is it normal, - perhaps your inner voice may be couragious to tell you something else. But you must be wise enought to understand it, to accept it. Let pure love fill yourself, express itself openly, without any boundaries, any conditioning, any limits, any expectations, any fear, any taboo, any criticism.

Mataji says love from heart, express it, make your life full of happiness with overflowing love from within. Never criticise other, never insult others, never ill treat others, never question others, never indulge unwanted arguments. It you do not accept , leave it, go away from it, but never criticise it, never kill the art, the expressions of others in any form.

Mataji has asked us to just jump into the ocean of love. She has expressed that -

Once you jump into the ocean of love there’s nothing to be done, just to be enjoyed. Every wave of it, every hue of it, every touch of it. That is what one has to learn by reasoning. That Sahaja Yoga is nothing but love.