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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sahajayoga and Buddhism

Sahajayoga is a way of life, though it is an act of meditation in particularly way, it is at the same time renouned method of getting self realisation, awakening of kundalini, getting Brahma Gyan, becoming our own Guru- by awakening of Guru Tatwa present in ourself.

Pepole from various religions practice Sahajayoga without any problem- physical, mental, cultural, social, religious or of any sort. This is so because the enlightened soul get real, true, full knowledge of life, concepts of religion, practice of various principles adorned by all religions - like love, affection, brotherhood, sympathy, and everything which lead the person on righteous path.

I have come across an interesting article, wherein one seeker from Australia, having christian upbringing, out of interest learned buddhism in Myanmar and for the couple of years is practising "Sahajayoga". His explanation gives us valuable information that - the Middle Path taught and described by Lord Buddha is nothing but Sahajayoga, wherein you get real way to understand it properly.

I just reproduce below his experiene of Sshajayoga-

I have been practicing Sahaja Yoga now for 13 years and through out have learnt so much and all that I had gleaned in Buddhism has come into actualisation. I have learnt that the Middle Way of the Lord Buddha’s teachings is actually the path of Kundalini which rises within our Sushumna Nadi. The Middle Way is the path of Sahaja Yoga. Mother Kundalini awakens within the Brahma Nadi (channel), which is the innermost nadi of the Sushumna Nadi. And, the Sushumna Nadi is within the hollow of the spinal column. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, the founder and teacher of Sahaja Yoga, has explained that the hollow of the spinal column was created by the decent of Kundalini into our being at the stage of the foetus. The spine constitutes the centre of our being and this divine energy which flows within, threading and nourishing all the chakras and the left and right nadis of the sympathetic nervous system, is the same energy which nourished and gave the Lord Buddha His enlightenment. When the seeker is ready to receive this divine blessing, the event takes place.

If taken in a logical progression of thought, it goes without saying then that Kundalini manifesting within a person gives balance - the Middle Way. Within us there are the different principles of the divine and one of them is that of the teacher/disciple principle known as Guru Tattwa. This was a principle upon which the Buddha drew a lot and the principle upon which the scores of meditation centres throughout the Buddhist world are built upon. This Guru Tattwa becomes enlightened within us by Kundalini and we slowly but surely become our own teacher/disciple.

When we are able to exercise this Guru Tattwa properly in our personality and in our daily lives we become balanced people. We know when to move forward and when to pull back. We know when to speak and when not to. We know what is right and wrong instinctively and intuitively. And balance when achieved is not a fixed point. It always need to be redefined for every situation that arises. It’s like the pointer of the scale. I also liken it to the rudder of a ship that is always alert to the slightest motion, it being responsible for defining the balance of the ship again and again. From our accumulated experiences a library is built up within us and slowly this new state of being in balance becomes a part of our nature. It’s an innate happening.

Enlightenment knows no boundaries of religion, culture, race, age, or gender. It is for every individual soul to achieve for themselves and every individuals birthright to live life in a balanced way. To be able to enjoy the bliss and peace. To have divine awareness for themselves and to become eternal personalities. Kundalini awakening connects us to our Spirit or Atma which is the source of all things seen and unseen. This Atma is the eternal aspect of our personality and when we become totally identified with it, just as the Lord Buddha had, then we also become like the Lord Buddha, eternal and filled with pure knowledge

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