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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sahajayoga experiences

When one becomes sahajayogai, i.e. who practices sahajayoga meditation and philosophy in life, is blessed, loved,guided by Mataji Nirmaladevi. As every mother loves her child, offers everything she has to him, educates , feeds, protects, guides and does everything throughout the life, the Mother of all us - Mataji Nirmaladevi also guides us all the time.

She helps us, she guides us, she directs us, shes protects us, she can do anything you desire. She can offer you peace of mind, tranquility, freedom of operations, stress free life. Nothing is impossible for her, because she is Adishakti- she is Malaxami, Mahasaraswati, Mahakali- all in one. These are three main godesses from hindu religion .

Malaxami is one who offer you material richness- all money in different kind, it will make you millionaire.
Mahasaraswati is one - who takes care of your wisdom- who educates you, provides all power of expression, speech, writing, communication and everything which is directly and indirectly connected with education.
Mahakali is one- who kills the demons, all evil spirits around you, surrounding you, anybody and everybody who troubles you, anyone who has vouched to finish you. So you become fearless, you are aware that our Kalimata- Nirmaladevi is with you all the time to protect you.

Number of people get number of experience.She can also take care of your loved ones, your parents, children, loved ones, friends anyone who is in trouble. The only world which can rightly describe the experiences is the - Miraculous experiences.

My personal experience- I would just site a one which I had few years back. My old mother, aged about 78, was seriously ill, having acute pain in stomach,totally uncontrolled by any medicines. I had admitted her to hospital, and Doctors there with theri knowledge of medical science tried to offer her relief, but all was in vain. At one time on my complaint that patient is not showing any improvement- doctor administerd some injection to her, to relieve her of pain, and worst thing happened. Instead of relief, it became killer- it within few minutes reacted in such a way- that she almost collapsed, she was almost on death bed, counting her last breeths. Then every kind of specialists were called- they all checked her, but all reports were normal. It indicates hollowness of medical science.

I have full faith in power of Mataji to cure anybody from anything. I sincerely prayed Mother -Nirmaladevi to save life of my old mother. I went into her room against the wishes of doctors and started my sahajayoga meditation. I kept photo of Mataji in front of her bed. I bowed down before Mataji Nirmaladevi, prayed her, asked for her blessing. My stood raising my two arms in front of her, and within few minutes I got divine power within myself through vibrations coming from photo of Mataji, I spread one hand before photo to Nirmaladevi and put another hand near the body of my mother. I chanted, and prayed for Mother -Nirmaladevi. Suddently all that divind power of Mataji passed through my body, my became medicum into the body of my mother , and showed some good signs ,movements, relief. I immediately called Doctors. They were also surprised. I then moved to very big speciality hospital at midnight in Pune, India. That night was dangerous for me, I looking at the death of my mother. But my mother was relieved from the death bed with the blessings and power of Mataji Nirmaladevi. I cannot express my gratitude to Mother- Nirmaladevi. She is supreme power in this world.

Mataji is considered as Lord Sadashia, or Lord Shiva- who looks after destructions of world. So without his consent even Yama cannot kill anybody and take away from this planet. So as Lord Shiva - Mataji Nirmaladevi evened stopped Yama from taking away my mother from me. I owe everything, even my present life to Mataji Nirmaladevi.

Your love, faith, sincerity can shows you number of such miraculous experiences with sahajayoga.

Beyond Reasoning

Reasoning is the instrument used by the human beings to know anything, to understand everything, to find out why something happens in particular manner etc. The so called wise men tend to justify everything on the touchstone of reasoning.

Mataji has told that the test of reasoning can be justified when the person is not awakened. That is the only resource available for him to testify anything. But in practice we have to agree that reasoning cannot lead us all the time, many a times our questions remain unanswered, we go on searching without anything in sight. So too much reliance on our wisdom, our knowledge, our sources of information - and other related things in actuality are only limited. Every thing has its limits , beyond it one cannot cross the boundry in search and research.

However when due to awakening of the kundalini, one becomes self enlightened, gets connected to the power of God withing oneself, everything becomes easy. All the answers to you queries are available for you. Because the God within yourself is there to guide you, who knows every problem and its answer accurately. But it requires faith , and if it is not present, nothing can move forward. Even in science we believe on certain basic principles,or presumptions or assumptions- and then move forward in solving the problem or issue. Like that we have to presume certain things in the world of life also, and then only can make onward march.

As long as your eyes are not really opened by the light of reality, which is manifested clearly on getting self realisation or awakening of kundalini , you will be beating around the bush like a blind man. So there are certain things which are unknown to human beings which are available to sahajayogi, due to awakening of kundalini. He can go beyond reasoning, he can get answers to his questions. Nothing can pose problem for such a person. Or the word problem cannot exist in his dictionary. That is the divine power or light, which focuses on everything in right perspective and guides us well.