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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Know the Truth

Everybody has a passion,desire, right, anxiety to know the truth. Truth is Supreme. Truth has to be accepted, no one can change it, no one can blame it, no one can describe it , no one can transform it. It is to be accepted.

Mataji has described various truths about which we are unaware. She wants us to be familiar with this truth so that we can make our own development. Folowing are those truths-based on realisation, conviction, experiences of self. Mataji do not like to accept anything with blind faith, which is very harmful, she says. She expects us to keep our mind open like a scientist, start with some hypothesis, experiment and then come to the conclusion. At last be honest to accept whatever comes in front of you as reality, truth.

Following are the important truths in this universe.

1. You are Pure Spirit. You are not your body, your mind, your conditioning, your thoughts, your emotions or intelligence but something beyond it. You are pure spirit.

2. There exist all pervading Divine Power within yourself. Every human being has got it. It is called Kundalini. The creator of this world has put in you an instrument,which know everything in this world. She is your Mother, who knows everything about you, your past, presence and also future. Therefore she is willing to give you another birth, to awaken you, to provide you self realisation. When this kundalini rises and gets connected with divine power, you get realisation, you feel everything,it generates a new awareness within yourself.

3.Awakening of kundalini has super power of curing any ailment, disease of you. It can cure any ,even so called uncurable disease. In Russia now hundreds of Doctors are curing people with sahajayoga, without any fee, freely. It happens and can happen. The super power within you can anybody and everybody of any problem.

4. Kundalini awakened gives you peace. complete peace. No botheration, no thoughts, no evil design, no distracting past or anything of that sort. You become completely thoughtless which gives you total peace. In sahajayoga you are awaken, aware and still thoughtless. You just be in present- forget past and worry of future- which is main cause of many diseases. When you become peaceful naturally your surrounding become peaceful and you can provide peace to others also.

5. Another important change which happens within you is that your attention become enlightened. In the light of spirit you become absolutely moral. All pervading power of God is ocean of love, compassion, knowledge, in which you will so many miracles, blessings and above all power of forgiveness. Divine power forgives all your mistakes and the holy spirit within you guides you on proper path, save you from committing those mistakes again.

6. Due to divine power within you it totally transforms you. The love, peace, compassion,forgiveness becomes part of your life, your attitude, your behaviour. You then donot expect anything from others, there is no lust, greed, show of power, torturing others - nothing of that sort. You become peaceful and love yourself and your conditioning.

7. It transforms you torally. It brings about sea change in you. No need to change dress, hair style, look, wearing something special-nothing of that sort. It is all external show. Real change takes place within yourself, inside , that is more important. Then external manifestation has little value.

8. You do not need to go to Himalaya for getting divine power. Just by sitting anywhere with open mind you can get it in Sahajayoga, with the Blessing of Mataji Nirmaladevi.

Jai Shri.Mataji.