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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Experience our Inner Space

"You cannot know the meaning of your life, until you are connected to the power that created you"
Shri Mataji

Those who have seen God become silent. Those who have not seen Him spin yarns about Him."
Sufi Ode

"Let nothing upset you; Let nothing frighten you. Everything is changing; God alone is changeless."
Saint Teresa of Avila

We might have landed on moon, but we have yet to explore our inner space,the deep reservior that lives within us. Almost all religions have just established some dogmas, beliefs, practices, rituals and still failed to attain the real meaning of life. Sahajayoga is that method of meditation, wherein mind, body, spirit all unite, person gets self realisation. It is an awakening which brings about total transformation from within. It is practial experience and authentic self-discovery. It is total liberalisation. It is connecting oneself to the Almighty who has charted our path on this planet. Once this happens, there is no need of any kind of external guidance. Such enlightened person is guided from within on each and every aspect of life.
Following are the experiences of some Australians.

1. Ljiljana
Since I have been in Sahaja Yoga, a new dimension has opened in my life and the whole universe becomes so peaceful and meaningful. Through Sahaja Yoga, great knowledge has been given to me. I feel I am taught to solve life puzzles and to fight negativity in and around me. My mind has been purified in a way, I feel much cleaner, lighter and very joyful in this adventure that we call life.

2. Susanne

This was the direct and personal spiritual experience I had desired.
Since then, I have meditated every day. Sometimes it is deep and joyful, sometimes not. But over the last seven and a half years my life has been completely transformed and, at times, I experience such joy and peace that it moves me to tears. Overall, I am stronger and more balanced. I enjoy life. I have been able to forgive the past, which would have been impossible eight years ago. I feel so very, very fortunate to have found some of the answers I was seeking. Now, with a peaceful heart, I can watch life unfold around me and know that I have the strength to handle the challenges. I understand myself better now and can begin to understand a little of the purpose of my life.

Sahaja Yoga has enabled me to actualise God as an experience, rather than a belief system. Free of dogma, my spirituality is now a reality rather than a hypothesis to be continually justified

4. Dragan
I stop feeling any discomfort, any fear, any worries or anything else that might disturb my peace and my balance. The times stops. The thoughts disappear in infinite silence.
I feel balance between myself and the universe. The pleasure I feel can’t be explained in words. You have to feel it if you want to know it

Sahajayoga is a unique experience enjoyed by many in different countries. Utilise this golden opportunity to transform yourself and make your life full of happiness,content,meaning . Get enlightened.

reference- Sahaja Yoga Western Australia-

May Mataji Bless you All.
Jai Shri Mataji.