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Friday, September 17, 2010

Sahajayoga helps Easy and Ideal parenting

Parenting in present day is becoming more and more complex. There are so many outside forces operating which directly and indirectly affect our children, infect their mindset and create wrong notions about many things in life. It is becoming more and more difficult for parents,to keep their loved ones on righteous path, under control and imbibing best values of life like, love, brotherhood, sacrifice, sincerity, hard work, truth and non-violence. Due to development of science & technology, outburst of Television shows, Computer addiction, our children are getting spoiled.

As Parents it is our foremost duty to bring them up very consciously, so that they can become concerned citizens on this planet,handling their life in right direction. Wellbing of children is always our concern as Parents.

Our Parenting can get direction from Sahajayoga. Children have important habit of immitating parents . So it becomes essential for us to show them through our own behaviour the various values of life, the way of treating others, the love and compassion. We have to nurture them rightly.

Thousands of Parents from different parts of the world are teaching their children Sahajayoga and make them balanced, concerned, conscious, free from fear or favour, physically and mentally healthy. It wards them off from violence, vulgarality, drugs and immortality.

In order to overcome the problems of children international sahajayoga schools have been established - one in rural Italy , and mountain parts of Himachal Pradesh in India. Surrounded by beauty of nature, and children from various nations of the world, they develop the bonds of love and friendship since beginning, and their horizones becomes broader. They develop inner peace and strength, which help them to resist peer temptations, pressures from the outside world.

We as sahajayogi teach our children sahajayoga, and teachings of Mataji Nirmaladevi, which will be the great wealth for them throughout their life.