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Friday, November 19, 2010

Eyes and cure

In Sahajayoga you can find cure for any kind of physical or mental disease. Any ailment is the result of some kind of imblance within our body, it is because of catching of some chakra in our body. Mataji Nirmaladevi has explained almost every disease, its causes and its cure in Sahajayoga. It is all free and happens with the blessings of Adishakti Mataji Nirmaladevi.

Following are the extracts of advice given by Mataji on eyes, eye care and cure through Sahajayoga-

Wobbling eyes is the result of wobbling Agnychakra. It can be corrected by seeing green grass. When you see it , it is almost your eyes walks on that green grass, which is soothing.

Eye problems are created due to spoiling of Agny chakra. It happens when the sahajayhogi follows some other wrong guru, bows before him or her, or touch their heads at wrong place. Such wrong practices are related to eye problems. Avoid them and take care of your eyes.

If you are unholy, your eyes get weakened.

If the Agny chakra is spoiled at the back, then person gets blindness with open eyes. In India many people have got it. Another cause of it is Diabetes, which is due to Swadhishtan chakra going out of control. You can correct Swadhisthan chakra to cure your diabetes and thereby reducing blindness resulting therefrom.

For cleaning eyes properly you need to apply kajalin eyes. It should be made at home , by burning camphor and collecting its soot on a silver plates. silver plate has a cooling effect. Then mix it with pure gheee, then let it be purified by water and then use it daily. It will solve many of your eye problems.