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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sahaja Meditation

Sahajayoga Meditation is very different, easy and free technique found and taught by Mataji Nirmaladevi, the Adishakti on this planet. The most important thing about it is that Mataji has made it available completely fee to anybody, anywhere in the world , through its various branches spread across the globe. Mataji strongly believes and professes that this the process of understanding the power within ourself, everybody has got it. It is the divind gift the man has got. The only thing is that uptill now we were not aware of it.

Through Sahajayoga meditation Mataji Nirmaladevi has awakended the Kundalani present in our body , and by the grace and blessings of Mataji in time it rises above. The experience of everybody may be different, the speed at wich you catch up is also bound to be different, because you are not the same as other, with whom you desire to compare your progress.

After getting first lesson of sahajayoga meditation, we need to practice it ourself daily, atleast twice i n a day - morning and evening preferable. It hardly takes more than 5-10 minutes. Further it is so easy that you can do it confortably sitting anywhere, even on your desk during free time.

Once the seed that have been found within you, needs to be taken care of by way of frequent practice of meditation. Then it naturally grows, and manifests itself in different way. Everyone can have personal experiences- they are worth enjoying. Those just cannot be described in words properly. The awakened kundalini, our holy mother, guides us in all problems, and we are always on right path. So try to hear your inner voice, try to respect its decision and then witness the results. It will bring about total transformation within yourself.

for the information of those, who desire to take online training , I have come across a site quite informative- I would recommed to please go through it. Its url is-
You can refer to any other site or blog on Sahajahyoga- there are many available on net.

so get ready and start learning in your own personal interest.