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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Laugh at your Ego not fight it

Mataji Nirmaladevi by helping you awaken your Kundalini, imbibes the godly spirit or values and puts you on righteous path. Quite often in her lectures she has well guided human beings as to what to do and what to avoid. Many peoples have ego problem, which makes them stumble and fight over smallest issue. It makes them argumentative and results in loss of peace in and around area. So if we can learn to overcome the ego problems, many of our problems in life can be solved emicably.

I have come across a wonderful lecture given by Mataji Nirmaladevi on 22nd October,1979 in London. Following is the extract of it-

Now how to overcome this ego, because people start seeing, gradually this, it happens. They start seeing Mr. Ego, “oh very great, you see it’s coming up, giving me ideas, alright”. You feel sometimes very depressed with the idea that this is Mr. Ego I was identified with. Alright? You see your ego. Then when you see your ego, then what do you do with it? Or if somebody says “Better watch your ego” then what happens? You start fighting it. You say “No… I will not say anything, I will just keep quiet! Let them say anything whatever they like”. Then you become another type. You become a person who is suffering from super-ego. So you are left with desires but do not act, and you’d say that “let others aggress me, I’m not going to aggress anyone, I’ll be very careful about not-aggression.” But by this kind of a thing, what happens that when you raise the left side, I mean left side which goes up on the right hand side – super-ego, it presses the ego down but again is bounced back and there’s a kind of a bouncing going on. By this behavior when you fight your ego the ego sits on your head much more. The more you try to fight ego it sits on your head. You are not to fight it. Supposing you take a balloon and start hitting it, it will hit you back further. Go on hitting it, it will go on hitting. Now which is the way to deflate this ego? How do we deflate a balloon? In the same manner, take a pin and give it a prick. You just look at yourself, say “Alright Mr. ‘So and So’, now, how do you do?” and you laugh at yourself, you say “Oh you were very unhappy you see when you saw that you were not placed very much, alright, now have a pin from me!” And that’s how you deflate it, by seeing it by all the time making fun of it, yourself, and piercing a pin into it. Not by deflating, in the way people say that you deflate the whole thing by pushing it down, or by killing it, but actually just, making a hole in it, in the same way if you start looking at yourself… and make fun.
Human beings only know very well how to make fun of themselves, no animals know that. If you learn how to make fun of yourself your ego will go down, otherwise this ego will suggest “Whatever you are doing is the best, this has to be done, that has to be done, I am the best, I am doing everything good”, and you might be torturing someone, aggressing someone, you might be just playing into the hands of ego like a madcap, and you might be a real madcap but you don’t know that you are. Because with ego a person becomes successful so-called, he becomes very brilliant, shines out, in competition he comes up, and nobody dare say a word to him otherwise he’ll have punch on the nose, you see. So also he becomes very mighty and powerful, and everybody hankers after such a behavior and such a thing. But, a time comes when he realizes that “I was hanging in the air. I forgot my basis, and now I have to come down”, like Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall and they had a great fall. Such a beautiful ryhme this thing is, written long time back. And all the Kings horses and all the men, could not put Humpty Dumpty back again, into it’s own shape you see? So don’t be Humpty Dumpties, and don’t live with that idea of being a Humpty Dumpty, is a simple thing to fight your ego and that happens very often in Sahaja Yoga, is a very common happening in Sahaja Yoga, where your Kundalini itself, you see, creates such situations, that you are flabbergasted at your ego.
Courtesy- for London talk of Mataji Nirmaladevi-