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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Spreading Love

Mataji Nirmaladevi, the visionary on this planet is spreading the words of love, compassion, brotherhood,human dignity and thus trying to transform the world by transforming single individuals. It is happening all over the world. People who come in contact with her, who get opportunity to know about sahajayoga,and learn and practice it realise the betterment of their spirit and individual awakening. Mataji always cultivated love and affection in human hearts. She always advised tobe honest, sincere, compassionate, loving and caring while acting and reacting with anybody and everybody.

She had taught the sahajayogis to forgive everybody. She claims that forgiveness has great power. I personally feel that it is the most difficult thing to do in life, but with the blessings of Mataji I am also learning to forgive others, irrespective of their behaviour. It is utmost essential , Mataji says, otherwise you get involved, in hatred, jealousy and all such things, negative thinking about those people, which harms you personally, perhaps unknowingly. The feeling of retaliation can disturb you from within and you always loose balance of mind, peace of mind and get entangled with all these evil feelings. So first and foremost thing is to forgive everybody, even our worst enemies for our own interest. As the Jesus has said on Cross that " Please forgive them, they do not understand what they are doing ", like that Mataji also spreads the message of forgiveness.

Mataji's vision of Loving World - Following words express the visition of Mataji Nirmaladevi to transform this world in to World full of Love and all inmates also full of love in their heart.
Let us all help Mataji to transform this fighting world into loving world.

Mataji's vision -

"This is the one, started already! My vision for Sahaja Yoga is that all the good people, righteous people, God-loving people will rise above all that is useless, worldly, and reside in the Heavens with all the blessings of God, for ever and ever."
"My vision is that these right actions and the appropriate reactions will bear their fruit of a very beautiful world of brotherhood and peace, which will be worthy of its enlightenment".
Self-realization is the key to achieve the global transformation
"When the Kundalini flows into you and fills you up with vitality, you become extremely dynamic and at the same time extremely compassionate, kind and mild. You feel that you are protected and thus you are confident but not egotistical. Your whole personality changes. This is the kind of global transformation which is taking place with such a speed all over that I, myself, am surprised at how it is working out so fast.
Actually, this knowledge existed a long time back but my contribution, if there is any, is that we can now achieve en-masse Realization. Thousands can achieve mass Realization. It is a gift of this time where it was predicted that such a global transformation will take place. The power of Kundalini is the pure desire of attaining your self-hood. If someone doesn't want to have it, you cannot force him because the Divine respects the freedom of that person".
The enlightenment takes place
"Self-realization can be attained easily if the people have a sincere and pure desire to get their self-realization. It works better for people who are wise, who are more in the center, and it works very fast. Thus you become very powerful and at the same time you understand that you are now glorified and you start behaving in a very dignified and a very sensible manner. This is how a new culture is born and this new culture takes you, in a way, into a new style of life where you become innately righteous.
Nobody has to tell you: "Don't do this" and "Don't do that". It is all achieved through your enlightened attention. This enlightened attention is also full of power. Wherever you put your attention it works, it creates peace, it creates harmony and also it creates a new dimension of collective consciousness."
The truth of Sahaja Yoga is spreading out tremendously
Pure love will bring a new beginning

"Love should have no fear. It should have just free love, without any fear, without any aggression. Enjoy that pure love. And that is what is missing in the human beings today as it is.
When the day will come when human beings will understand the beauty of love, then from the heavens there will be flowers falling on us.

It is my vision. It’s the future for you, to see how peacefully you can talk to people, how sweetly you can love others, how much you can give to others.”

This global transformation will definitely happen
"With your good wishes, with your prayers, this world will be so beautiful, so enchanting that, in the history, people will describe that the world itself became a lotus full of fragrance of divinity. You are the petals, you are the corona, you are the color, you are the beauty, you are the pollen of that beautiful lotus, which is my vision of this world."

courtesy-The message of love