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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sahajayoga- Spiritual Insight

The most important achievement or benefit whichSahajayoga offers is that it provides Spirititual Insight to the seeker of truth. Mataji Nirmaladevi has rightly said on number of occasions that " without spiritual insight there cannot be pure intelligence or pure truth.

So for everybody who is on the search of real truth, who wants to develop real intelligence he must possess spirititual insight, which is provided very easily by the blessings of Mataji Nirmaladevi. You are always bound to be misled if you depend on your intelligence- which is nothing but your ego. Dominance of ego in our life manytimes makes us to believe that whatever we think is correct, whatever we say is true, our action is the only the real solution the problem ,etc. all such types of things. So intelligence without spiritual insight is nothing but egoistic attitude. When we become slave of our ego - it gets converted into Superego, then things becomes more complicated. The person is likely to become blind to reality, truth and accepts only that version or idea, which suits him, which boost his ego. Thus he follows wrong path,instead of righteous path.

Ego and Super Ego creates lot of real problems for those people who have it. They are highly sensitive ,they can feel hurt at anything which is different from their thinking, different than their expectations etc. Every person is highly affected by the conditioning of his life. It has a great impact in his life- everything he does, he thinks, he acts or reacts, he likes or dislikes - everything. So ego, superego, self conditionings all needs to be tackled for becoming a more conscious person, become real pure soul, and that can be done easily by learning sahahayoga - by cleansing of Agnychakra in our body. When it is cleansed , when it is open, all these problems disappear like a cloud in a sky, which are directed and moved by the flow of air.

With Sahajayoga we get spiritual insight, we know real meaning of religion, we understand the real teachings of great saints on this earth, our every action is guided by and backed by righteous thinking. So self- realisation, personal enlightenment is the great force provided to every individual by the Sahajahyoga, the very , simple and convining method of Meditation of Mataji Nirmaladevi.

Jai.Shri Mataji.