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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Personality Development and Life changing Quotes of Mataji Nirmaladevi

Since founding the Sahajayoga technique Mataji Nirmaladevi has been guiding the human being as to how develop oneself ,how to overcome hurdles in individual progress, how to get peace of mind, how to enjoy the life, how to resolve the issues and so many things.

For the benefit of all I quote below some of the very important Quotes of Mataji Nirmaladevi-

1. Witnessing -

So to overcome the problems of personality the best thing is to witness, practice witnessing everything: before talking, practice witnessing, before giving any comments, just start witnessing. It’s a very, very satisfying attitude.

1998- Aug. 16, Advanced Program, Cabella, Italy

If we can adopt this attitude of witnessing utterance of each and every word of us,real transformation will take place within us. We would be extremely conscious about our behaviour. We will think before talk, before act and thus can avoid lot of unnecessary futile talking, criticising everybody, wasting valuable time in observing and commenting others and so on. The more we concentrate on self , the more benefits it will provide to you.

2.Wisdom -

Wisdom doesn’t mean that you know how to argue things or you fight with people. No, it doesn’t mean that. Wisdom means how you take to the good side of everything to enjoy it. This is wisdom and that you avoid all destructive things and take to something constructive.
1992 – Sept. 13, Advanced Program, Abbotsford, Canada

Mataji has rightly taught the real meaning of wisdom and we need to be wise in true sense. Wisdom does not lie in arguing your point of view, or questioning others views, or fighting on difference of opinion. Real wisdom will always guide to think in constructive manner, act in constructive manner. Otherwise just showing your wisdom by arguing, questioning, opposing, will never lead you anywhere. Very rarely you would be successful in changing other's mind and thinking. Let is happen in proper way. Let him understand and then he will himself accept it and behave accordingly. So adopt constructive attitude through out the lfe. Live like a real wise man as per the perspective of Mataji.

3. God's creation -

As a mother would see her child, you should see the whole world as a beautiful place that God has created for you.

2007 – June 24, Sahaja Yoga Advanced Program, Cabella, Italy

We need to develop our approach towards life, towards looking at things and happening around us. That changed way of looking can bring about lot of peace, happiness for us. We will find so many things around us beautiful, enjoying,appreciating etc. We would stop grumbling on every small issue. It will drastically change our life.

4. Follow Truth not Ego -

Before knowing the truth, if you depend on your intelligence, you can be misled completely. Intelligence that is without the spiritual insight is your own ego. After Realization, the truth that comes to you is the real, pure truth and is not your ego.
1984 – July 10, Public Program, Cheswick England

Mataji Nirmaladevi has taught a very easy, simple way of overcoming ego problem. Always follow truth. It is very difficult, because many a times we are not ready to know the truth, find out the truth, accept the truth under the over influence of self ego. Ego misguides us , ego makes us behave arrogantly and distance us from reality and can create many other problems in life. The person who can overcome ego can easily face any situation, can adjust oneself, can accept reality, can live balanced life. The touch of truth will light our path of life.

Jail Shri. Mataji.

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