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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why Diabetes

In Sahajayoga it is experienced by many that all sorts of ailments, diseases can be cured with sahajayoga meditatiaon. What is special ? The art,science of balancing the body from within, which restores the healthy conditions. It is the imbalance within us , in our nadis, chakras which is reflected outwardly in some form of ailment and disease.

Sahajayoga is the best free technique to get one self cured from anything. One has to learn it , follow it sincerely and Adishakti, Kundalini Mother will take care of us.
Please find below an interesting discussion with Mataj Nirmaladevi on the subject of Diabetes, which is causing trouble to lacs of people all over the world

Mataji's talk on diabetes with one seeker -

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi: You get diabetes from left Nabhi because that’s all contained in left Nabhi. Also you can get lethargic liver – left Nabhi combination with Swadhisthana. With Swadhisthana, left Nabhi, this combination is, these things can occur. ... Now diabetes is not caused as a result of lethargic ways of the pancreas but it is actually (the) over-active pancreas (that) becomes lethargic – overactive. You see what happens – we think too much. Pancreas, what does it do is to convert sugar into digestible – what does it convert into? What it does is to digest the sugar in a way or it neutralizes into glucose; it breaks up.

Speaker: I’ll tell you what it does. The endocrine part of the pancreas which causes diabetes, that converts the sugar into glycodin that stores the sugar in the body in the form of glucon or glycogen.

Shri Mataji: Stores the sugar as well as it also must be reducing it.

Speaker: It reduces the level in the blood. It puts it into the cells of the body.

Shri Mataji: So what happens that when you are using your thinking too much or liver too much then what happens that the sugar is consumed fast because of the liver, you see. If liver is over-active, it means sugar. Then the liver is sucked and when it is too much sucked then more is poured over by this pancreas. Glycogen is more poured. It goes into over-activity. When it goes to overactive then it gets diagnosed and no more – finished. Then it says that we have diabetes. So it becomes lethargic. But it is over-activity that brings this lethargy.

Speaker: Yeah, this is correct because one of the functions of insulin is to increase the uptake of sugar by the liver.

Shri Mataji: Means it doesn’t secrete insulin any more. See, it has an activity of secreting insulin. Now it has a limited energy of producing insulin. I mean, if you exhaust it so where to get the insulin? So you have to put the insulin additional. This is the artificial thing. But you can cure diabetes by raising the left to the right because there you raise it – awaken – left to the right. Now right to the left you should not do in diabetes, but first you try to raise it if possible.

If there is still some life left in that thing – absolutely there is some life left – then what happens is that it may start working. It starts working because when it starts pumping, the energy from the Swadhisthana can flow because now it’s in connection with the divine power. So that can be sucked in. So it starts working out. But supposing now it is in such a shape that it is absolutely finished, exhausted, I mean, it doesn’t rise. Then you have to put right to the left and tell Adi Shakti to play her part; so She awakens it first. Adi Shakti to work it out. First you try to raise it with your own Self, with your own hand, your own kundalini, on the left to the right.

Try to give it a sort of a little tease, you can say. But still it may not rise; it may not. So in certain cases, diabetes is curable if you put it left to the right or if it is a bad case, then you have to put right to the left. Like cases like infantile diabetes.

You see, diabetes will be very common in any country which is over-developed, very rich. It is the disease of the affluence. They take more sugar than normal, those who are affluent. Also apart from that sugar what they do, they think too much. Sometimes human beings diet – don’t take sugar. Don’t take sugar but think. Then they will get diabetes.

Question: Why do children get diabetes?

Shri Mataji: Children, because the parents are like that. The blood – you see, the parents, the pattern – every blood has a pattern and the message. Every person’s blood has a pattern and a message. It carries the complete – you see it is the habit of a cell – is molded by the kind of a personality you have. And now the mother’s blood goes into the child’s blood. So the same pattern is carried there and that blood, you see, circulates. If mother is like that, you see – she has diabetes – the child has. If the father has also, if it is a son, the son will get it. Women do not get so much of diabetes. Normally woman don’t get it. But if there are women, you see, like politicians and all that or those who are manly women, even woman housewives who plan too much about their household – what to cook and how to entice the husband, you see – they also can have.
(First Belgian Meeting, Ghent, 19/9/82)

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Realisation of God

Realization of God is dream for many of us. Here are i am moving forward with assumption that we believe in God. If we do not believe in existence of God, the question of realisation does not arise at all. So we get so many questions- where to find him ? Will he be available to us ? Whether God will accept us, respond us, help us and so on ?

So these kind of searches go on. Sahajayoga provides you answers to all such questions. You can realize God, You get connected to God, You get pleasant feel of God, You get Blessings of God, You can enjoy and feel astonished to witness miracles of God. Everything of this kind is possible just by becoming sahajayogi. You have to simple learn it, adapt it, adopt it, practice it and the future normal course will follow. You will get whatever you want, subject to of course with the will of God.

Human being can realize God. He can not become God or he even can not become spirit .Spirit is within yourself, using you, looking after you, taking care of you etc. Spirit is acting through your body. If you become spirit, then there will not be existance of your body.

You can realise God. You can know his powers. You can realise the working of his powers. Your body itself is the best living example of his powers. Brain connects every part, directs every action , but who controls brain, who trains brain, who safeguards brain-who develops brain-it is difficult to answer.

Mataji Nirmaladevi is Mahamaya, Adishakti. We sahajayogis know it and realise it, witness it , experiene her power but for world - many may not be knowing. so for them i just quote what Mataji has said about her -

As far as I'm concerned its a difficult task for you, because I'm a Mahamaya. Its very difficult for you to know each and everything about me. I'm quite an elusive person as you know that well, and whatever I do or whatever I achieve, it is just for you to see and understand that after all this is Adi Shakti and She can do all these things. You can also do all the things but you cannot become me. But you have to know, to know through love, through devotion, through prayers to know the God's Powers is the way you are God-realized. Then you can control the nature, you can control everything, if you have that knowledge within you about God. For that a complete humility is needed that you cannot become God, cannot become God Almighty. You cannot become the deities but definitely you can become God-realized. Means God acts through you, uses you as His power, as His channel and that you know, that you know what He's doing to you, what He's telling, what His vision is and what is the information. The connection is like that.

Many people in Sahaja Yoga have been benefited, I know. But they don't know how they have been benefited. What has worked it out? How it has worked it out. What connection of theirs has helped them? Once you do that you know that clearly how things are working out, with what power you have achieved it, then its a God's realization. Such people become extremely powerful in the sense that they can control so many things.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Diwali- Importance of Different Days

Diwali is celebrated with great joy for 4-5 days in India.Eacy day has certain importande. Mataji Nirmaladevi has described it in one of her lectures. For the information of all seekers i produce below the extract of Diwali Message given by Mataji in 1983 at London.

1. The First day is thirteenth day. "Dhanatrayodashi"- the day on which Laxmi was born from the Sea. Laxmi is Godess which gives wealth- material and spiritual also. The laxmi born in the form of Gruhalaxmi- so this is the day in honour of Gruhalaxmi. Some sort of utensils are presented her as gift. She also has to be worthy of it. She must take care of everybody in her own house in all respect, then only she is real gruhalaxmi.

2.Second day is fourteenth day- Narakchaturdashi- On this day Narakasur was killed. All his followers were sent to hell. So all asura, rakshas were killed on this day.

3. Fifteenth Day- the darkest night- so all negative forces can come in your house. To avoid it, to debar them from entering we have to put on lights. That is why you will find everywhere lights and lights of different colours, shapes, mediums etc. Due to light negative elements will never enter- they never enter openly.

On this day Puja of Laxmi is done. Laxmi is worshiped from the bottom of th e heart. She is diety of wealth.

4.Then comes the first day of Kartik month. That is new year day of Shalivahan. Mataji Nirmaladevi is from Shalivahan dinesty. It is celebrated as new year day who accept shalivahan rule.

5. Then second day of Kartik month- Bij- Bhau Bij- It is the day of love and affection between brother and sister. On this day sister does arti of brother, puts on tika on his forehead and brother presents her something as a token of love and affection towards her. It is the meeting of two branches of the same tree.

Diwali has a great significane. It is the celebration of light. One light or lamp has to capacity to enlighten others, so in this way everyone is enlightened. Light breaks the darkness - darkness of every kind within and around us.

Mataji has said that -
So this is the fifth day is Dwija. So from thirteenth, to the fifth day they celebrate Diwali. For us Diwali has a very great significance that is, from one light many lights are awakened and they are put in a line, so they are called as Diwali - means ‘the lights put in a line’. So when you hold My Hands together all of us, through that, the energy passes and the enlightened rasa is established, and the whole world has to become, that beautiful [rain or reign], of your Mother where, nothing but the bliss of your Father, and His enjoyment, when He sees, His Own Creation dancing, in that Ocean of Bliss.

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When different Pujas of Mataji are performed pepple have witnessed Light- Aura as it is called behind her. Light aound her, Lights of differnt shape , colours and magnitude aound Mataji. Many of the people have taken photographs and witnessed it personally. All these available as Miracle photos of Mataji

I just reproduce some for the benefit of all sahajayogis and seekers. It is festival of light. Let us all know the real light, Divine Light, divind power existing on this universe and get self enlightened.

Enlarge photo 113

Enlarge photo 98

Enlarge photo 79

Enlarge photo 67

Enlarge photo 24

for miracle photos - please visit -

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Diwali- meaning and real meaning

Diwali is the biggest festival celebrated in India. It is the festival of light. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and spirit. The four days of Diwali is always a great occasion to enjoy.

In Hindu society there is always some base, some background, some foundation behind any kind of celebration. It is done with some good intentions having some special meaning and rituals.

Every year Sahajhyogis all over the world celebrate Diwali with Mahalaxi Puja of Mataji Nirmaladevi. She is incarnation of Godess Laxmi, Saraswati, Mahakali- all in one. The power of all these three dieties is present in her. As per requirements she uses that power for the benefit of mankind and devotees. We all need to bow before the lotus feet of Mataji Nirmaladevi.

As the Diwali festival is very near, I would like to draw the attention of seekers world over to the messages given by Mataji on Diwali Puja.

Following is the extract of the text of one of her speech on Diwali Puja-

Diwali 1982

Here we are here, all of us, to celebrate a four-day festival called as Diwali. Diwali comes from the word dipali in Sanskrit, the word deepa means ‘the light’, and ali means the ‘line’, the ‘rows’. Now, there are many things that have happened during these four days and that’s how it is celebrated with such a great enthusiasm. The first thing is the day of the Lakshmi’s birth, that is the thirteenth day of the moon: teras they call it. Is the real day when Lakshmi was born out of the sea; that’s why She is called as Miriam or Mariam. Word ‘Mari’ or ‘Marie’ also comes from the word ‘sea’. So, She’s born out of the sea, is created out of the sea. And the wealth of the sea, so far, thank God, human beings have not yet exploited, but they may one day start doing that also. And a lot of wealth is still there, so when people start getting worried about exhausting the Mother Earth, we must know that sea is much more than the earth is. So nothing is exhausted, still there is such a lot reserve for you, and one should not worry as to the supply of wealth that can come from the sea.

Now, this Lakshmi is the goddess, who stands on the lotus. She represents all the well-being, the wealth, the glory of wealth, the decoration of wealth; whichever is auspicious. Whatever is not auspicious is not wealth. According to Sahaja yoga, or according to any scripture, it is not wealth at all. So She’s a lady who stands on a lotus, showing that a person, who has got wealth, has to be a person who does not assert his pressures on people, who doesn’t push people around, who doesn’t pressurize. And then, She’s a lady, She’s a mother. So wealth, is the first opening to our seeking. But when you start seeking the wealth, you realize that the superficial wealth that you are seeking is not sufficient, is not going to give you complete joy. So you start seeking the deeper wealth. As I said that: ‘On the Mother Earth you’ve exploited all that is possible.’ Still there, deep down in the sea, lot of wealth still.

So then the seeking moves toward the deeper seeking. So the same Lakshmi becomes Mahalakshmi. When you start expanding yourself to higher and deeper valuables then this Lakshmi doesn’t lure you much; She’s just there for your glory, but not for your satisfaction. The wealth is there for distribution. You enjoy the - there’s no word for dhan, I think? Oh, ‘generosity’, but ‘generosity’ is different. But what I’m saying: ‘Generous fondness’; it’s a fondness, you see, that you should be generous. That is a very great happiness and joy that you feel. That is the greatest, when you are generous, when you give away. That’s a fondness, that’s a kind of a human expression of one’s own being, that you want to be generous. And this generosity only can come when Mahalakshmi principle is born in you.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Diwali Puja, London, 1982

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Importance of Bandhan in Sahajayoga

Sahajayoga is a very unique technique ,practiced worldwide. Through Blessings of Adishakti Mataji Nirmaladevi the seeker gets awaening , self realisation, awakening of kundalini. It further offers various advantages and benefits to the follower- physical, mental, psycologial, financial,social, of every kind. When the divine power in one is awakened and developed every question is resolved in appropriate manner.

There are certain words or phrases often used in sahajayoga meditation. One of it is Bandhan. The persons gets bandhan at the beginning and also at the meditation session. We will try to know about it here.

In the words of Mataji Nirmaladevi- Bandhan is just like a phone call to Mother, the Mother of us all, the Adishakti- Mataji . It is creating or establishing bond with our beloved Mother. It happens naturally, in unconscious state.

During meditation the person gets vibrations, the cold, cool vibrations. It is nothing but the manifestation of the love of our Mother, Mataji for all of us, which is flowing through our hands.

Giving Bandhans is a very effective tool of solving our problem. Any kind of problem, personal, social, national, international can be solved with the help of bandhans- says Mataji. For personal problem- personal bandhans are necessary and for international or collective problem, collective bandhan is essential.

Kindly have a look at an interesting talk given by Mataji Nirmaladevi on importance and efficacy of bandhans-

All right, you all sit down and give bandhan, all of you, give bandhan together for this problem and it will be solved. Any kind of a basic problem which is corroding the life of people in any country can be solved very simply. For example, I was in Italy and they told Me that, "Mother, there's so much of corruption in Italy, what do we do about it?" They're Sahaja Yogis. I said, "All right, you give a bandhan." They gave a bandhan, you know half of the people are now in jail, it has worked.

So this bandhan works very well and you have to use this bandhan for all kinds of big problems in the collective, any national problems or international problems, you can work it out on your bandhans and really you can solve the problems. It's not so difficult, I must say it's not so difficult. Giving bandhan is a very good thing, works out in such a tremendous way and so efficiently, very efficiently it works out. It is doing it's very different because they will say, "All right, I want to do it, then on the normal post you must pay so much money to the god or do this penance and penance." For you it is very simple, you just give a bandhan. But for problems which are collective problems you must give a collective bandhan, whichever are personal you can give personal bandhan.

I've already told that those who are going out of their houses must take a bandhan before leaving because you're going out, God knows what sort of people there are, to begin with.

1996 Talk to Sahaja Yogis in Malaysia

Bandhan can be used for many purposes like -

1.protecting self from outside forces when we are going out of home.
2.protecting our loved ones when they go out.
3.getting answers to some difficult questions.
4.solving personal problems.
5.knowing about certain thing, person,matter etc.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sahajayoga helps to get rid of alcohol

Consumption of alcohol is very dangerous habit. Initially a person may take it out of anxiety, enjoyment or so on, but when he gets addicted to it, it becomes a total problem, for him, for his family and society also. Alcohol is criticised by every saint. Mataji also expressed displeasure about those who drink it, and made a rule that those drinking should not attend sahajayoga session. She explained that it is more dangerous than cigarette because it affects the person's awareness. Awarenesss is totally lost- so there is no control on thoughts and deeds, highly dangerous position.

Mataji Nirmaladevi has cleared spoken on this subject on various occasions in following manner.

All the saints in the world have said that alcohol is very dangerous for life. The reason is that it goes against our awareness, this is a fact, you know that after taking a drink our awareness becomes blurred or excited, it is not normal, that’s the reason they said no.”
(2nd Sydney Talk 27/3/81)

“Alcohol, as you know, has different variations depending on the habits of the person. … alcohol is very dangerous because it finishes-off your liver; it finishes off your awareness; it makes you very clumsy; your attention is fuzzy. … Because alcohol makes a person in such a way. That he loses all his dharma.”
(Advice on the treatment of virus infections, Pune, 1/12/87)

"Alcohol itself is such a left-sided nonsense."

“I think the greatest enemy of our Self Realisation is the drinking. Drinking, if people take to drinking, they become such slaves; their brains are not alright. So I think at Sahasrara (they) must be also spoilt with drinking. So drinking I think is the worst enemy.”

"Drinking is the best way to waste all your money."

However, if someone desires to give up drinking it is possible withe the practice of Sahajayogi. I have come across an interesting factual story in this regards, which i would like to share you all. See how Sahajayoga can not only help you get rid of alcohol but all those people drinking everyday have stopped it with sahajayoga.

In Oct 1995, there was a Drug De-Addiction Session organised in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. A person who was refused by Hinduja Hospital on the ground that he will die soon due to heavy consumption of wine on regular basis attended this session. He followed Sahaja Yoga regularly and got cured completely. The same person - Mr. Gharat kaka - further brought all the villagers of Shelghar into Sahaja Yoga. All villagers who use to consume almost 10 tankers of liquor per day got de-addicted through Sahaj in last few years.
The Sheva police station authorities got completely surprised that how come the liquor consumption got stopped. They invited Sahajayogis and understood how it happened.
Further they requested to arrange the Meditation Session in their Police Station. On 25th August this year, a group of police personnel and few officers got their realisation. The session was conducted about the problems in police personnel daily life and how Sahaj is practical solution for all these problems. Further the in-charge of the police station also got his realisation in his office. Once he understood the importance of Sahajyoga Meditation and how it transforms the people, he immediately asked Sahajyogis to start the regular meditation and foot-soaking practise sessions in the Police Station on every Wednesday morning for next two months.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Sahajayoga and Health

Health is one of the important aspect of our live. If we are healthy then life is enjoyable. We can then perform efficiently, we feel energetic, we can face any challenges in life. The question often asked is can we maintain our health, can we build our health, can we save our health from deteriorating? The answers to all such questions is Yes, Yes and definitely Yes.

There are ways and means adopted by human beings all over the world in this pursuit. The main course used for this is medication - use of medicines in different forms- alopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy and so on. But after completing over 50 years of life and keeping open my eyes, ears and and knowing many things relating to it, I have come to the conclusion that- practicising Sahajayoga is best, easy, free , reliable, method of sorting out any health problem of a person.

Mataji Nirmaladevi, by her blessings has cured thousands of people only through Sahajayoga. By awakening the kundalini existing in people, by maintaining balances between three nadis in body, the cure takes place. The God has establish a system within ourself, of which very few are aware of. There are so many things beyond medical knowledge and practices. When the Doctors all over the world out of curiosity try to know Sahajayoga, and become devotees and then personally experience the effect, they also start practicing and advocating it to the patients.

For the information of all I would like to give a brief information of Sahajayoga Health Centre,established by Mataji Nirmaladevi at Washi, Belapur near Mumbai in India. This centre has been established as an Gift to Humanity by Mataji herself. The divine power of Mataji has cured thousands of patients from about 35 countries of the world . Patients here are treated with vibratory awareness created by sahajayoga meditation.

Patients suffering from Hypertension, Bronchai Asthma, Depression,Diabetes, Migraine,Dpilepsy, Cancer have been cured with the help of sahajayoga. During the year 2009- 7874 patients from all over the world visited the center and cured themselves. Number of researches have been carried out and published .

For the benefit of those who desire to visit the health center or know more about it and get cured ,the address and contact details of the center are provided below -

Contact Address:

International Sahaja Yoga Research & Health Centre,
Plot No: 1, Sector 8, H.H.Shri Nirmala Devi Marg, CBD-Belapur
Navi Mumbai - 400614, India.
Tel +91- 22 - 27571341/27576922. - between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm (GMT +5.30)
Fax +91 - 22 - 27576795

Jai Shri Mataji.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Surya and Saraswati Puja

On Vasant Panchami, the Godess of knowledge,music and art- Saraswati is specially honoured with Puja . People pray for real knowledge, wisdom which will remove darkness from their mind,darkness of every kind- known and unknown to human being.

Following were the feelings expressed by Mataji Nirmaladevi in one of her lecture on Vasant Panchami on 14th Januray 1983 at Dhulia, in Maharashta from India.


"With love all kinds of creative action takes place. The basis of all creativity, of Saraswati, is love. If there is no love there’s no creativity. It’s even in the deeper sense, you see. People who have created all the scientific things are also out of love for the masses, not for themselves. Nobody has produced anything for themselves. If they make something for themselves it has to become for universal use, otherwise it has no meaning.

Now Saraswati's blessings are so many, and the Surya has given us so many powers. But how we go against Surya and how we go against Saraswati. The main thing that one has to achieve through Surya is Vivek - the light within. And if Surya chakra at the Agnya level is occupied by Lord Jesus Christ then it is even more essential that the purity of life, what we call ‘Niti’, is the morality of life.

So many qualities Surya has got. It dries up everything that is wet, dirty, filthy. It dries up all these places, which create parasites. But so many parasites are created in the West. Not only parasites, but there are horrible cults and horrible things which have come into those countries which are supposed to be full of light, and in that darkness they exist. Darkness about their Spirit, darkness about their own knowledge and darkness about love. These three things have taken over in the places where you are supposed to love light. Light doesn’t mean, light doesn’t mean what you see with your gross eyes. Light means from within - the Light of Love. That one should understand – Light of Love. And it is so soothing, it’s so sweet, it’s so beautiful, it’s so enamouring, it’s so abounding that unless and until you can feel that light within you - that light which is of pure love of purity, pure relationships, pure understanding. If you can develop that kind of a light within yourself, then the whole thing will be cleansed. 'Wash me and I shall be whiter than snow.' This is what happens to you when you are completely cleansed.

If Saraswati is within us, She gives us Subuddhi, wisdom. And that is why to worship Saraswati, to worship Surya; we must have that clear vision as to what we have to be. What we are doing. What filth we are living in. What our mind is getting into. After all we are here for emancipation and not for just for pampering our ego and living with our filth that is with us. So this light has come within us and we should try to rise above our own mental filth, which is being created around us.

Saraswati has a Veena in Her hand and that Veena is the primordial instrument, which She plays like music, and the smusic penetrates into the heart. You don't know how it goes into you and how it works out. And that's how we should permeate other people’s personality - like music.

She has so many qualities, as I told you, which cannot be described in one lecture. But one of the greatest qualities of Hers is that She ends up into subtler things. Like the Mother Earth will end up into fragrance. Music will end up into melodies, like that whatever She creates ends up into something greater. Matter, whatever She produces, ends up into aesthetics. If matter does not have aesthetics then it is gross. Like that everything. Now you will say what is water. Water becomes the river Ganges. These are the subtler things. So the matter gets into subtler thing because it has to permeate, it has to permeate. So everything whatever it is. And the best of all is the air. That air becomes the vibrations.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sahajayoga helps in Asthama

Asthma is one of the common illness found in majority of people world over. It is very critical at times. If the asthmatic patient is unable to breathe properly ,the life , pain, sufferings are unmeasurable.

Various kinds of treatments are resorted to overcome Asthama. Alopathy, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and so on. Many use Yoga also for this purpose. Yoga contains basically two things, physical exercises and breathing exercises. Especially second aspect of yoga gives some relief to Asthma patients.

Sahajayoga meditation is unique than other normal known yoga techniques of meditation. Various experiments have been carried out and results about assessment of sahajayoga meditation in combating Asthma are quite encouraging.

In Sahajayoga practicing meditation leads to cleansing of chakras
from within and throwing all sorts of impurities within us. The power of
Mother Earth and the Sky is used in absorbing our impurities and
aiming at total cleansing of our body and mind. When a balance is established
in different nadis in our body we attain healthy condition.

So any ailment can be cured to great extent with the help of Sahajayoga. And like our Mother, Mother of all of us - Adishakti, Mataji with her love, compassion, for devotees can do wonder, show miracles happening an taking place in personal life of disciples. I have personally experienced and witnessed many.

So with the help of sahajayoga meditation technique, cure of Asthma is easily possible.

The Benefits of Sahajayoga, or any other relaxation techniques, are additional to the benefits of conventional drug treatment, and it is vital that patients continue to take their prescribed medication.- Dr.John Harvey, British Thoracic Society.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Inner Search

In life we do many things, read many books, analyse many events, visit many places in search of peace, tranquility, peace of mind, wealth, balance of mind and so many things. We attempt at so many things - but if you notice it, realise it, analyse it, think over it- you will come to conclusion that all our efforts are directed outward, it is outward journey, which never ends and never gives you full satisfaction, full knowledge, full wisdom. So you do not feel complete, some emply pockets still remain.

If try to make journey in opposite direction, i.e . within yourself, inner journey- perhaps all your problems will be solved . Remedy for everthing remain within you. The divine power within you is ready to guide you, to support you, to awaken you, to impart you to everything you desire. Mother Kundalini is there to shower everything on you as the loving mother of every child.

So by learning Sahajayoga- the inward journey starts, which makes a great difference. Self realisation, awakening of kundalini, and empowerment by divind force can bring about total transformation within you.

I have come across an interesting poem written by some sufi saint, which is reproduced below-
Kindly ponder over it .

Look into Yourself
You have learned so much
And read a thousand books
Have you ever read your self ?

You have gone to mosque and temple
Have you ever visited your soul?

You are busy fighting Satan
Have you ever fought your ill intentions ?

You have reached into the skies
But you have failed to reach what is in your heart.

So May God Bless you on your inner journey.
Jai Shri Mataji.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Know the Truth

Everybody has a passion,desire, right, anxiety to know the truth. Truth is Supreme. Truth has to be accepted, no one can change it, no one can blame it, no one can describe it , no one can transform it. It is to be accepted.

Mataji has described various truths about which we are unaware. She wants us to be familiar with this truth so that we can make our own development. Folowing are those truths-based on realisation, conviction, experiences of self. Mataji do not like to accept anything with blind faith, which is very harmful, she says. She expects us to keep our mind open like a scientist, start with some hypothesis, experiment and then come to the conclusion. At last be honest to accept whatever comes in front of you as reality, truth.

Following are the important truths in this universe.

1. You are Pure Spirit. You are not your body, your mind, your conditioning, your thoughts, your emotions or intelligence but something beyond it. You are pure spirit.

2. There exist all pervading Divine Power within yourself. Every human being has got it. It is called Kundalini. The creator of this world has put in you an instrument,which know everything in this world. She is your Mother, who knows everything about you, your past, presence and also future. Therefore she is willing to give you another birth, to awaken you, to provide you self realisation. When this kundalini rises and gets connected with divine power, you get realisation, you feel everything,it generates a new awareness within yourself.

3.Awakening of kundalini has super power of curing any ailment, disease of you. It can cure any ,even so called uncurable disease. In Russia now hundreds of Doctors are curing people with sahajayoga, without any fee, freely. It happens and can happen. The super power within you can anybody and everybody of any problem.

4. Kundalini awakened gives you peace. complete peace. No botheration, no thoughts, no evil design, no distracting past or anything of that sort. You become completely thoughtless which gives you total peace. In sahajayoga you are awaken, aware and still thoughtless. You just be in present- forget past and worry of future- which is main cause of many diseases. When you become peaceful naturally your surrounding become peaceful and you can provide peace to others also.

5. Another important change which happens within you is that your attention become enlightened. In the light of spirit you become absolutely moral. All pervading power of God is ocean of love, compassion, knowledge, in which you will so many miracles, blessings and above all power of forgiveness. Divine power forgives all your mistakes and the holy spirit within you guides you on proper path, save you from committing those mistakes again.

6. Due to divine power within you it totally transforms you. The love, peace, compassion,forgiveness becomes part of your life, your attitude, your behaviour. You then donot expect anything from others, there is no lust, greed, show of power, torturing others - nothing of that sort. You become peaceful and love yourself and your conditioning.

7. It transforms you torally. It brings about sea change in you. No need to change dress, hair style, look, wearing something special-nothing of that sort. It is all external show. Real change takes place within yourself, inside , that is more important. Then external manifestation has little value.

8. You do not need to go to Himalaya for getting divine power. Just by sitting anywhere with open mind you can get it in Sahajayoga, with the Blessing of Mataji Nirmaladevi.

Jai Shri.Mataji.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You can cure- you can give realisation

Sahajayoga is such a unique living thing i have come across that it not only helps you to get transformed totally , but you can give realisation to other, you can cure others. The divine power within yourself can be used for curing others. Mataji Nirmaladevi has spread this sahajayoga with this intention only - that sahajayogis should spread this light, increase awareness in number of people, transform as many people as possible, and make this world a beautiful thing to live- full of pleace and silence, tranquility, sinerity etc.

Faith has great power. When anyone first comes to sahajayoga, it happens with many reason. Some wants to know it, some wants to judge it, some have anxiety, curiosity to know what is all this? Is it true? Is it beneficial? Does it works? Whether it has any side effects like other branches of medical science? and so on.

Mataji always says if one wants to get realisation, wants awakening of Kundalini, the person must come with open mind. Keep faith in Mataji , and then see what happens. That is the only pre conditions- if you come with pre conceived wrong notions about sahajayoga, it will not work and help, becuase you are not ready to accept it, to get into it, to involve from the heart. If you are ready with open mind. then anything is possible. You will get your first realisation from Mataji or from anybody in this world. Even the photo, image of Mataji can give you realisation. We have witnessed it happening all over the world.

Faith is the greates power. With the help of faith you can know so many things. You try to analyse your life, you will notice that number of things you have known or understood just because of faith- faith in somebody, faith in something- Your parent, your teachers, your neighbours, your friends, and so many others. Faith is the first step to understand anything. When you cross it, then everything is easy.

So first cross the first step, come forward from your present statw with a clear intention to get realisation, get awakening of Kundalini, to have complete transformation. Once you come in with open mind, everything else will come step by step. You will know so many things, realise everything arouind you, will be guided by divine power in all respect. So come forward and enter the world of faith- You will get everything. Not only that you will be able to give everything to others.

Jai Shri Mataji.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

knowledge of Self- power of Kundalini

For the seeker who really want to know about self, purpose of life, meaning of existence etc, must understand that there is Kundalini, within you. She is the great judge. You will never come across such a judge anywhere in the world. She absolutely and thoroughly understands, knows, everything about you, because she has been with you in all your previous lives. She knows you in and out. Nothing can be hidden from her.

Kundalini is your Mother. She only gives everything and does not expect anything from you in return. She wants that you should know yourself, attain your absolute state, come out of any kin of confusion, delusion.

She is your best friend. She guides you, teaches you, puts you on right path. She helps you to get awareness, light of thought, self realization, total awakening within yourself. She loves you and wants you to be the best.

Kundalini when rises, soothes you. You get good health as a by product in sahajayoga. Every one of us has power within us, the desire of the God, in the form of Kundalini. You can understand the meaning of freedom in better way and also use it for good cause- self emancipation.

Kundalini when rises also brings about enlightment in you. All the seeds of confusion, chaos, distrust, agony etc.which are typical products of Kali yuga are uprooted completely . For this you must give sufficient time to kundlani work and remove all this dirt from you. She absolutely cures you, brings about total improvement within yourself, she bestows all the blissful things upon you.

Kundalini awakening helps you to solve material problems of life. Not than suddenly you become a top ranking rich person in the world or something of that sort, but it absolutely changes your attitude, your frame of mind, your way of thinking.

Awakened kundalini generates sensitivity to reality. That is more important, because when you will test anything on the touchstone of reality, you will understand it completely. Just do not follow the dictates of some Gurus, Books, So called Saints and all that sort of things. Look within yourself. There is great divine power within yourself, there is Kundalini Maa to bestow everything upon you, to guide you, to treat you, to love you, to develop you. Hear her voice, follow her guidance and you will find everything in your life changing. So abide by the signals and messages given by Kundalini, those you can feel on your finger tips with vibrations.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Will of God

Mataji Nirmaladevi has described in great details that how everything on this earth is nothing else but the "Will of God" . It is the creation of God itself. Though such things have been made clear in Bible and Kuran, many times they were not understood properly. Mataji has explained it.

We witness that the Scientists, specialists in various branches of science, have failed to know , understand, explain, so many living things on this planet with all their instruments, knowledge, wisdom, whatever they are proud of. Take the example of microbiology- it is now accepted by scientists that there exists a DNA map in every cell of human being, upon which development takes place. Who has created it and at a time immemorial. It is nothing but the creation of God.It is just impossible for human being to understand everything, unless his Sahasrar is opened. So when Sahasrara chakra is opened, the person gets all the power of god and can realise and feel the creation of God.

The science always goes one experimenting. It is like a flux, always changing. When any theory is put forth, it is challenged, new theory- refined theory, new version, new edition of theory comes into being. It is again experimented and something new is again known. So this goes on for ever. It is because the wisdom , knowledge of scientists is limited, having boundaries. While Sahajayoga is such thing, where with the help of divine power, you get knowledge of everything. Nothing to be challenged. It is only to be realised, to be witnessed , to be experienced, to be enjoyed, on the tips of your fingers through the various vibrations.

Sahajayogies have got great power of God, the will of God. They have to realise it and use it for the betterment of this world. Why this power has been given to Sahajayogies - to use it effectively for the world development, change. We are the instruments being used by God to utilise divine power for purifying everything around us. The first thing which happens due to opening of Sahasrara is that illusions pass away, comes to an end. We realise the super power of will of God. Therefore Mataji says that- Sahajayogis need to be effective, strong, sensible, wise for changing this world in right order.

Mataji has rightly said that - You should have no illusions about God Almighty, His Will and that He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient.All His Omnipotence has done this work, and as a collective consciousness you should also know that you are alsoOmnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient. Omniscient means that He sees everything, knows everything. Part of it, thatPower, is also within you. So to prove His Omnipotence you have to all the time be aware that you are Sahaja Yogis

reference - Shri Mataji (Holy Spirit) Sahaja Yoga Lectures -

Answers to Modern Problems

Tension has become order of the day. It exists because of number of reasons and pressures around us in our day today activity. How to relive tension and get silence is main problem. It can be well answered by Sahajayoga Meditation.

Self realisation is the key to all the solutions of the problems. Self realisation arises due to awakening of the Kunalini within us with the help of sahajayoga. It connects us with the world divine power present within us and then in that case nothing remains as problem. The divine power can find out the solution to any of your problem- it may be of tension, fear, anger, greed, jealousy, lust, ego problem, relationship, addiction, cruelty, depression, stressful life anything you can name and experience. Everything can be cured easily and completely with the help of sahajayoga meditation.

Self realisation with kundalini awakening is unique in itself and was available to very few lucky people in earlier days. Now due to Mataji Nirmaladevi this unique experience has become comm on and experienced by thousands of people collectively.

Human beings are made of three qualities - Satva guna, Raja guna and Tama guna. There are problems of both- excess of Raja Guna and Tame guna . Only a person known as Satvik having Satva guna- is a balanced person in action, thoughts, work, everything. He is ideal to be followed. It is very difficult to maintain the balance of different feelings, expectations, thoughts, actions, reactions, and various processes taking place in our mind and body.

Human Beings have problems - basically of two natures - some of them are too emotional and some are too much intellectuals. Excess of emotions and intellect - both are harmful for us. Both create some peculiar problems- emotions make our life difficult to live as we become more emotional, and conscious about the words and actions of others. We cannot tolerate it, we cannot face it, we cannot ignore it and we cannot counter it also. It becomes a great ordeal.

While intellect makes us blind - totally, we disapprove of others feelings, their wisdom, their right of expressions and freedom, their dissent, their way of life and thinking etc. It makes us egoistic, angry, like a hard nut - difficult to crack. So both these extremities needs to be avoided and balance needs to be restored in self. It can happen only with sahajayoga meditation, easily, freely and steadily. It can bring about total transformation from within.

Do not get dragged in any kind of extremity in your life and live balanced life peacefully with the help of Sahajayoga.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Mataji's Qutes for self development

Many of us have a problems- Who I am? What is the purpose of my life? Where to find the peace? How to act in life ? and so on. These are very basic and common problems , which can be answered if we pay attention to the various quotations of Mataji Nirmaladevi.

I reproduce below few quotes for the benefit of all the seekers.

"You are not this body; you are not this mind – you are the Spirit. This is the greatest truth."

“Freedom is when you really get your own powers which are within you, in you central nervous system and in your conscious mind. You must feel the existence of the Spirit.”

“Kundalini cures you, She improves you, She bestows all these blissful things upon you. She takes you away from the worries of grosser level.”

“Meditation is the only way you can grow because when you meditate you are in Silence; you are in thoughtless awareness. Then the growth of awareness takes place. "

A star is shining within us and that is our Spirit."

"Either you lead a life which is luxurious on the material level or you lead a luxurious life of God's blessings. One of them you have to choose, the Time has come."

It is important for everyone to have that knowledge of the roots within ourselves. Sahaja Yoga allows the individual to become his own spiritual guide."

"Self Realisation makes us humble. Replace temper with compassion. The more innocent you are, the more blissful you will be."

"Discover the peace and joy within through the connection with your Spirit."

The greatest friend you have is the Divine Power which is looking after you and doing everything for you."

Jai Shri Mataji.

Surrendering is Best Policy

In one of her lectures during Navaratri in London, Mataji Nirmaladevi has impressed upon the devotees to understand the power of surrendering. Surrendering to the God has great value, unless it is done from heart, God cannot help you. When a devotee is attacked by satanic forces, it is done in subtle way, it creates confusion in the mind of concerned person. That is a peculiar situation of Kaliyug, that people get easily confused about the real things, doubt is created in their mind, leading to wrong thinking and actions.

The only way to come out of such a confused state of mind is surrendering to the God. When it happens, then all the satanic forces which have taken hold of you, disappear immediately. As they have no business to be there with you, when you have surrendered to the God, and they cannot surrender themselves.

To solve any problem the easiest way is to surrender completely to God, and then the path of progress will be visible to you. All your confusions and worries will be over, because the Almighty has taken charge of it. When you surrender you ego and superego, you receive the blessings, which will chart your way in future towards progress.

You with your logic, knowledge, wisdom, reasoning and whatever you have , you cannot get answers to all the questions. When you try to solve it, or resolve it , at times they become more critical and difficult and complex , so better wasy is to keep aside your ego, superego and surrender to the Almighty and see the miraculous way , how the question gets solved easily.

So why waste time. Just surrender yourself completely and witness the happenings.
Jai. Shri Mataji.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vibrations can purify Water

In Sahajayoga , the sahajayogi or the person who does it experience everything and anything with the help of vibrations. Those vibrations are the source of divine power coming from our beloved Mother - Mataji Nirmaladevi. It is a great surprising thing that vibrations can be felt coming from the photographs of Mataji Nirmaladevi. These vibrations are very useful and helpful in many ways. We can use it for healing purpose. We can use it for cleansing and purifying purpose or for that matter for any good and noble work.

The divine power manifested through vibrations was used for purifying water on sample water taken from a tab and the results were astonishing. When the water was kept in front of photograph of Mataji Nirmaladevi, due to its vibration it was purified to great extent. When it was tested to compare where chemical contents present in that vibrated water, it was found that almost all the chemical impurities were just marginalised due to vibrations, they were considerably reduced. It is said that such a vibrated water can be effective for number of days and can be used in purified form.

You can have an interested reading on this matter on the Sahajayoga website- under the head research and benefit.
Lyudmila Tkachenko, Dr. of Chemistry, Kiev, Ukraine has published it for the benefit of all the seekers.

Jai Shri Mataji.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sahajayoga- essence of all religions

Religion is the most dear thing to human beings and it follows the person from the birth to death. It is something, which he tries to understand in life, practice in daily routine, and attempts to get to some sort of relief, pleasure, joy of doing some ideal work - Satkarma in life. Religion essentially is a bundle of rules ,formed to control human beings, in their behaviour with everybody around .

But today in Kaliyuga, religion instead of doing something good to society is causing more harm. Battles are fought in the name of religion, inequality is perpetrated in the name of religion, certain dogmas, beliefs, rituals, practices are getting established and gaining acceptance as real religion. But it is not so. We must understand the essence of any religion, it is always the best practices for the human being to follow.

Sahajayoga is essence of all religions. It is build upon the unique awareness, self realisation generated within oneself . It implies and includes all the sacred principles to be followed in life - love, affection, brotherhood, sympathy, forgiveness, help, better relationship and so on. It is not associated with any kind of cult - like using dress of particular colour, wearing some mala or ring, or doing prayer on particular day, at particular time, fasting on particular occasion etc.nothing of this sort. If you observe clearly then you will notice that these are all external things, external manifestation of some acts, while the person concerned is not improved in any mannger, he rather behaves like an animal in life, which should never happen.

In Sahajayoga person understands real meaning of religion, its importance and practices it from within. Sahajayogi is in awakened soul, he on his righteous path becomes a pure soul, which is nothing but living dharma or religion in oneself. He is the self master , guru of his own. He can well guide others also with the help of this Kundalini power and make them realise real peace and joy of life.

Monday, October 11, 2010

foot soaking

Foot soaking is the process, which has great importance in the sahajayoga meditation. It is expected that almost everyday it should be done twice a day- in the morning, evening or at night before going to bed.

It is a very easy simple thing to do, but of immence importance. It is the process which helps in cleansing the negativity in your body. It helps to drain out negativity from your body. It cannot happen suddently and in one day or one attempt. We have been storing negativity within ourself for years together, and so it needs time to get out. But once you realist its importance and start practicing it daily, it will be out of your body . When you will be freed from negativity you will feel great joy, pleasure, energy- all signs of paramchaitanya.

Removing all negativity from your body will help you concentrate more in meditation. You can meditate for longer time with great ease and enjoy it thoroughly. You will realise,experience cool breeze and the sensations and vibrations- all signs of divine power and feel cheerful and energetic. All the qualities of your heart and brain will develop by continuous process of cleansing and more meditation. Your kundalini will find the path to rise very easily and rise upto sahasrara. Then you know, you have got everything, the divine power within yourself - to guide all your life.

Following is the method of doing foot soaking-

To increase your inner Power and get negative energy out, get a plastic tub and fill it with lukewarm water and add a handful of salt. Just before going to sleep, sit in front of this photograph, silent in mind with your attention to the top of your head and ‘Being’, and soak your feet in that tub for 10 minutes. It will draw out enormous amounts of negative energy into the salt. Pour some clean water over your feet and, avoiding eye or skin contact with the negative water, pour it down the toilet only. Keep the bucket outside and away from food and pets and the livinf environment. Only use the bucket for that purpose because it deals with a very strong and great amount of negative energy. Return for normal meditation with right hand to Earth to drain more negative out while left hand is to Mother’s photo, and then left hand towards the sky / roof with right hand to Mother’s photo, then after about 5 minutes of negative draining out on each side then hold both hands to Mother’s photo for a while. A more effective way of footsoak is to use 2 tubs, the left foot and ankle in quite hot water, and the right foot in ice water (with ice blocks). Place a cushion under your thighs so your feet don’t touch the bottom of the tubs. You can add more salt once or twice if you like, moving your palm over the water 21 times in a clock-wise motion (Bandhan) to cancel out a bit of negative energy. Maintain a good spinal posture.

Foot soak drawing

Footsoak drawing

Footsoak drawing

The double foot soak is water that is hotter than just warm for left foot, and ice blocks for right foot. 2 buckets at the same time, with lots of fine sea salt and feet not touching the bottom.

When there is such pain in the chakras, the best thing is to get the negative energy out with the footsoak, and I mean that you need to use about a quarter of a one kilogram bag of fine sea salt in each bucket and sit there for at least 45 minutes. Because you should Bandhan (7 or 21 clockwise movements of right hand) and add more salt half way through, you should share the salt out to make it 250 grams (about that much) for each bucket for the whole time of 45 minutes. It is not a good idea to carry on longer than that 45 minutes. When you take the buckets to empty in the toilet, you shouldn’t look at the water, as I’m sure you know. And also, don’t hold the buckets against your body as you carry them. When you return to the chair, do some Bandhans over the ground where the buckets were. Then sit with your right hand to Earth and allow all the negative in your Ida Nadi left channel to get out and ask Your Kundalini to drain it out, and Mother Earth to accept the negative for you, and feel a gentle and sweet love and gratitude for Them too. When you drain negative out of yourself, your consciousness will fill up with the pains of the side you are draining out. Bad emotions, memories of things in your life that make You feel guilty and such things will all become very strong for this time while You drain the negative. So here You just need to understand that You must go through all of that to be free over a certain period of time, and don’t fall into the pain that comes to You. Don’t try to stop the pain either or Kundalini will think you do want to be free. She responds to a Desire for Her to give You life and Your Spirit, so keep telling Your Kundalini, quietly inside Your heart, not with mind, that You want Her to keep getting this pain out for you. I went through all of this and there had been quite a lot of pain I had hidden away and when I got rid of it each day then I would wake up some terrible things inside and I just held onto the understanding that I need to always wish for Kundalini to free me.

To sit without getting into big ideas about things will be the best thing you can do, and you have to hold on to each part of freedom you can get. Then, when you feel no more pain in Your right hand’s fingers, and all the negative that is going to leave has gone out of you, then do the same with your left hand to the roof / sky. I’m sure you know all of this technique, but when you do it with the long double footsoak of hot water (not just warm) for left foot, and ice for right foot, then this is what brings so much of a difference. Watch out for the mental thoughts trying to increase while you drain negative out of the right channel through your left hand to the sky.

Then, it is very important to keep your feet apart always, even when you sleep in bed. You can stop the negative getting out if your legs and feet touch. I’m talking about your legs below the knee, not your whole legs, although I went the extra bit always and kept them apart, above and below the knee.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Benefits of Meditation

Sahajayoga meditation technique is unique, very easy to understand and follow. Once the seeker gets its knowledge from Mataji Nirmaladevi or any disciple of Sahajayoga, and practice it every day, it provides emmense benefits.

In this type of meditation the kundalini of the person is awakened, balance between the three nadis within ourself - Ida, Pingala and Sushumna is established. The balancing of internal system, and cleansing of left side and right side nadis indirectly results in reduction of stress, anxiety, worry. It also helps to overcome various ailments like Asthama, Blood Pressure and even cancer to great extent.

Following are various benefits of Sahajayoga Meditation -

Physical benefits of meditation

It is our subtle body which co-ordinates all the work done by the organs and the cells in our body. When one of our chakras is blocked, physical dysfunctions appear in the organs it controls. It is then that most illnesses appear. Traditional medicine tries to cure the symptoms. An effective type of meditation allows us to attack the causes directly, by re balancing our subtle system and by cleaning our centers. Thus, even so-called incurable illnesses can be cured in a spontaneous manner by the purifying work of the energy of the Kundalini.

Mental benefits of meditation

When we enter a state of meditation, we enter a realm of silence; the thoughts which assail us fade away, and the reality of the present is revealed to us in all its intensity. Our senses send us a direct image of the world which is not altered by our mind or our conditionings.

Emotional benefits of meditation

When the Kundalini is awakened and we are immersed in a state of meditation, our emotions are also brought into balance. All the weaknesses which hinder the expression of pure and sincere sentiments, such as greed, insecurity, jealousy etc. are reduced when the joy of meditation is felt. This joy is absolute, devoid of all duality. This same joy becomes the motivation of our emancipation.

Spiritual benefits of meditation

Especially Sahaj Yoga Meditation reveals to us the eternal, divine being that is truth, awareness and bliss. We become part and parcel of the whole, like a drop in that ocean of love, and in meditation we melt into that Primordial being. This experience is the next stage in the evolution of an ordinary human being's awareness: that person is said to be born again or realized. This means that our spiritual essence, that had been hidden until then, becomes reality. Our union with the whole will become stronger and stronger as we go along and that is without doubt the most precious benefit that Kundalini awakening can bring us. This middle way that is established within us day after day by our kundalini will shower blessings of all sorts upon us, not only of a physical, emotional or psychological nature, but also material, social and professional benefits.