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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Peace,Love, Joy,Confidence,Awareness by Sahajayoga

Sahajayoga is a different kind of yoga, wherein you really get connected to the divine power, with the blessings of Mataji Nirmaladevi. It awakens your Kundalini, which lights you from within. When it happens your life also gets transformed slowly and steadily. You just need to learn and practice it.

Today thousands of people all over the world are getting involved in sahajayoga and making their own development. They get everything which they are searching for years together- It is just life one stop shopping- where you get anything and everything of best quality at no cost.

Kindly have a look at the personal experience of one of the Sahajayogi, expressed in his own site.

Inner Peace.and Love. Sahaja Yoga has given me such an incredible sense of
inner peace. It has helped me in finding inner peace. It has also given me an
incredible sense of love for everything and everyone. Prior to my self realization,
strangers were simply strangers to me. Now I feel love for actual strangers - they're
like brothers and sisters to me. This love comes from the inside (one of the beautiful
things which happens when you start to clear your heart chakra and it becomes
enlightened). I never thought this could be possible but it is.

Awareness. Sahaja Yoga has given me such an incredible sense of awareness.
I've become aware of so many things. Prior to my self realization, I use to drink
alcohol and swear quite a bit. Right after my self realization I completely stopped
drinking and swearing. I realized it was wrong and I had no desire to drink or swear
whatsoever. This awareness all came from the inside and it improved over time
through meditation.

I've also become more forgiving, compassionate and humble. Prior to Sahaja Yoga
meditation I used to be quite attached to material possessions and money. I still am
a little bit but not like before - I've become aware of how meaningless these things
are. The thing is you don't realize how meaningless these things are until after you
get your self realization and start meditating.

Energy. Sahaja Yoga mediation has given me a great deal more energy. Prior to
my self realization I would describe my energy levels as poor. I was always a laid
back and mellow person. I'm still a laid back person but have a great deal more
energy. How does a person get more energy through meditation? What happens
after you get your self realization is that when you meditate the kundalini rises. The
kundalini energy clears the blockages you have in your chakras. Chakras are
energy centres which spin in a clockwise rotation. The cleaner your chakras, the
faster they will spin and the more energy your chakras will provide to your body and
I feel much more energetic today. I also have much better mental clarity. I can
remember things better and perform mental tasks much better.

Finding Joy. Sahaja Yoga has given me a great deal of joy. This joy comes from
the inside out of nothing - for no reason whatsoever. It's difficult to describe these
experiences but I'll attempt to. It's a pure bliss and so beautiful that its difficult to
describe in words. It's a high - you're just so full of joy and energy it's incredible.
I'm a much happier person today - life becomes
better - joyous, something to look forward to every single day.

Confidence. Sahaja Yoga has given me a great deal more confidence. Prior to my
self-realization I would describe myself as introverted and somewhat shy. Nothing
extreme but definately on the introverted side. One particular area I always had
trouble with was public speaking. I always had a great fear of public speaking and
would try to avoid these situations at all costs.

In university I used to avoid presentation and give that kind of course.Any time it was a mandatory course I would get extremely nervous before and during the presentation. In order to help me get
through these presentations I would drink alcohol prior to the presentation. I would
usually drink about a half litre of wine about an hour prior to my presentation. This
was just enough to give me the confidence I needed as well as not too much so
nobody would notice I had been drinking. After my self-realization I began to
develop confidence and security - this is one of the beautiful things which happens
to you once you begin to clear your heart chakra and it becomes enlightened - you
become confident and fearless. Alcohol is never a part of my life now and when I do
presentations now I am completely confident.

The beauty of Sahaja Yoga meditation is you change from the inside. You don't
need blind faith. Everything you learn in Sahaja Yoga you will experience. You will
experience the truth

I often say to myself that my life has become a miracle. It's not a miracle - this is
available and possible for everyone. I'm just a regular guy who's made a lot of
mistakes and errors in my life. I view my life now in two stages - my life prior to
Sahaja Yoga - regular, completely unaware - and my life after Sahaja Yoga - full of
peace, awareness, love and JOY - my second birth - my enlightenment! Thank You
Shri Mataji!

Jai Shri Mataji.