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Monday, November 8, 2010

Why allergies

Allergies are very common and highly troublesome . Any kind of disease in our body is the result of imbalance within us. Imbalance of right nabhi or left nabhi. Mataji Nirmaladevi has many times told that the allergies are caused due to over action or catching of person's left nabhi. It can be cured in Sahajayoga by meditation and cleansing process happening thereby within the body.
along with sahajayoga meditation one has also to control diet and lifestyle. One should not first take cold substance and then immediately hot content etc. e.g. person drinks cold water and then immediately drinks hot coffee. It is absolutely wrong- such habits leads to diseases like allergies.

For the information reproduced below are the extracts from the mataji's lectures and discussion with the yogis on allergies.

Q: I have had eczema for quite a long time. I’ve had it for quite a long time, [unclear] itching, almost drives a person to distraction, and it’s really hard to control.

Shri Mataji: I was telling you there is a liver problem. Are you going in for a liver treatment? And you should go on a diet. No fats, nothing, just a regular diet for liver and do that for a month. You see? Go for a liver treatment completely. [unclear] Now, liver diet is the best.

(1983-0319 Advice to Mothers, Sydney, Australia)

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Psoriasis is nothing else but the left side problem, is the lethargic liver and gives you allergies. For Psoriasis, left hand towards the photograph and right hand on the mother earth. Putting hot water bottle on the stomach or even giving bandhan to your liver with the light is all right.
You must see because Psoriasis, now people might think Psoriasis is active liver or inactive liver. You see it comes to that point. We have only two types, active or inactive. Now whether psoriasis is inactive or active we will know from one point that when the liver is inactive, you get the allergies and when it is active, you get other problems like nausea and also get biliousness. You don’t eat much, you thin down all these problems are there.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, reply to question, Rahuri, India, 13/1/86

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Question: Why does cow’s milk make allergies and eczema worse? “Cow’s milk. Left side. Cow’s milk always gives you the left side, because she is the Mother. And you should not have cow’s milk because it is the left side. Whether it is cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk, all will give you allergies, but if you have animals which are smaller than you, like if you can drink, like Mahatma Gandhi, goat’s milk, you might not have the problem.”
(Rahuri Q&A 13/1/1986)

“Most allergies are caused from cold to hot, ie. taking bath in cold water and then hot water. To take coffee and then immediately take cold water. This sudden change, the system cannot adjust to. In the left Nabhi area is the spleen. The spleen is a speedometer and also an adjuster. When it adjusts and it is not properly done due to sudden change, it causes problem. So it has to suddenly provide its energies to either increase or decrease the flow of the red blood corpuscles. That’s how the spleen goes crazy.”
(Shivaratri 1987)

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