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Monday, October 4, 2010

Stree free life with sahajayoga

Stress is becoming a common sign in modern world. It can be attributed to various reasons and also manifest in different ways in different persons. The severity of stress also differs from person to person. It is very difficult to overcome stress, and if not controlled in the beginning it can have devastating effect on our body. Various ailments like different types of headache, acidity, stomach pain, constipation, heart attack can be related to the root cause of mounting stress in that person.

Stress is nothing but a mental or emotional pressure which leads to - anxiety, worry, tension,fear,loosing of self confidence,uncalled excitement leading to unwanted, improper, hasty, uncontrolled action or reaction on the part of such person. It can have alarming effects on his personality, development, relationship, business or everything in life.

Medical science though tried and used some chemcial formulations quite often have proved to be failing in providing cure to the patient. Physicians or Doctors or sychiatrics only indulge in administering tranquilisers, and habit forming toxic drugs. Very rarely they succeed in elievating the root cause of stress. It is so because Stress is essentially concerned with our inner side and we are trying to apply or relate medicines to external manifestations.

The only cure to overcome stress successfully is making changes in our inner self, our thinking process, our way of reaction, our worrying habits, our extra dreaming of future prospects etc. So how to stop all these common tendencies of mind- how to control them- how to regularise them- how to discipline them- It can all happen only with balanced mind, conscious mind, This is easily possibly by generating self awareness within oneself. It can happen easily with Sahajayoga.

Meditation has proved to have positive effects in combating stress, and particularly sahajayoga meditation techniques does have indicated encouraging results in various research. In sahajayoga, due to awakening of the kundalini, and its pasing through the various chakras in our body, the person gets unique experience of peace of mind, balance of mind, inner calmness, building confidence level, courage to face any situation with cool mind, give up hazardous thinking of blank future etc. It evaporates all minds illusions, fears, phobias. It can happen easily because, the person is now guided by divine power within himself named Kundalini. The awakening of kundalini provides logical thinking, balanced and controlled reaction, giving up worrying about anything to the person. He is freed from all pressures, tensions, and enjoys the life like a free bird.

In the circumstances I appeal to all those and everyone to get real benefit of sahajayoga meditation technique, which is available freely all over the world. An early start in practicising sahajayoga can save your life from further damage and deterioration. Save yourself, save your family, save your friends, save your colleagues who are living stressful life with simple, proven method of sahajayoga meditation technique.