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Friday, November 12, 2010

Enjoy peace and happiness- Swadhisthan chakra

Every human being desires to be happy, contended and enjoy the life in that manner. But is it possible? Yes . Why not? It all depends upon you. Whether you really want to enjoy peaceful life or not. You can enjoy it by making some changes in your life style, in your habits, by changing your thinking process.

There are seven chakra in our body. The second one called - Swadhishtan chakra is very important in Kaliyuga. It all affects our thinking process, or wishes, our ambitions, our plans and our getting involved in the race of life and running at fast pace without paying attention to its consequences. Initially in the process our body and mind may respond well and may also be capable of adjusting with the speed, but when you cross the limit, then it cracks , and some symptoms, syndroms associated with it reflect in some form of diseases, ailment in you. So you have to watch carefully why and how much we running, what is our aim, how long we have to go, whether we want to enjoy life and peace or not and all such things.

In one lecture on the occasion of Navaratri Puja i at Sydney in October 2007 Mataji had given very useful advice to all of us in this regard. Following is the extract of her speech on the occasion.

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Navaratri 2007 - Second Night

Very nice to see you all so happy here. Today is the second day and is a very important day from the point of evolution. As you know that our second chakra is very important. That's why today is very important. So what is the second chakra? Do you know which one is the second chakra?

Ah? What did they say? You must tell loudly. Swadisthan is the chakra, is very important because in this Kali Yuga, Swadisthana works the most. We have so many agents to make it work and work very hard. You know what is in second chakra. In the second chakra what happens that we are caught up by our ambition and the ambition makes you run up and down, and I've seen many Sahaja Yogis also getting lost, so it's a very important day for all of you.

So second chakra is important because in modern times it is very, very cosmic as well as active. We become very active, over active, and we start thinking about everyone with whom we are not concerned and bothering our heads. So today's chakra is important because it bothers your head, it troubles you a lot and you start thinking about them. You start thinking what have you said, what has happened, who is angry, all sorts of nonsense. You are all Sahaja yogis, so you shouldn't worry as to all these people, what they say, what they are doing. You should just enjoy yourself. Second chakra you must enjoy. That's the best way to enjoy Sahaja Yoga. Where your Swadisthana is satisfied nothing can destroy you or disturb you. At Swadisthana you can really look after; Swadisthan Chakra is so much good for you because now you are Sahaja Yogis and you can master it. That is one chakra which upsets, especially in the West people think too much, all the time thinking, thinking, thinking. That's from Swadisthan, you get that problem from Swadisthan.

To satisfy Swadisthan, you have to take to silence. You have to take to quietude and look at yourself. What is bothering you, what is troubling you, what gives you ideas and thoughts is Swadisthan. And some people think so much. There may not be any problem, but they create their own problem with the Swadisthana and just go on bothering about the stuff.

Swadisthan is very happy when you are just laughing and enjoying and not bothered about nonsense. How much time we waste on nonsense! We don't need it, Sahaja Yogis don't need it. It's only those who are not yet realized must be suffering. They do suffer and they might even trouble you, but just laugh at it and you must pardon them, forgive them, because they are doing this because they can't help it. You see, this Swadisthan Chakra is bothering them so they can't help it. ...

So now, don't allow your mind to bother about whatever nonsensical thoughts are coming - all kinds of, all kinds of nonsensical thoughts. You have nothing to do with them, but the thoughts are coming Now, this is the work of Mister Swadisthan. He's trying to distract you, you must get into silence. Once you get into silence, then he will go away and don't bother you.

My all attention is on your country because you're very good Sahaja Yogis. We have had Sahaja Yogis all over the world, you know in thousands they are, but nothing like Australian, I see. Because they are somehow or other very deeply touched and bothered about the world problems. So what you have to think now: not to have anything to do with Swadisthan, but what you have to become is you are Sahaja Yogis and no Swadisthan should bother you.

So there was ...I never knew that you were all here, now only they told me that you were all here. They said, "Only a few people are there." I said, "All right." Ah? How many? You have counted them?

Now, very sweet, Australia is really great to have beautiful children like this. And people care for children. That is first thing you must do is to care for your children. That is fighting your Swadisthan. Anything bothers you, you worry about you own children, finished. You have to bother about them and everything will work out. ...

You are definitely blessed because you are not falling to the whims of your Swadisthan. Definitely, and that is the chakra of your country also. So it makes you run up and down and think and think and think. Specially all the Sahaja Yogis have this problem. So you should just think that you are sitting on Swadisthan and you have to ride it, not to be ridden by it. All right?

I'm so proud of you people from this country have shown path to the rest of the world how can you be united and to be one. It's rather very surprising. In other countries the problem is different. Your country is the problem of Swadisthana as I said today, but you people have conquered it. When I came first year I found everybody's head moving with the Swadisthana. Then they became silent and very peaceful and now I see you all and I'm very happy because that's gone now, all that nonsense is finished. And there is nothing bothers you.

The root of all diseases is Swadisthan, it comes from there. So you should know not to play into hands of Swadisthan and go into thinking, thinking, thinking. They go on thinking, I mean something that doesn't exist, they go on thinking. So any such thought comes in you said, "We don't want to think," finished. I'm there to think for you, you don't think. If you have any problem, you let Me know, but you don't think. What you can do, you can write it down and send the problems to Me and I would like to see it. All right?

And then Swadisthana is chakra of your country, that is the second chakra and is here. And you'll be amazed to know that Sahaja Yogis there are from every country, but Australian ones are something special. They have very great faith in themselves. They do not go to wrong ideas. I've seen that, and I am very much thankful to you for that. ...

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