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Monday, July 5, 2010

Health Benefits of Sahajayoga

It is a very common and unique experience of Sahajayogis all over the world that with practicising sahajayoga on daily basis,results in physical fitness, reduction in stress level, balancing of mind and body, controlling blood pressure , diabetes and asthama also.

The only requirement is that one must have faith in Mataji Nirmaladevi and surrender to her with a request to bestow her divine power for healing various ailments you are suffering from.
Following are some of the observations on physical benefits of sahajayoga in various countries of the world.

Health benefits
Sahaja Yoga is considered across the world as a holistic approach to health care. There are countless cases where people practice Sahaja Yoga have overcome illnesses including Asthma, Cancer and aids.
As you practice Sahaja Yoga mediation, every cell of the body is nourished and rejuvenated, resulting in natural improvement in ones health.
One of many examples of how Sahaja Yoga has improved individuals health comes from Madrid. Doctors had given up on Emilia Moreno's condition of Polyarteritis Nodosa. She had lived in a state of semi-paralysis for 20 years - she could barely walk or use her hands. After attending the Sahaja Yoga health centre in Navi Mumbai for a couple of months, she wrote in her farewell note stating : "I was not able to balance and my eyesight was poor. Today I can walk and write and paint ... ."
Several studies are being currently undertaken in Australia, Russia, India and the UK to show the therapeutic effect of SY on several physiological and mental diseases and disorders. The studies so far published have shown that :
Epilepsy: Several months of Sahaja yoga meditation reduces the number and the duration of epileptic attacks in patients with epilepsy. It has also been shown to improve the clinical electro-encephalographic pattern of epileptic brain activation (Rai, 1993, Panjwani et al., 1995, Usha, 1991, Gupta et al., 1991 (link to Gupta), Yardi et al., 2001)
Asthma: Patients with asthma and with hypertension have been shown to significantly improve with SY meditation. The improvement relate to a significant reduction in the number of acute asthma attacks and an improvement in\ their lung function (Manocha et al., 2000, Rai, 1993, Chugh, 1997).
Depression: A study in the UK has shown that several months of SY meditation significantly reduced the depressive symptoms in patients with major depression, as opposed to control patients treated only with behavioral therapy (link to paper: Morgan et al., 2001).
Drug abuse: Sahaja Yoga meditation has been shown to have impressive effects on reducing drug consumption in 501 drug abusers treated for a year with Sahaja Yoga meditation at the University of Vienna. 97% of chronic drug consumers stopped taking drugs, 42% after the first week of meditation, 32% after the first months. (Hackl, 1995).
Diabetes and Menopause: As yet unpublished studies from Melbourne University in Australia have shown beneficial effects of Sahaja Yoga meditation on diabetes and menopause. Details will be available in the future