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Friday, April 9, 2010

7th chakra- Sahasrara Chakra

The Sahasrara Chakra

The seventh center (Sahasrara) is the chakra which integrates all the chakras with their respective qualities. It is the last milestone of the evolution of human awareness. Nowadays, we are at a level which corresponds to this chakra, and our consciousness is able to easily enter into this new realm of perception, which is beyond our limited mind and concepts, and which becomes absolute at the level of the Sahasrara. It is the direct, absolute perception of Reality on our central nervous system. This is precisely what is achieved through the Self-Realization, through the spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini given by Sahaja Yoga.”

Also called the "Crown Chakra or Mystic Chakra" the seventh Chakra, which is located at the top of the head, is light years beyond the lower Chakras. The true nature of the seventh Chakra is beyond human comprehension. The advice of all teachers on the kundalini path, is not to ever try to push oneself into seventh Chakra consciousness. This experience will come, when one's nervous system is fully prepared for such infinite realization and union with the creative force of the universe.However, in regular kundalini meditation, it is important to focus one's attention for at least short periods directly to this center so that one's energetic system can balance itself and you can open, to the inflow of energy from above. There should be no inhibition regarding direct focusing on the seventh Chakra. As long as one don't use special techniques for over stimulating this Chakra, a regular and quite natural inflow of white-light energy and insight can be received.

The sahasrara Chakra controls the pineal gland in the brain. Medicine claims that this mysterious gland is defunct. But Yogis for thousands of years have come to know intimately from the inside out that the pineal gland is awakened through kundalini energy and begins secreting only when we become spiritually awakened. In fact, bio-chemically, it is possible to talk about enlightenment as a state where the pineal gland is regularly secreting special hormones into the body's lower glandular system.In more spiritual terms, to regularly include the seventh Chakra in our kundalini balancing meditations is to welcome the universal Holy Spirit to flow downward into our physical and energetic bodies, and to flood our lives with the ultimate healing and inspirational power of the universe.”

Sahasrara Chakra,


There are hardly any self-healing remedies available for clearing the Sahasrara Chakra. Meditation and establishing the thoughtless state to attain the Turiya state and beyond has been constantly emphasized by Shri Mataji.The most effective is to put attention on the affected chakra during meditation and allow the Mother Kundalini to heal. Remain in the thoughtless state while you work on the affected chakra.

Always remember this quote of Shri Mataji:"Kundalini will rise and She will cleanse you completely. Kundalini will rise and always cleanse the chakras."

Shri Mataji Nirmala DeviSydney, Australia, March 31, 1991

Once this is power is established no external rituals are required as catches will be healed instantly and constantly by the Mother Kundalini within. Until and unless external cleansing rituals are discarded this power will never be established.