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Sunday, September 19, 2010

How Sahajayoga is different from other types of Yoga

SEPTEMBER 19, 2010

Sahajayoga is different from other types of Yoga

Sahajayoga is different from other types of Yoga. For centuries different types of yoga are prevalent and practiced in India. The Main being - Hathayoga- by Rishi.Patanjali. It consists of Yama, Niyama, Asana, Prnayama, Pratyahara, Dhyan, Dharana and Samadhi. There were eight steps to be followed one by one. Therefore it was called Ashtang Yoga- Yoga having Ashta Aanga i.e. eight steps. It was most tedious, and highly technical things- especially Asanas ( yoga Postures) and Pranayama ( breathing exercises ). Yama, Niyam, etc. dealt with other moral issues in life.
Let us not get involved in it. Just for information i have given in brief the main yoga prevalent for ages in India.

Sahajayoga is very different from it. With the blessings of Mataji Nirmaladevi it happen Sahaj- very easily, spontaneously. It is the most easiest yoga technique, which anyone in the world can learn easily and comfortably follow. By awakening the Kundalini of the seeker, Mataji gives him an opportunity of self realisation, self awakening, and Mother Kundalini present us guides us all our life thereafter. It is but natural that we need to practice sahajayoga meditation, everyday so that the divine seed which is found in ourself, grows well, guiding us on righteous path. It hardly takes 10-15 minutes everyday. Preferably it should be done everyday morning or evening.

It is so easy to perform that you can do it even in your seat in office, during rest hours, or while travelling in car or train. It can be done anytime, any number of times, and for any number of minutes. It all depends on you, how you feel it, how you do it. The more and more you get involoved in it, the more deeper consciousness appears in yourself.

Another important differece of Sahajayoga is that it does not require us to make any life style changes. We can comfortably carry on our work, profession and our family duties. Rather due to Sahajayoga, you become an enlightened soul and then all your deeds becomes more qualitative. You start looking at everything in different perspective, it changes your vision, it gives you broad spectrum, all pervading love and compassion become real part of your life, and so you enjoy life without much disturbances and discontent.

Due to awakening of Kundalini we become our own Guru. Your own connection with the God or Almighty guides you in everything. Mother Kundalini present in us knows everything about us, and hence can guide us properly- what is good for us, what path to follow, how to do it, how to control oneself, how to distance from evil things, how to overcome stress and maintain balance of mind,how to overcome all six enemies of our own- like anger, greed, lust, jealously, vanity and attachment.

In the process of life we have forgotten that we are Spirit, the divine Spirit. Sahajayoga help us recollect our real status in life, our aim in life, our duty as human being after taking birth on this planet. At the birth time everyone is pure spirit, but then in the development of life many impurities get hold of us.

So let us make our own commitment of self realisation, self awakening, self development happens truly in our life.

Jai.Shri Mataji.