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Monday, December 28, 2009

Benefits of Sahajyoga

There are many and various benefits of practising sahajyoga on regular day to day basis.
Following are the few experience by many while actually practising it.
1. One gets rid of various health problems - physical , mental, psyco-somatic any type. Due to awakening of kundalini within you, and cleansing of chakras, you start feeling percentible changes in your body, health problems etc.
2, Helps to give up any kind of addiction -of severe nature also. brings aboutg harmony in personal, family and social life.
4. High useful for students - for improving the quality of study- it increases level of concentration, memory level, power of expression and presentation ,everything needed for successful study.l
5, All sorts of artistic instinct in oneself gets enlarged, opens up and becomes more prominently visible.
6. If burries any kind of fear- makes one courageous and bold and truthfull.

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Mataji will bless you all.